The Heart, the Pathway of Light, by Diane Chapin

The Heart, The Pathway of Light

by Diane K. Chapin
Channeled messages from The Universal Oneness
282 pages, Category: Spiritual Development

The following quote is an example of the contemporary and highly practical nature of this book, Diane’s eleventh.

“Mankind must change. But beyond that, the souls on the earth are spontaneously opening to a greater spirituality. When this occurs, religion drops away and God becomes a living aspect of the life, for spiritual truths cannot just be categorized in religion. The spiritual truths of forgiveness, grace and peace, light and energy, the spiritual truths that you are an aspect of God, the spiritual truth that there is no beginning and no end. These cannot be contained in a religion.”

The statement that “religion drops away” is very true. Religion attempts to describe spiritual truths, yet these attempts, being made by humans who typically do not have “the vision,” but have become imbued with desires for money and power, are never successful. The church-inspired concept of Satan was introduced so that mankind could have an “outside” object to blame for misfortune, instead of looking to oneself, one’s blocking beliefs, and unclear manifestation objectives.

Chapter 1 – The Nature of Love & Forgiveness
Chapter 2 – Community
Chapter 3 – Non-Violent Thoughts
Chapter 4 – The Natural Man
Chapter 5 – The Natural Way
Chapter 6 – Living Your Life Spiritually
Chapter 7 – Faith
Chapter 8 – Discerning God In The Life
Chapter 9 – Transition & Integration
Chapter 10 – The Spirituality of Love
Chapter 11 – Understanding Yourself
Chapter 12 – The Use of Energy In Your Life
Chapter 13 – The Physical Use Of Energy In The Life
Chapter 14 – Free Will And Energy
Chapter 15 – You As Energy
Chapter 16 – Questions & Answers (35)

About The Heart, The Pathway of Light

The Heart, the Pathway of Light is the eleventh and last book of channeled messages to come through Diane before she transitioned.

Being the second and last book from her early training guides, it is a highly human-oriented reference. The material complements the previous nine spiritual books of channeled messages from The Buddha Consciousness. It contains the narrative of a very dramatic and highly unusual change of an eternal consciousness in Spirit. This change occurred because they were so deeply affected by their involvement with humanity. In their words, “for us to give up our identity as the Universal Oneness, is both thrilling and sad.”

It is also a back-to-basics treatise and sets the stage for three autobiographical books by Diane’s widowed spouse. Don’s books describe the spiritual and physiological changes resulting from exposure to the materials contained in this eleven-book series. Further, they show how, from a practical, low-level-shamanic-like standpoint, Universal Light and Energy can be effectively and practically used.

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