Spiritual Healing - A New Way to View the Human Condition, by Diane Chapin

Spiritual Healing: A New Way to View the Human Condition

by Diane K. Chapin
Channeled messages from The Buddha Consciousness
324 pages, Category: Spiritual Development


Chapter 1 – Introduction To Spiritual Healing
Exercise: Using Light And Energy as a Means To Expand Consciousness.
Chapter 2 – Well-Being
Chapter 3 – Spiritual Healing
Chapter 4 – Health & Well-Being
Chapter 5 – The Brain
Chapter 6 – Your Vision
Chapter 7 – Your Mouth
Chapter 8 – Your Voice & Ears
Chapter 9 – Your Life Breath
Chapter 10 – Your Hands & Feet
Chapter 11 – Your Back
Chapter 12 – Your Neck & Flexibility
Chapter 13 – Your Body, Well-Being & Spirituality
Chapter 14 – Supplemental Private Readings

Additional Sections:

  • Mechanisms For Burying Thoughts & Feelings
  • Jesus As A Crutch: Instant Healing And The Present
  • Tools To Use When Working as a Psychic … And as a Healer

About Spiritual Healing

Book number seven in Diane Chapin’s series of Spiritual Development books, Spiritual Healing: A New Way to View the Human Condition is indeed exactly that. Addressing specific parts of the human body from a functional standpoint, this book emphasizes the difference behind a technician and a true healer, beginning with a strong emphasis on self-healing before working on others.

Just as in the Western conventional medical communities, while there are many technical healers in energy healing practices today, there is an appreciable difference between a technical healer and a truly “connected,” effective healer. Who is a technician? Who is a true healer? What makes that difference? Furthermore, being honest with yourself, into which category do you fall?

In addition, as Diane was a spiritual healer with the help of The Physicians—another aspect of The Buddha Consciousness—some transcribed private reading sessions are also included.


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