Life Through Self Empowerment, by Diane Chapin

Life Through Self Empowerment

by Diane K. Chapin
Channeled Messages from The Buddha Consciousness
192 pages, Category: Spiritual Development

Life Through Self Empowerment by Diane Chapin presents new insights addressing our spirituality at our core.

Don Chapin, Diane’s husband, says his favorite chapters are Chapter 3 – Pets, Symbols Of Visionaryship On Earth, which also addresses animals in the wild, Chapter 6 – Spirituality & Metaphysics, (NOT Spirituality VS. Metaphysics) and Chapter 7 – Core Changes, all with revealing insights. “When I first discovered Metaphysics I thought I’d discovered ‘The Be All and End All’ beyond the BS of religions. WRONG. Yes, it goes FAR beyond conventional religions, but it also has limits.”

Chapter 1 – Accessing Energy
Chapter 2 – Spirit Guides
Chapter 3 – Pets, Symbols Of Visionaryship On Earth
Chapter 4 – Personality & Ego
Chapter 5 – Prosperity & Abundance
Chapter 6 – Spirituality & Metaphysics
Chapter 7 – Core Changes
Chapter 8 – Dreams
Chapter 9 – Understanding Your Dreams
Chapter 10 – Life Management

Book three of Diane Chapin’s Spiritual Development series is compiled from channeled messages delivered between 8/8/89 and 1/31/90.

Working through Diane, the Buddha Consciousness presents a variety of new insights aimed at increasing our concepts of self-empowerment. These insights help to create an internal atmosphere through an on-going process of managing our lives with purpose, intent and ability, fostering the spirituality that is at the core of our being and going beyond metaphysics into true spiritual development.

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