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A Modern View Of God

by Diane K. Chapin
Channeled Messages from The Buddha Consciousness

142 pages, Category: Spiritual Development

A Modern View of God, the first in the series of Spiritual Development books by Diane Chapin, presents topics as noted below. 

Part One – A Modern View of God

A Modern View of God begins a re-definition of humanity. “God is an aspect of yourself, an aspect of your divinity. Know for yourself that God is you and you are God.”

Chapter 1 – Intellect vs. Intuition
Chapter 2 – Life Path Directions
Chapter 3 – A Modern View of God
Chapter 4 – Cause and Effect
Chapter 5 – Love

Part Two – The Synopsis Series

A series of sequential Sunday morning sermons in the early ’90s when The Buddha Consciousness was called upon to conduct the service.

Chapter 1 – Beauty in the Life
Chapter 2 – The Nature of God
Chapter 3 – Enlightenment
Chapter 4 – Living Your Own Holiness
Chapter 5 – The Spiritual Unification of the World
Chapter 6 – Using Light In Your Life
Chapter 7 – The Christmas Light

Appendix 1 – Rev. Diane K. Chapin As “The Vehicle” On The Light Path
Appendix 2 – The Christed Buddha. Comments in response to an audience member’s question


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