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Life Through Creating Mastership On Earth

by Diane K. Chapin
Channeled Messages from The Buddha Consciousness
144 pages, Category: Spiritual Development

While The Nature Of The Universe and Spontaneity are eye-opening, it is the last four chapters which Diane and I dubbed “The Eternity Series” that hit home even as Diane transcribed and I edited and assembled the text. How to get “eternity” across to those of us heavily imbued with beginnings and endings? How to explain a car or television to a Neanderthal? Neanderthals and household pets may be cognizant of this condition, but “sophisticated humans”?? How to explain that WE at our core are eternal? Paying attention, you’ll find hints of this in many places, but how to get across the whole concept? That was the challenge.

~Don Chapin

Chapter 1 – The Nature Of The Universe

Chapter 2 – Nonattachment

Chapter 3 – Letting Go Of Perfection

Chapter 4 – Without & Within

Chapter 5 – Spontaneity

Chapter 6 – A Process Of Personal Management

START OF “THE ETERNITY SERIES” — Get ready for the powerful impact of the following series of channeled messages!

Chapter 7 – Eternity & Inspiration

Chapter 8 – Viewing Yourself As Creation

Chapter 9 – Bursting Forth In The Life

Chapter 10 – The Nature Of God

About Life Through Creating Mastership on Earth

Diane Chapin and The Buddha Consciousness channeled Life Through Creating Mastership on Earth in 1994.

TBC Synopsis

“We are here to teach masterful steps. We are here to express masterful steps. We are here to express the essence of creativity in your lives and that, as such—as enhanced with this energy, this knowledge of that energy—you, too, can begin to participate in your own destiny and in world peace. We are very much involved in world peace and we are here for that purpose.”

“But at the same time, we have come to pass on ideas, philosophies and concepts that we hope will enable you to grow, to master and to deal with your lives…to manage your lives in such a way that you are joy, you are in upliftment and you are in creativity as a Master.”

“Do not be afraid of who you really are. Who you are is majestic. So many of you are afraid of the majesty that is you.”

“We see such a need for gigantic steps that we are here to teach them and to take you beyond what is being taught. We are here to teach you that there is more to life than you can possibly grasp and to have you begin to look out of your own life and see the broad picture. We are teaching you to take yourself out of your humanhood.”

“The capacity to be a Master lies within every soul, otherwise, you would not be here. Each of you have come to learn to walk on Earth in the shoes of a Master and still be yourselves.”

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