Arcturian Group Message, February 27, 2022
(Interjection by Don Chapin: As usual, the Arcturians are “spot on,” with
both the situation on Earth, AND their recommendations of how to
personally address those situations. “Never resist anything because
resistance only makes that which is resisted into a “something” giving it
power and reality.” Example – my brief association with Veterans for
Peace terminated when I realized that most of that group was against
war – which most rational non-military-complex people passively are –
rather than for peace! Such a distinction was difficult for them to

Welcome dear readers.

Know that these messages are brought to you with love and the
intention of bringing encouragement, information, and truth to you,
the brave ones who chose to be on earth at this time in order to
assist mankind’s spiritual evolution through the presence of your
light and awareness.

We honor each and every one of you and are fully aware of your
frustration with the seeming slowness of change and disturbing
situations continually happening the world over. However, know
that all this was clear to you before you decided to incarnate and
yet you eagerly wanted to be a part of earth’s ascension process.
You knew that your light and awareness would be needed and that
higher incoming energies would make it the perfect opportunity to
clear remaining old energy for yourselves.

Know that all is proceeding according to plan in spite of how it
may appear when judging by appearances. It is a process and
cannot happen overnight. A great deal of old energy is presently
clearing from earth herself throughout the world especially in lands
that have been inhabited for a very long time. Energies formed from
centuries of war, domination, struggle, poverty, and all manner of
violence are now rising to the surface in areas desperately in need
of cleansing.

Dictators and others in positions of power are beginning to sense that the “power over” they have always enjoyed is weakening leaving
them feeling threatened without knowing why. Fear is causing some
of them to lash out in ways that represent their state of
consciousness. However, these old ways are quickly becoming
obsolete because the energies that have maintained and sustained
them (belief) is beginning to dissolve and will continue to do so as
increasingly more light penetrates collective consciousness.

It is a time of mourning for many. A time in which the majority,
both the awakened and the un-awakened, are experiencing an
unidentified sense of sadness. As the familiar begins to fade away it
causes fear of the unknown to those unaware that there are new
and better ways coming and so they continue to believe that in spite
of how disruptive and painful some of the old ways may have been,
they were and are the right ways. Many of you are simply feeling
this energy. It is not yours.

You will find yourselves increasingly called upon to help those
drawn to you with questions and concerns. They recognize your
stability in the face of outer appearances and want this for
themselves. You will become and many of you already are teachers
to those ready for and seeking truth. However, even more important
than the outer work is the inner work, your ability to continuously
and silently BE the Light that you are for without the inner there
can be no outer.

You are spiritually ready to resist the temptation to quickly jump
in to heal, change, or fix appearances. Those days ended once you
understood and accepted that the only reality is that of one
omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient
God/Source/Creator/Consciousness–period. Once this is
understood and accepted, what is there to fix unless the belief in
two powers continues?

When you live life from a consciousness no longer cluttered with
beliefs of duality and separation, the energy of your enlightened
awareness automatically flows wherever you are because it is who
you are. Allow your Light to flow to the earth, people and countries,
and to all situations without attaching intentions as to how you
think they should be. When you acknowledge the Light and perfection already present in and as them, you are working from a higher level, the level of Oneness.

God alone is reality and the forms of good and evil that you
witness are false mind translations of the spiritual reality that
underlies everything. You cannot make something out of nothing.
The mind draws upon and presents personal and collective states of
consciousness (consciousness being the substance form) which in
the third dimension are usually conditioned by beliefs of duality,
separation, and two powers.

This is why the very evolved over time have said that the world is
an illusion. The world is not an illusion, it is a real, perfect, and
spiritual expression of God. Rather, it is mankind’s hypnotism and
false beliefs about the world that constitute the illusion.

You may say that this is impossible and very impractical in the
ordinary world where events of violence and discord take place
regularly but this is why you who are awake chose to be on earth at
this time. You came in order to seed collective consciousness with
truth just as Jesus seeded the collective long ago. Increasingly more
truth in the collective, will allow those seeking higher and better
ways to access it. This is the only way a sleeping world can rise out
of its present density and into the realities of the Universe of God’s

We are not saying it is ok to walk down dark alleys in questionable
areas. We are not telling you stop locking your door. Living the
spiritual life is the practice of walking the “razor’s edge”. Allow your
intuition to guide you as you go about your day. Take whatever
human footsteps may be necessary and practical but do it with an
awareness of truth rather than fear.

Living from within may seem difficult if not impossible as you
observe personal and global conflict but this is why only those
spiritually strong and sufficiently evolved were chosen for the job of
bringing Light to an ascending planet. Allow appearances to be
what they are without immersing yourself in (aligning with) them.
Your job is not the same as those working to make things better
through the three dimensional belief system. Your job as Light
workers is to be the Light through your realization that God alone is power, not a power over but simply the only power. Allow the words;
“I and the Father are one.” to become your state of consciousness,
your identity. This is mysticism.

Over the course of hundreds of lifetimes, everyone’s consciousness
evolves in stages. First atheism, then into some sort of organized
group or belief system, then to metaphysics, and lastly to mysticism
or the consciousness of Oneness. Many hesitate to move beyond
metaphysics because it offers new, different, and exciting tools that
seem to work. However, metaphysics which is based in new ways of
changing a bad picture into a good one as well as being able to
bring someone closer to God often simply perpetuates the belief in
duality and separation.

Every person learns and spiritually grows through each stage
which is why it is important to simply allow others to be where they
are in their belief system. When they are ready for their next stage,
their Higher Self will guide them to it and you may be a part of it.
Proselytizing is a very ego based activity.

Mysticism is an attained consciousness of Oneness which is lived
automatically even when ordinary human footsteps must be taken.
The world in general does not recognize modern day mystics
because they live, work, have families and appear to be like
everyone else. In general, the world continues to think of mystics as
they have been pictured on holy cards, art work, statues etc.–eyes
closed, hands folded, and with a bright light around their head.

You who are awake, living in the world but not of it, are today’s
mystics. The mystical life is a life of detachment from much that
occupies three dimensional thinking and thus those living it are
often thought of as being uncaring and cold by those living fully in
the three dimensional belief system. Being a modern day mystic
never interferes with being loving and warm, but rather embodies
the very essence of these things. Mysticism is what you have been
preparing for throughout your many lifetimes of spiritual seeking,
questioning, study, and practice.

As you move deeply into conscious awareness of your Divine
Selfhood, many previous ways of solving problems and living life in
general, will continue to present themselves to your awarenessbecause you are used to and familiar with them. However, you may quickly discover that ways (actions, words, ideas etc.) that worked
well in the past for you no longer work as they once did. This is
because you have evolved and are no longer in alignment with

Never resist anything because resistance only makes that which is
resisted into a “something” giving it power and reality. Rather,
simply evaluate every situation in the light of your higher
awareness–stop, go within, and remind yourself that nothing is
power but God and that God is governing ITself as you. THEN take
whatever steps you are intuitively guided to take which may appear
to be very three dimensional to others.

Becoming mystical consciousness is a huge step , one that will
take many more years, or even lifetimes for some but you who read
and understand these messages are ready. At some point every soul
finally realizes that all the “stuff” designed to bring one closer to
God, is just “stuff” that will keep you believing that you are separate
from God and all God’s expressions.

Nothing–no ritual, practice, prayer, class, crystal, oil, mantra,
group, guru, or teacher can give you what you already have or make
you what you already are. Spiritual tools can assist because they
carry their own energy, many being of a high resonance. When you
align with the energy of certain crystals or oils etc., you can be
temporarily lifted to their level but it will always be temporary
because your own state of consciousness is what governs you.

Use these things, love them, but never forget that spiritual tools
are meant to be helps, never meant to become one’s God. To
continue depending upon spiritual tools or some person in the
belief that you need them is a form of idolatry that will block further
evolutionary progress.

It is time and you are ready.

We are the Arcturian Group 2/27/22

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