Life on Schoolhouse Earth, by Diane Chapin

Life On Schoolhouse Earth

by Diane K. Chapin
Channeled messages from The Buddha Consciousness
350 pages, Category: Spiritual Development

A smorgasbord of facts and ideas, literally an encyclopedia of the human condition in one book, covering the characteristics and future roles of males, females and particularly the children of tomorrow, with information on how to interact with the special children incarnating to assist Earth.

In a very rare allusion to off-world cultures, we read this TBC quote from the book: “There are many on your planet who do not accept other beings as being possible. We say that is foolishness. Spirit is ever-changing. There are numerous universes and galaxies. God is beyond explanation. To assume that Mother Earth is All-There-Is is simply human folly. That is part of your lesson, to gain a glimpse of yourself as an aspect of all of the Universe, as a citizen of other galaxies. But you must start with being citizens of the world, rather than citizens of a country. There are many, many aspects to a given incarnation.”

And, in reference/agreement to some of my own experiences with “inanimate objects,” as I’ve noted in a list of experiences on and this website: “All things are comprised of Spirit. Even those that do not move.”

~Don Chapin

Chapter 1 – Schoolhouse Earth
Chapter 2 – Birth, Rebirth & Karma
Chapter 3 – Psyche, Psychic & Spiritual Development
Chapter 4 – Adjustment, Attunement & Vibration
Chapter 5 – Luck
Chapter 6 – The Family Constellation
Chapter 7 – Male & Female Relationships
Chapter 8 – Female Incarnations
Chapter 9 – Male Incarnations
Chapter 10 – Power And Authority
Chapter 11 – Children Of The World – Part I

  • A Message To Help Parents Be Parents

Chapter 12 – Children Of The World – Part 2
Chapter 13 – Living Life As A Meditation, Through Divinity
Chapter 14 – Schoolhouse Earth In Its Natural Phase
Chapter 15 – You As The Connecting Link
Chapter 16 – Questions & Answers (Alphabetically Listed)

About the Book, Life on Schoolhouse Earth

The sixth in a progressive series of spiritual development books, Schoolhouse Earth was originally subtitled, “A New Way to View the Human Condition,” and that is really what it is. In addition to the topics listed above, the book includes an extensive question & answer list from the various presentations, covering over 60 general-interest topics and follow-up questions.

TBC synopsis

“The purpose of this Schoolhouse Earth series is to:
1) Help you see yourselves differently…to see yourselves spiritually. To begin to free yourself from the cycle of rebirth on the Earth plane through the concept of nonattachment. To teach you to love one another more fully and give you some insight into yourselves.
2) Shed light on a different way for each to understand and deal with your life. It is intended to uplift you and show you another side of life, to show you the value of forgiveness and, certainly, to shed some light on the issue of human incarnation.”


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