Advanced Keys for Life Management, by Diane Chapin

Advanced Keys For Life Management

by Diane K. Chapin
Channeled messages from The Buddha Consciousness
270 pages, Category: Spiritual Development

This is the last book that came through Diane from TBC before she transitioned AND the first that TBC mentions the effects and characteristics of Unity Consciousness (UC). Why is thus noteworthy? Mankind and Earth are evolving with mankind incrementally moving into the state of Unity Consciousness, the effects which I have never found referenced anywhere else.

I suspect that UC is a transition into 4th dimensional living as living becomes somewhat easier, problems seem to be more easily resolved and manifestation is also easier. No mistake, problems still occur. but the resolutions become easier… after all, what would these problems look like in relation to eternity, or even in the short term of the next 100 years?

SIDE NOTE: Beware of and guard against developing a “spiritual ego” along the way. For example, thinking that “with all my studying and work, I must be a LONG WAY along the spiritual development path.” This is a condition that is VERY EASY to succumb to and not easy to detect without objective input from someone else traveling along a similar path.

~Don Chapin

Chapter 1 – You As A Magical Being
Chapter 2 – Releasing Self-Limitation
Chapter 3 – Your Soul – Its Care & Well-Being
Chapter 4 – Living Your Life As A Blessing
Chapter 5 – A Universal View Leading To Grace
Chapter 6 – You & God – Inseparable
Chapter 7 – Living By Grace
Chapter 8 – True Creativity
Chapter 9 – The Personal Side Of Mastership
Chapter 10 – Expanding Consciousness – Another Approach
Chapter 11 – Until We Meet Again
Chapter 12 – Unity Consciousness (Assembled Notes)
Chapter 13 – Epilogue (By Don Chapin)

About Advanced Keys for Life Management

Advanced Keys for Life Management, book number nine of Diane Chapin’s series of Spiritual Development books, includes:

  1. Invaluable information and methods to use light and energy for expanding consciousness and spiritual advancement through Grace and into Unity Consciousness. This information is DIRELY needed by all of humanity as Earth transitions into other dimensions.
  2. Personal experience of the effects of living in Unity Consciousness.
  3. Large selection of high-interest-topic quotes from throughout the first nine books.
  4. Stand-alone meditation / exercise to enhance the practitioner’s connection to (or awareness of) Source.

As in other books in this series, while not intentional, Advanced Keys for Life management authoritatively refutes various earth-plane-developed church doctrines. This final collection of channeled messages presented by The Buddha Consciousness (TBC) through Diane is essentially a graduate course in learning to live a more spiritual existence through and within Unity Consciousness.

TBC Synopsis

“The concepts in this book must be deeply absorbed over time and can bring about a tremendous shift in your awareness that you are a Magical Being. Not as a spiritual IDEA that you read about, or an abstract concept to be contemplated as philosophy, but that – YOU ARE A MAGICAL BEING IN REALITY. Your consciousness, your awareness opens gradually to a massive change in your understanding and experience. Advanced Keys for Life Management can show you new ways to manage your life as a Magical Being … as a spiritual adult.”

“This book depicts not only the spiritual nature of the Universe as true Reality, but reveals your own role: as an aspect of Spirit, you are a magician, waving the magic wand of thought and effortlessly creating your own reality. This is one of the most powerful self-help references you have ever read…and be sure to check out the Q & A!”


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