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Life Through Creating Mastership On Earth

by Diane K. Chapin
Channeled Messages from The Buddha Consciousness

144 pages, Category: Spiritual Development

Chapter 1 – The Nature Of The Universe
Meditation: Opening To God’s Grace

Chapter 2 – Nonattachment
Meditation: Who You Are

Chapter 3 – Letting Go Of Perfection
Meditation: Connecting

Chapter 4 – Without & Within
Meditation: Experiencing Spirituality

Chapter 5 – Spontaneity
A Technique For Accessing Your Spontaneous Energies
Meditation: Getting In Touch

Chapter 6 – A Process Of Personal Management
Meditation: Co-Creating


Get ready for the powerful impact of the following series of channeled messages!

Chapter 7 – Eternity & Inspiration
Meditation: Eternity

Chapter 8 – Viewing Yourself As Creation

Chapter 9 – Bursting Forth In The Life

Chapter 10 – The Nature Of God

About Life Through Creating Mastership on Earth

Diane Chapin and The Buddha Consciousness channeled Life Through Creating Mastership on Earth in 1994. The book includes several guided meditations that can be experienced singly or in groups. It is the four-chapter sub-series labeled The Eternity Series that provides an EXTREMELY impacting and expanding experience, opening a whole new vista of understanding and leaving the reader wondering “what could possibly come next?”

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