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Living Life Radiantly:

Tools For Personal Development

by Diane K. Chapin
Channeled Messages from The Buddha Consciousness

166 pages, Category: Spiritual Development

After a demanding seven-year training period, Diane Chapin brings through The Buddha Consciousness in Living Life Radiantly, the second book in a progressive spiritual development series. Through these channeled messages, the Buddha Consciousness present many non-sectarian, simple, yet fundamental and meaningful spiritual tools. As you use them, they initiate subtle, then more dramatic changes in your outlook and manner of dealing with the world.

Among the topics covered in this book are Understanding Your Heart, God as Light, personal color (what is yours, for example?). It also includes spiritually oriented meditations comparable to—and in some ways more powerful than—Transcendental Meditation, faith & devotion, lack vs. abundance, beliefs & belief clusters, a belief replacement process, thoughts and attitudes, a powerful process for manifesting and more. In addition, there are many guided meditations to assist you.

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