the Light Path, by Diane Chapin

The Light Path

by Diane K. Chapin
Channeled messages from The Buddha Consciousness
290 pages, Category: Spiritual Development

Chapter Two’s introduction of the concept of Highest Good alone can induce tremendous change. When I first used that concept with clarity and purpose, I “saw” the green healing energy I was sending change to pink as it reached its “target.” This indicated that the “target” needed love, but more typically self-love for healing. This seems to happen in the majority of such situations since then.

After Diane’s transition, I found two channelings where Highest Good discussed their purpose and relationship to the Buddha Consciousness. This was an EXTREMELY UNUSUAL event!! Those transcripts have been posted on this website HERE and HERE.

The techniques presented in Chapter 6 – Intuition & The Physical Body are particularly helpful in this time of global change, including the effects of global warming.

An extensive Q&A is included.

~Don Chapin

Chapter 1 – Getting Acquainted With Your Spiritual Self
Chapter 2 – Managing Your Life Using Highest Good
Chapter 3 – Getting A Grip On Your Life Attitudes, Beliefs And Highest Good
Chapter 4 – Cleansing The Unconscious, The Critical Key
Chapter 5 – Creativity & Highest Good – A New Look At Yourself
Chapter 6 – Intuition & The Physical Body
Chapter 7 – Releasing Life’s Clutter Expectations
Chapter 8 – Setting Your Goals…The Importance Of Clarity & Purpose
Chapter 9 – Spirituality & Abundance
Chapter 10 – Prosperity, Self Empowerment & Consciously Manifesting
Chapter 11 – Limitation Vs. The Multiplicity Of Possibilities
Chapter 12 – The Final Step Releasing Old Self Images
Chapter 13 – Reviewing Your Tools
Chapter 14 – Questions & Answers (32 Q&As)

About The Light Path

In The Light Path, book eight of this series of Spiritual Development books, The Buddha Consciousness, through Diane Chapin, provide direct examples of masterful actions. Further, the reader is encouraged toward their own mastery with twenty guided meditations.

TBC Synopsis

“This is the step into magic, the step into making your life sparkle.” “…this book is about broad steps that take you beyond the human condition…”

“Part of receiving all of the gifts of the earth is in sharing them. This is the idea behind tithing…the initiation of that idea was that you share your light and energy. So, when you do your meditation for the advancement of your goals, for prosperity and well-being, always return what has been given to you as a blessing back to the Universe.”

“If you are working with energy, then your purpose is to bring about the positive energy, not to entertain the negative. This is how the concept of the devil came about, an idea of naming that negative energy and putting off on that energy what humans don’t want to do, that is, to ‘own’ your own responsibilities. So, historically you have created something so that you could feel victimized by the energy that you, as individuals, were putting out for yourselves. This is a very neat trick and it has worked well. Now the idea is to get beyond that.”

“When your heart truly wishes something, then you have…all of the elements that are so important in creating in your life: clarity, conviction, purpose and intent.”


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