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This web site is dedicated to the promotion of truth and the expansion of consciousness at the soul level. While listed as a ‘church’ (for IRS purposes only, because we ARE NOT hierarchal) in contrast to that of a typical ‘church’ or virtually any religious organization, as with the Gnostices of old, we are dedicated to individual personal spiritual awakening and development in a non-sectarian and self-help manner through the realization of ‘inner knowledge.’

Events of great energy and change began manifesting in and around 2012  (In this case as soon as March of 1988) and will continue through Gaia’s shift into a higher-than-3-D existence. We are in full support of other sources that are also dedicated to individual personal spiritual awakening and development

Diane K. Chapin, who transitioned on Feb 17, 2004, left behind a veritable library of materials—from classes, workshops, private readings, etc.—presented primarily by an extremely high, vast, spiritual resource. That resource referred to itself as The Buddha Consciousness (typically referred to as ‘TBC’) and, in one public session, described an in-Spirit joining with The Christ Consciousness, resulting in The Christed Buddha. There is enough highly spiritual progressive material referenced and linked through this website to keep the average person occupied for YEARS. Her widowed spouse, Don Chapin, later published Diane’s works in eleven books, supplemented with two of his own books addressing life and manifestation from a practical standpoint. Don supports this website, as well as the websites of and, as components of Light Path Resources.

Quotes from The Buddha Consciousness

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About the Background Image

Literal, Physical and Metaphorical Significance background logo on deep space galaxy background


The backgrounds for this website and come from Hubbles’ eXtreme Deep Field project. These points of light are not ‘stars,’ but entire galaxies on par with and sometimes more than the millions of stars in the Milky Way, which measures about 100,000 light-years across.

The Hubble eXtreme Deep Field

Published in 2012, the Hubble eXtreme Deep Field is not a new set of observations, but rather a combination of many existing exposures (over 2000 of them) into one image. Combining the Hubble Ultra Deep Field, the Hubble Ultra Deep Field – Infrared, and many other images of the same small spot of sky taken over almost 10 years, the Hubble eXtreme Deep Field pushes the limit even further. It is made up of a total of 22 days of exposure time (and 50 days of observing time, as the telescope can only observe the deep field for around half of every orbit.)

The last Hubble Ultra Deep Field released in 2014 was observed in ultraviolet. This image allowed astronomers to study star formation in a region 5 to 10 billion light-years away from us. The study is called the Ultraviolet Coverage of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field (UVUDF) project. The addition of ultraviolet data to the Hubble Ultra Deep Field using Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3 gives astronomers access to direct observations of regions of unobscured star formation and may help to fully understand how stars formed.

Peculiarly/inexplicably—understanding that these are entire galaxies—whenever I look at these pictures, I have the feeling of being “at home.” ~ Don Chapin

“Telescopes peering deep into space place the estimate (of the number of galaxies in the universe) some 10 times higher than before.”

Our universe contains at least two trillion galaxies (link leads to article at Cosmos Magazine)– 10 times more than we thought. (linked paper by Christopher J. Conselice, et al, in The Astrophysical Journal:

Astronomers led by Christopher Conselice at the University of Nottingham in the UK converted “pencil beam” images of deep space stretching some 13 billion light-years into 3-D maps, allowing them to calculate the density of galaxies in that volume.

This painstaking work along with mathematical models to infer galaxies as-yet unobservable with current technology was published in The Astrophysical Journal.

One of the most fundamental questions in astronomy is: how many galaxies are in the universe? The landmark Hubble Deep Field, taken in the mid-1990s, gave the first real insight into the universe’s galaxy population.

Subsequent sensitive observations such as Hubble’s Ultra Deep Field revealed a myriad of faint galaxies. This led to an estimate that the observable universe contained about 100 billion galaxies.

Conselice and colleagues found, not surprisingly, most overlooked galaxies are faint and very far away.

And when the universe was only a few billion years old, there were 10 times as many galaxies in a given volume of space as there are within a similar volume today.

As they merged to form larger galaxies, the population density in space dwindled. This means that galaxies are not evenly distributed throughout the universe’s history.

Cosmos At Least 250x Bigger Than Visible Universe, Say Cosmologists (click to read pdf file)




From MessagesfromMatthew dated October 15, 2019 (Link to pdf of article):

Cosmos and universe often are used interchangeably as synonymous terms, but each universe is only one part of the cosmos, which has several universes, and each has its own god or goddess as its Supreme Being. 

The words “cosmos” and “universe” are used synonymously, as they refer to the same concept, which is the world or nature. “Universe” seems to have a narrower or smaller scope than “cosmos,” though, and “cosmos” signifies a larger and more complex system.

AND from other information, we are aware that there are an untold number of universes, many in other dimensions which are ‘invisible” to our 3-dimensional vision, often overlapping with our 3-D perspective.

Combining all the above, TBC’s statement, “And there is more,” in “The Christed Buddha” makes even more sense now than it did in 1991:

“At their ascension and transition, the Christ and the Buddha fulfilled themselves more fully… that is to say they flowed in such a vastness that they became true Brothers In Spirit. Mastership proceeds through the dimensions. They are now Masters In Brotherhood, but they are beyond Mastership in your definition… they are One with one another, and they are One with God. But they are also growing beyond Oneness, to All. And there is more.”

Who Is The Buddha Consciousness?

Because this “channeled energy” from the beginning called itself a “consciousness” (as opposed to the entities that typically come through in the channeling process), took the name of a very historical world figure, began providing information, and sounded so different from other channeled entities, we felt that some clarification was warranted concerning who or what was coming through. This provides some preliminary information about who The Buddha Consciousness is and gives some background into the quality, depth and direction of the teachings as well as why this material is being provided to us now.

Below is an August 2017 abbreviated version of an earlier reading which was destroyed by the wannacry virus. A quite short version of this piece is in Diane’s books, but this is what remains of the full version and we feel we must include it here. It is impossible to describe what I’m seeing and feeling now as I re-edit this version after all these years, with Diane transitioning, yet still present, the peak experiences of which I’ve been a part, and the ongoing research. All lead to greater understandings of multidimensional reality, and perhaps even what The Buddha Consciousness refers to when they say, in a wonderous, incredulous voice, “And there’s MORE…”

What I (Don) “see”—using an elementary version of what’s known as “far sight,” developed during a weekly Healing Earth meditation session which used Universal Energy—is layers upon layers of REALITY, each one spawning the next. (Read More)

Experienced Benefits of This Material

  • Becoming Karma-free
  • Entering Unity Consciousness
  • Feelings of Gratitude Become Common Experience
  • An 8th Chakra Opening Brings Tremendous Feelings of Joy & Peace
  • Discovering Previously Unknown Psychic Abilities
  • Previously Irritating Situations Now Simply Taken in Stride

~Rev. Don Chapin, PhD

Books from Diane Chapin

Listed in order of concept development:

Progressive works from The Buddha Consciousness:

and from The Universal Oneness (Diane’s 7-year training guides):

Books by Don Chapin

The Empowering Gift of Forgiveness

This is a channeled message from Archangel Michael which is in agreement with the messages from the Buddha Consciousness that came through Diane’s work. The Empowering Gift of Forgiveness


Meditations to Evolve Your Connections

“Your connection with your spirit guide is made through meditation.”
~ TBC via Rev. Diane Chapin

The three meditations below document Diane channeling the Buddha Consciousness in blissful meditations. You are able to listen to them here or click the link beneath each one to go to the blog post where you can download a copy. Use your up/down arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. Visit this page for more!

Abundance Meditation 33:39

by The Buddha Consciousness via Rev Diane Chapin

Chakra Healing Meditation 16:10

by The Buddha Consciousness via Rev Diane Chapin

Success Meditation 13:47

by The Buddha Consciousness via Rev Diane Chapin

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