The Christmas Light

This was originally presented in a Christian service for a holiday sermon in 1993. According to Quest, who originally presented this as The Buddha Consciousness, it was due for an ‘update’ before a general release such as this, presumably to be “genericized” so as to address the religious holidays of all faiths, because that is really the basis for this activity. However, that update never happened before Diane transitioned. I feel, however, that these words should still be true today, so they are presented as originally given… we simply have to understand that this is intended to apply to ALL such major religious holidays, no matter what faith.


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The time that is coming forth, this very special season for so many of you, not only celebrates a Christian point of view, but it also celebrates a unification with Spirit. It is an opportunity for all to recognize their own unification with Spirit, to bless themselves and to bless others. That is the purpose of the exchange of gifts, it is to give a materiality of blessing to others.

The original purpose of a gift was as a blessing, not a curse, but it has become overwhelming for so many of you. When you give your gifts this year, if you will look to them as a blessing that you are offering another soul from your heart to their heart, you will be offering a blessing. That was the purpose of gifts and that is the purpose of these twelve days, to offer a blessing.

We see the twelve days immediately preceding Christmas as a time of great light. But really, from the moment of December through the entire month, we see as a great uplifted time on your planet and a great deal of cosmic light flows forth. That is what you are celebrating as well; that level of consciousness that can be enjoyed by each of you at this very special time and to know that its purpose, once again, is to bring you joy, to bring you good will and to let you experience that peace that is within you, so that when December fades, the peace stays.

This is why we say, live in the moment. If you live in that moment you have a stronger chance of experiencing that peace for longer periods of time, rather than for the intercession of your ego and personality which can bring about greater negativity in the life. So, this month that comes up for you is a time to bless yourself and to bless your intimates. Moreover, it is a time to bless your planet and to let that planet survive in positivity, in brotherhood and in spiritual energy. This is a great time for all of you and a great time of goodwill to many, especially during the twelve days before Christmas.

Understand that the consciousness of The Infinite One is ever expanding and that, at times, mankind intersects with the expansion of that consciousness on a regular basis and that is what is occurring. The consciousness of The Infinite One expands, sheds more light and the entire galaxy is bathed in more, that becomes part of the One and the All, until the next phase of expansion occurs. Also, mankind is in a far more uplifted state during this time of year, so there is an acceptance of more light and more light emanates from your souls during this period of time, as well. The entire galaxy, or galactic structure of the cosmos, is filled with the radiance and essence of this light.

Consciousness is always expanding and growing, but there are times that The Infinite One sees fit to release even more light. At those times, it is experienced in all dimensions and helps to enhance all souls’ growth.

The cosmic origin of the light that is flowing forth onto the earth plane during the twelve days preceding Christmas is the light of God, itself. It is the very light of God, but it is an expanded and increased light. This comes through periodic releases of light as The Infinite One determines that the galaxies are all in tune and ready to receive this light. This is a particularly propitious time on your planet because more souls are thinking of peace, goodwill and love.

Let us say that these calendar times are intersecting with the growth of consciousness. There are other times when there is exceptional growth… there was exceptional expansion and release of light at the time of the harmonic convergence, for example, but the times that are most predictable are Christmas and Easter for your planet. This is why Christmas and Easter are propitious times, for they are widely observed holidays. For other planets, the release of light does not necessarily correspond to holidays, but to the general upliftment.

Much light is also released as each faith celebrates its holidays throughout earth. The Jewish High Holidays in September, for there is a great deal of opening forth by that large population and a great deal of understanding is received by many, many souls at that time. So, September, April and December are times of exceptional light (and, presumably, other such times for other major faiths).

The Infinite growth pattern is every several months and is not necessarily in relationship to all of the holidays. It is simply that there is an incidental corresponding that allows a greater response during the holidays we have mentioned. We are not trying to limit who sees the light by religious preference, the light is bathing the entire planet and all can benefit. The light is pouring onto the planet regardless of whether a holiday exists or not, but you, as human beings, receive greater upliftment at those times. But, we are trying to describe to you what occurs on your plane of action before and during Christmas, which is the most significant period of all… for, particularly at that time, there is such an upliftment on your planet that The Infinite One releases even more light.

Now, what you are looking at is scientific in nature, not an accidental release of light. You are looking at growth that takes place on a given schedule, that will occur whether the earth has its holidays or not, or whether human beings need more light. But what we are saying is that it is opportune that all of this fits together in such a propitious way. The light is released at the time the Infinite One’s consciousness expands… and also falls at given times and is very cyclic.

So, during those twelve days preceding your holiday, take a moment of time out to express your gratitude to the Universe for your own self-illumination, your own understandings that come to you so strongly at this time of year, and for all the good and positivity that you have in your lives. Also send a message of peace and love to those who still suffer in other nations and who are without the personal dignity that you are so fortunate to have.

While this light is part of the column of light that we mentioned, really it is always pouring itself onto your planet. But, because of mankind’s upliftment at this time, it is also a time when the cosmos, itself, focuses a great deal of light and energy onto your planet and so the light energy of the planet itself is greatly changed. In other words, the planet is more full of light at this time and, consequently, you will have an even greater opportunity to look into your own eyes and see your own light. This is an opportunity for each of you to see your own illumination and to experience it more poignantly and more beautifully.

What we are trying to say is that the light fills the soul of mankind and reflects itself as brotherhood, peace and good as each individual in his or her heart opens to such exquisite opportunities, so will all be greatly blessed. Let that which is Divine in each of you come forth to bless the planet and one another.

Blessings and Peace to all.

It should be noted that, in private discussions about The Christmas Light, my late wife’s guides had said that, due to the widespread preparation and celebrations of Three Kings Day or “Feast of the Epiphany” (January 6) in many parts of the world (which marks the day on the Christian calendar when the magi brought gifts to the baby Jesus), time-wise the Christmas Light actually extends an additional two weeks after Christmas, as well.

Although historians and scientists have different views for both the year and month concerning just when Jesus was born, such differences have no impact when such large segments of humanity’s beliefs and emotions are centered on December 25, then on January 6…and THAT is what The Christmas Light is responding to.

As noted in the beginning, similarly, there is special light encompassing Earth on other religious holidays of various faiths. I typically “use” this light to spread it around Earth, along with my own efforts as a human contribution in a low-level shamanic manner.

~ Don

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