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A Modern View Of God

by Diane K. Chapin
Channeled Messages from The Buddha Consciousness
142 pages, Category: Spiritual Development

A Modern View of God, the first in the series of Spiritual Development books by Diane Chapin, presents topics as noted below. Leading off with a discussion introduced by Alice Bailey’s 1932 guides channeling a book entitled “From Intellect to Intuition,” The Buddha Consciousness, through their vehicle, Diane Chapin, go beyond Bailey’s book to the Source, the inner being: “Know for yourself, that you are God and God is you.” It leads off with the connection, “Intuition and the development of psychic abilities are closely related.”

“Understand that beauty and love are the essence of the universe.”

Part II is a series of Sunday morning presentations that essentially summarizes the rest of the books in Diane’s nine-book series, but obviously without the considerable detail.

Part One – A Modern View of God

Chapter 1 – Intellect vs. Intuition
Chapter 2 – Life Path Directions
Chapter 3 – A Modern View of God
Chapter 4 – Cause and Effect
Chapter 5 – Love

Part Two – The Synopsis Series

A series of sequential Sunday morning sermons in the early ’90s when The Buddha Consciousness was called upon to conduct the service.

Chapter 1 – Beauty in the Life
Chapter 2 – The Nature of God
Chapter 3 – Enlightenment
Chapter 4 – Living Your Own Holiness
Chapter 5 – The Spiritual Unification of the World
Chapter 6 – Using Light In Your Life
Chapter 7 – The Christmas Light

Appendix 1 – Rev. Diane K. Chapin As “The Vehicle” On The Light Path
Appendix 2 – The Christed Buddha. Comments in response to an audience member’s question


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