Arcturian Group Message 10/17/21, Oct. 17, ’21, 11:56 AM

Dear readers welcome to our messages that are presented for the purpose of
bringing hope, information, and Light to you during these times of chaos and
confusion. Never doubt that all is proceeding according to plan.

It is very easy to slip into fear and doubt when observing all that is taking
place in the world at this time. Many unceasingly continue in their attempts to
keep the status quo in place while at the same time some are using the
presence of surfacing dense energy as an excuse to do whatever they please. All
feel the incoming energy of Light and empowerment, but individuals can only
interpret them according to their state of consciousness.

Duality and separation govern the third dimension and manifest in every
aspect of daily life. Human minds see and judge the world through the
collective three dimensional belief system. Change is bringing fear to those
unaware of earth’s ascension process. They fear that any change to what they
know and are comfortable with will result in the loss of much that they have
worked hard to attain even if their present situation is painful, unsatisfying,
and less than ideal.

A human mind without input from Divine Mind is only able to interpret life in
terms of black or white because it is based in beliefs of duality, separation, and
two powers. The pairs of opposites will always manifest outwardly for those
who hold duality, separation, and two powers in consciousness as truth. Some
may go for a long time seeming to have everything in their favor with the good
of duality manifesting, but sooner or later some facet of the other side of
duality will manifest because consciousness is always expressing itself.

You are the creators of your world because you are consciousness and
consciousness is the substance of form. There is no un-manifest
consciousness. Whatever is held in consciousness as truth and reality must
express because Divine Consciousness is always expressing Itself in and as
infinite form and variety and you are that same Divine Consciousness. Ask
yourself; “What am I choosing to create?”

All old, obsolete, and false beliefs still active in cellular memory as well as in
the earth herself are being exposed by the presence of the intense high Light
frequencies now pouring onto earth as part of the ascension process.

Individuals in alignment with the rising dense energies feel empowered to act
them out which is what is behind the seeming increase of crime. Others who
are aware of what is taking place with regard to the surfacing of old energy are
using these times to clear themselves of it and move forward.

Everyone is feeling the new frequencies and is being effected by them. Those
who are spiritually asleep and unaware of the ascension process are finding
themselves physically, emotionally, and mentally struggling with issues that
never before touched them and wonder why. Many will seek counseling, health
issues will pop up when least expected, and some will think they are going
crazy because their thinking has become confused. Blame, regrets, anger,
depression, self loathing etc. are surfacing for all because there is only one.

Many are choosing to leave and Covid has given them the “out” they sought.

Many more will be leaving as events unfold because they cannot or are
choosing not to align with the higher frequencies of the ascending world. Some
simply know on a deeper level that they cannot attain the higher frequencies
required in this lifetime and are choosing to leave in order to return at a later
time into a higher resonating earth. Know that the human death experience is
always a choice. For most it is not a conscious choice, but nevertheless is
always a free will choice.

Know that there never was and never can be a “hell” as has been taught by
religions for eons of time mainly for the purpose of controlling the followers.
Divine Consciousness is only conscious of ITself because IT is all there is and
therefore knows nothing about illusions of pain and suffering or even
punishment. If these concepts were in and of Divine Consciousness they would
be held forever in place by Divine Law and no one could ever rise above,
change, or remove them.

However, if a person dies in a state of consciousness that is filled with beliefs
of hell and punishment they may very well experience their creations until they
are able to see through the illusion. There are always Beings of Light and
Guides standing by ready to assist each and every soul the very second they
reach out in any way for help. No one is or ever can be lost for nothing exists
but Divine Consciousness.

Present times are not for the faint of heart but never lose sight of the fact that
you chose to be on earth at this time and were fully aware before incarnating of
what it would entail.

The increasing presence of high frequency Light energy and the fact that people
are spiritually waking up is causing many beliefs, traditions, societal rules, and
laws to crumble and dissolve into their own nothingness because all that has
formed and held them in place is the belief in them.

Most things you will be happy to see change or disappear but a few things that
you enjoy may also fall away. Never forget that anything real never dissolves or
permanently disappears for Reality is held infinitely in place by Divine Law.
Some things you have loved and may be feeling sad to see go will re-appear in
new and better forms.

For example many of you are finding that you no longer seem to have anything
in common with people you once felt very close to. Some entertainments, TV
shows, books, etc., no longer hold your attention as they once did or have
begun to feel boring and uninteresting. Favorite foods may no longer agree or
seem to have no taste. You will not be needing as much material food because
as you spiritually evolve you are fed more with energy. These experiences are
taking place because you have evolved and are no longer energetically in
alignment with many of the things that up to now have been a large part of
your life.

Because love and friendship are spiritual realities (oneness), new and
satisfying relationships on all levels will reappear if that would represent
completeness for you (completeness for some may be to live alone). Because
Divine Consciousness is self sustained and self maintained, that which you
need or will make you happy cannot help but manifest in your experience once
this truth becomes your attained state consciousness. New activities, less
dense food, friends etc. will begin to manifest as you are able to release your
old concepts and beliefs.

Trust and allow the process dear ones, both within and without. Trust that
there is a Divine plan unfolding that cannot be stopped or delayed by human
thinking or activities.

One with God is a majority.

Many of you are finding that you prefer to stay quiet and away from the
hubbub of the outer world at this time and that is fine. Others of you may be
guided to take actions of some sort and that is fine as well as long as you trust
and allow your intuition to guide you. Much is happening in the outer world
and is going to continue happening for a while yet.

Your job as a Light worker is to hold the Light at all times and in all situations
knowing that your consciousness imbued with Light is with you wherever you go. Some around you will feel this Light and be attracted while others may feel
it and be repelled but this is not your concern. Everyone’s journey is their own
personal journey and it is never the responsibility of another to heal, change,
fix, or save them unless they reach out.

Never attempt to change the thinking of another for contrary to what many
believe, this is not spiritual work but rather the expression of a belief in
separation–that some people are not one with Source and need you to
enlighten them. The person you attempt to enlighten may actually be very
evolved and experiencing a chosen lifestyle/lesson/experience. Honor the free
will choices of all unless you are asked for guidance or information at which
time you can lovingly tell them what you know or observe.

Because you who resonate with these messages are spiritually awake and
aware, your work at this point is simply to acknowledge the Divinity of every
person and life form you see, interact with, read or think about. Most of you
have already evolved beyond feeling a need to fix others because you know that
in reality everyone is already perfectly ONE with Source and you no longer
judge by appearances.

Change is upon the world dear ones, it is not coming, it has arrived. You are
going to witness the dissolving of many beliefs within your present systems of
education, science, medicine, law, religion, etc. concepts and beliefs that have
been accepted as being high intellectual truth. This will create outcries and
resistance from intellectual communities, human minds who believe that
present facts and information represent the highest reality.

Stand back and observe the world from that safe and secure place of Light
within your heart knowing that nothing can make you less than who and what
you already Divinely are.

Be the Light, see the Light, and live the Light for you are the Light.

We are the Arcturian Group 10/17/21

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