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The Spiritual Heart

by Diane K. Chapin
Channeled messages from The Universal Oneness
134 pages, Category: Spiritual Development

The Spiritual Heart includes basic spiritual principles presented in a manner and tone reminiscent of Edgar Cayce (whom Diane also channeled briefly. See Appendix 1 – Edgar Cayce Reading), i. e. archaic English. The style is quite different from the later book (The Heart, The Pathway Of Light) and the content challenges some rather basic church dogma. Chronologically, this is the very first book in our series. However, we present The Spiritual Heart as book number ten. Books ten and eleven consist of channeled messages from The Universal Oneness, presented to Diane by her training guides before The Buddha Consciousness appeared with A Modern View of God.

The Spiritual Heart goes back to the basics, not of church doctrine, but of fundamentals that are important for spiritual development in each of us. Furthermore, it introduces the concept of personal color as a meditation tool.

Chapter 1 – All Are One
Chapter 2 – The Holy Breath
Chapter 3 – The Way to Enlightenment
Chapter 4 – As You Believe
Chapter 5 – Your Personal Color, The Unifying Principle
Chapter 6 – Using The Law Through Attunement
Chapter 7 – Accept Your Good
Chapter 8 – Original Sin
Chapter 9 – The Natural Man
Chapter 10 – The Law Of Nothingness
Chapter 11 – Loving Yourself
Chapter 12 – Brotherhood -The Spiritual Way
Chapter 13 – The Natural Way
Chapter 14 – The Spiritual Heart
Chapter 15 – Loving Yourself
Chapter 16 – Brotherhood -The Spiritual Way
Appendix 1 – Edgar Cayce Reading
(Diane’s “role model”)
Quick Quotes, A Selection of 22 Key Topics from Books 1 through 9

TBC Synopsis

“The Law is infinite … that is, it does not know bounds or boundaries and does not act in a way that you may believe possible, for energy flows through the Universe in many vibrational states, bringing for all that which is visible and invisible.”

“Cleanse yourself of the concept of original sin, and forgive yourself of that, for that is the root of all poverty, lack, and those conditions that are similar. ”

“Give up the notion that you are in some way less than you should be, for that brings about self impoverishment … impoverishment of the soul, the Spirit, and the heart.”

“… you must understand that there is no evil, except in the self hypnosis of the worldly mind.” “(recognize) that your earthly experience is not divided into sections that are spiritual and non-spiritual, rather, that ALL is spiritual …”

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