Life Through Self Empowerment, by Diane Chapin

Life Through Self Empowerment

by Diane K. Chapin
Channeled Messages from The Buddha Consciousness

192 pages, Category: Spiritual Development

Life Through Self Empowerment by Diane Chapin presents new insights addressing our spirituality at our core.

Chapter 1 – Accessing Energy
Chapter 2 – Spirit Guides
Chapter 3 – Pets, Symbols Of Visionaryship On Earth
Chapter 4 – Personality & Ego
Chapter 5 -– Prosperity & Abundance
Chapter 6 – Spirituality & Metaphysics
Chapter 7 – Core Changes
Chapter 8 – Dreams
Chapter 9 – Understanding Your Dreams
Chapter 10 – Life Management

Book three of Diane Chapin’s Spiritual Development series is compiled from channeled messages delivered between 8/8/89 and 1/31/90. Working through Diane, the Buddha Consciousness presents a variety of new insights aimed at increasing our concepts of self-empowerment. These insights help to create an internal atmosphere through an on-going process of managing our lives with purpose, intent and ability, fostering the spirituality that is at the core of our being and going beyond metaphysics into true spiritual development. Specific topics include:

  • accessing energy
  • intuition
  • free will
  • spirit guides and angels
  • free will
  • intuition
  • pets and “wild” animals
  • personality and ego
  • non-attachment
  • prosperity and abundance
  • co-creation
  • going beyond metaphysics into true spiritual development
  • core changes
  • telepathy
  • dreams
  • understanding your dreams and life management
    Diane’s Guides: “A great deal of care was taken in the selection of this vehicle. She was carefully prepared over an extensive (7-year) training program to receive this higher vibration.” (And to achieve her personal goal of becoming a ‘transparency for Spirit.’ )
    Question: “There have been some theories formulated about how a black hole develops… but we have been wondering, what IS a black hole from your standpoint ?”
    Answer: “They are the doorway to infinity… to other Universes.”
    Question: “As a multidimensional, intergalactic being, do you use them yourself?”
    Answer: “No. We ARE their essence! We do not need to flow through, we ARE. We are All. We are All There Is. You are speaking to more than you can imagine. More than you can imagine.”

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