image showing cover of the book, A Modern View of God, by Diane Chapin

A Modern View Of God

by Diane K. Chapin
A channeling from The Buddha Consciousness

142 pages, Category: Spiritual Development

A Modern View of God, the first book of the Spiritual Development series by Diane Chapin, presents topics such as: Intellect and Intuition, Life Path Directions, Cause and Effect, The Nature Of God, Enlightenment, The Spiritual Unification Of The World, Love, Using Light In Your Life, Beauty In The Life, Living Your Own Holiness, and The Christmas Light.

Part One – A Modern View of God

Chapter 1 – Intellect vs. Intuition
Chapter 2 – Life Path Directions
Chapter 3 – A Modern View of God
Chapter 4 – Cause and Effect
Chapter 5 – Love

Part Two – The Synopsis Series

Chapter 1 – Beauty in the Life
Chapter 2 – The Nature of God
Chapter 3 – Enlightenment
Chapter 4 – Living Your Own Holiness
Chapter 5 – The Spiritual Unification of the World
Chapter 6 – Using Light In Your Life
Chapter 7 – The Christmas Light

Appendix 1 – Rev. Diane K. Chapin As “The Vehicle” On The Light Path
Appendix 2 – The Christed Buddha


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