A Path to the Inner Self, by Diane Chapin

A Path to the Inner Self

by Diane K. Chapin
Channeled Messages from The Buddha Consciousness
146 pages, Category: Spiritual Development

Book four of Diane’s spiritual development series, A Path to the Inner Self presents some major topics including:

  • spiritual vision
  • self-illumination
  • understanding yourself
  • opening to access Universal Energy
  • mastership
  • Earth in transition

Branching off from the previous book’s theme, the first three topics listed above—spiritual vision, self-illumination and understanding yourself—drive the subject home. However, it is the last topic mentioned above that lies “behind the scenes” in my first two books and provides the basis for all the meditation activity involved in my third book, Global Shamanism Energy Work.

“With great joy, understand that you are part of creation and that you have gone on for many lifetimes, that you have lived on many planets and you have lived as a soul, a child of spirit, for millions of years.”

“Humanity is beginning to conceptualize itself as part of other dimensions and as part of other galaxies.”

Both quotes from TBC form a background for Global Shamanism Energy Work.

~Don Chapin

TBC Synopsis

“Your planet has uplifted enormously over these last few years and we are encouraged by all that we see. The consciousness of humankind is evolving and unfolding to a point where the connecting link between individuals extends to the realization of human values that must change and are changing.”“You live in a plentiful world. It is only for you to see through lack of plenty as a collective idea and look to the truth … that you are spiritual beings in light and in progression through incarnations that are meant to serve you. Incarnations were not meant to be mundane experiences, they were meant to be unfolding spiritual journeys. But there is not a realization of that as we see humankind waiting to be awakened.”

“Those things that bring you happiness, creative expression and joy should be the contents of your life, not what satisfies the ideals that are superimposed upon you by what you have been told.”

“For all of you, your true path is to begin to love yourselves today as spiritual beings and to value yourselves. Begin to seek that which brings you deep joy and happiness. From that, let all of the rest evolve in your prayers and meditations. You can have it all, but you must learn what that means to you as an individual and proceed from that understanding.”

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