The Vehicle, Rev Diane Chapin

1945 – 2004

Diane in Hong Kong

On a personal level I have pursued spiritual growth and a deep relationship with God all of my life. In 1976, just prior to my 1977 BA from Immaculate Heart College, I made it my personal life commitment to better understand myself through my relationship with God and daily living. As an integral part of that commitment, in conjunction with the writings of Joel Goldsmith, I dedicated myself to becoming a transparency for Spirit and God and asked for the Highest Guidance available. The need to understand myself in terms of my relationship with God, as well as being willing to take responsibility for my own life, are key elements in my daily life.

Because it has always been my goal to reach the highest level of spiritual upliftment possible in conjunction with a strong interest in psychological dynamics, I have employed prayer and meditation as a further means of communication and self-awareness in spiritual matters.

In 1981, I became very ill with asthma attacks and began to use illness as a deeper tool for understanding and spiritual growth. The reasons for my illness were unclear to me and I wanted to know more as to how it came about and why. During this uncovering process, I began to communicate with a Consciousness, which referred to itself as The Universal Oneness (1).

The Universal Oneness promptly started me on a demanding seven-year training program, which included working on several practice “readings” each day, before and after my normal work schedule, as well as many internal-work exercises designed to promote upliftment. The Universal Oneness was strongly Christ, Mary, and feminine-oriented and stressed the reliance on spiritual principles over ego and materialism. Toward the end of this training period, I was presented with sufficient material for my first copyrighted book “The Spiritual Heart” (2)(3).

While many would refer to this process as ‘conscious channeling’—as the only contemporary English words for such phenomena—my experience is that this occurrence was in answer to my desire to function as a ‘transparency for Spirit.’ A transparency for Spirit is someone who is willing to live life as a spiritual tool; someone who is so moved by the possibility of God’s Presence as a living thing available to all, that he/she is willing to set aside as much ego as possible. A transparency’s function, then, is different. His/her function is to be so filled with God’s Grace that it appears as unconditional love, healing energy, intuitive counseling and, yes, information such as classes and readings. The communication is ongoing, ever-present and always available. Anyone can access it, you must only be willing. The purpose of being a ‘transparency’ is to experience and express a progression of God’s Grace and unfoldment in the life, to express unconditional love and forgiveness as part of spiritual growth and understanding (4).

Marriage ceremony re-dedication at the Swedenborgian Church, Wayfarers Chapel, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, which we considered necessary after the events described in 'In Psychic Defense.'

Marriage ceremony re-dedication at the Swedenborgian Church, Wayfarers Chapel, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, which we considered necessary after the events described in “In Psychic Defense.”

This activity is readily borne out by the constant communication that occurs, and the fact that ‘the guides’ never really ‘leave,’ as is the case with the more common forms of what is known as ‘channeling.’ Channeling is most often information accessed during specific times set aside as channeled sessions. The outlook, purpose and fundamentals are different in its origins. Some channels do elect to consciously benefit from the sources they tap into and practice ‘the Presence,’ in addition to performing a technical accomplishment. Spiritual movement in one’s life always precedes such an event as channeling. However, a transparency consciously aspires to God’s Presence as a vehicle of Grace from the beginning.

All such activities are gifts from God, but the difference for me is how I arrived at the ability to verbally access spiritual information (and later a healing ability) and how I view my own process. From the beginning, my guides have referred to me as a ‘vehicle,’ rather than a ‘channel,’ somewhat to many clients’ and associates’ puzzlement. It is, however, a very humbling experience to recognize God as the source of such seemingly mysterious activities as channeling or being a vehicle for Spirit.

As a spiritual counselor/practitioner, I began professional work in providing spiritually oriented private readings and counseling with The Universal Oneness, as well as intuitive guidance (coming from a rapidly expanding intuition and self-awareness) for both local and long-distance clients. During this time, much of the counseling revolved around the client’s life path issues and spiritual growth, building their personal confidence and self-esteem. Trust in the spiritual process was and is a major key in all of my work through both my spiritual guidance and intuitive counseling sessions. I have many clients who specifically see me for intuitive, spiritually oriented (God centered) counseling. My purpose is to foster their spiritual understanding, growth, self-awareness and reliance on spiritual principles. My goal is self-empowerment through understanding and forgiveness.

Rev. Diane Chapin and her dog, Lucy

Diane and Lucy

In 1987 The Universal Oneness announced that, as I had completed the necessary training, they would withdraw to allow a higher resource to work with me. During that short interim after they left was the first time in years that I realized the nature of the term ‘withdrawal,’ as it is often referred to in channeling, because of the uncomfortable feeling of being ‘unplugged’ (5).

In March of 1988 The Buddha Consciousness introduced themselves and began working with me as (according to them) their only vehicle on the Earth plane. While it was wonderful to again feel ‘connected,’ this new energy felt so overwhelmingly powerful and masculine that it was quite difficult, at first, to accommodate (6). Since that time this resource has provided classes, seminars, workshops and extraordinary insights into living spiritually through the daily application of simple-to-use spiritual principles, some of which my husband and I have been able to turn into book form.

Life began to become more complicated for many clients, which gradually led to spiritual healing with The Physicians as an additional aid. They first appeared in November 1991, as another very powerful resource, in response to my request to assist in healing a family member. Their strength and healing capabilities have steadily increased since, to the extent that they often work effortlessly and interactively, not only in conjunction with my other guides, but with my intuitive connections as well (7).

Rev Diane Chapin with her dog, Kelsie

Diane with Kelsi

Since 1981, I have counseled extensively through the process of listening carefully, and on a deep level, to what is being said by the client, putting that information in a spiritual context and guiding them as to what spiritual principles, tools and insights will best help them with the situation at hand. There is no better final answer in any situation than turning it over to God but, as human beings, we are often slow to do this. It is always my purpose to help each individual draw closer to their realization that God is closer than the very breath of life itself.





Rev. Diane Chapin in world-famous Jimmie’s Kitchen, Kowloon, Hong Kong

In world-famous Jimmie’s Kitchen, Kowloon, Hong Kong


Diane Chapin at Mui Wo, Landeau Island, Hong Kong

In what we called the “toilet paper restaurant,” Mui Wo, Landeau Island, Hong Kong



Supplemental Notes, added by Rev. Don Chapin:

1) The Universal Oneness – Who We Are(.pdf)… Also in the “TOC” files for Books 10 & 11.

2) Despite this intense, seven-year morning and evening training period, very little was recorded before “The Spiritual Heart.” However, The Universal Oneness did prophetically predict (on March 24, 1983) that, “You will be doing in the early 1990s a great deal of advanced work in preparation to guide those who are willing to hear the words of the Lord and lead a Godly life,” and, as was always the case, “… you are having a greater impact on those around you than you are even aware. You are bringing a different light, a different way of viewing things, to many people around you…”

3) Since Diane’s original role model, so to speak, was Edgar Cayce (whom Diane “channeled” on June 12 and July 5, 1983), this document was originally delivered in Old English, in the language of the King James Bible. However, we have translated this into ‘modern English’ and included it on this website under its original title as “The Spiritual Heart.”

4) And, as we understood from various “readings,” this “transparency” and/or “vehicle” arrangement was/is QUITE unusual.

5) The Universal Oneness did return for a short time, to present some additional classes in modern English that also turned into a book length document, “The Heart, The Pathway of Light,” which provides a different perspective on the same issues that The Buddha Consciousness had presented in their presentations.

6) “Quest (The Buddha Consciousness – TBC) is a vast, Universal Consciousness that comes on a wave of peace and love, making itself available to all, in an interfaith, non-denominational spiritual way that allows for the expansion of spiritual growth. Quest’s purpose is to act as a blessing to humankind, to provide the foundation for spiritual understanding in a universal and loving way through spiritual tools and knowledge, thereby bringing awareness of spiritual principles to daily living. We feel the name, Quest, is appropriate because it reveals the nature of today’s spiritual changes… a Quest for realization of Oneness, the Inner Being (an aspect of God) that is radiant, light-filled, free of limitation and on the path.”

TBC’s explanation of this training period, from Jan 7, ’91: “A great deal of care was taken in the selection of this vehicle. She was carefully prepared over an extensive training program with The Universal Oneness to receive this higher vibration. That really is what happens, when her vibrational level has reached a level that we felt we could lower vibrations to successfully, then The Universal Oneness receded and we arrived. In other words, the coordination on both sides had to take place, her level of growth and our ability to decrease the vibration to a level that would be satisfactory and workable for this vehicle. “What happens on our side is that, when the transmission is requested, energy is simply gathered as particles and focused in attunement with the light that we see from our vehicle, then the two lights are connected and energy is exchanged.”

Then, from a private reading: “Question : There have been some theories formulated about how a black hole develops… mathematical formulae, but we can only look at a very small cut of time. We have been wondering, what IS a black hole from your standpoint ?
TBC’s Answer : They are the doorway to infinity.
Question : To other Universes, as such then?
Answer : Yes.
Question : As a multidimensional, intergalactic being, do you use them yourself?
Answer : No. We ARE their essence! We do not need to flow through, we ARE. We are All. We are all there is. You are speaking to more than you can imagine. More than you can imagine.”

Yet, “Quest” is far more than is obvious in this particular name… Who is Quest ?(.pdf format)

The name change for this Universal Consciousness, from The Buddha Consciousness to Quest, occurred on Oct 3, ’98. “Over time, (Diane) has brought through guidance that has provided different aspects of itself, that has appeared in concentrated service to those who serve in a larger capacity and a dedication for behind-the-scenes work. The Earth is also (now) in a more spiritually awakened position to receive (these) books. The same TBC energy is available, but not weighted down by the opinions of history.” (And beyond The Buddha Consciousness, there is the extremely spiritualized level of The Christed Buddha.)

7) Unfortunately, even these guides couldn’t help Diane, herself, when the odds were stacked against a long life. Diane transitioned on January 17, 2004, to the immense sorrow of her family, friends and clients, as well as a severe loss to the Earth plane itself. Officially, the “cause” of her passing was diagnosed as cancer, but this was tremendously complicated by a mitral valve regurgitation heart condition (misdiagnosed since 1981 as asthma, and caused by a virus that had “landed” in her heart, undetected by our medical sciences), as well as a heart “receptor” problem that was diagnosed merely two months before her transitioning. In retrospect, it is obvious that Diane “programmed” herself for a relatively short lifespan in this incarnation. Now in spirit, Diane is taking on other tasks to still be of service to all. The last we had known, she was a mid-level Karmic Court Judge, a position she had grown to greatly admire when we had to access those planes for various reasons.

Thank You, and Blessings, Rev. Don Chapin, PhD

Rev. Diane Chapin and husband Don Chapin

Rev. Diane Chapin with her husband, Rev. Don Chapin


I highly recommend Diane and her work. I have had the great privilege to work with Diane as a client and student of hers for many years now. Her abilities to counsel, teach and assist in a multitude of ways has had a deep and wonderful impact on my life. Her spiritual wisdom, insight and compassion have moved me to make beneficial life changes. I have felt very supported and comforted by her guidance and care. With great skill, she is most able to penetrate the source of conflict and confusion, time and again, with positive results. Upon receiving her information, assistance and clarity, I am ready to move forward with my development. Knowing Diane, as I have, has furthered my personal growth substantially. I am most grateful for having her as a marvelous mentor in my life.

Janet Rice Carnahan, Dec. 20, 1997

Diane Chapin helped me by counseling and by using her special talents as a physician on spiritual problems involving the soul.

It was very traumatic and I almost died three times in 1975 (long before Diane’s treatments). Through her endeavors and spiritual aid, I made decisions on the physical, mental and spiritual levels to not pass on. Diane is a very loving and spiritually blessed person.

Peter F. Hulton, Jan. 7, 1998

Minister, Healing Light Foundation

Know, at every level, your reverence and power as a healing presence in the universe. Your work is awesome!

Glenda Cross-Dvorak

Head Minister, Bridges In Consciousness

Meditations to Evolve Your Connections

“Your connection with your spirit guide is made through meditation.”
~ TBC via Rev. Diane Chapin

The three meditations below document Diane channeling the Buddha Consciousness in blissful meditations. You are able to listen to them here or click the link beneath each one to go to the blog post where you can download a copy. Use your up/down arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. Visit this page for more!

Abundance Meditation 33:39

by The Buddha Consciousness via Rev Diane Chapin

Chakra Healing Meditation 16:10

by The Buddha Consciousness via Rev Diane Chapin

Success Meditation 13:47

by The Buddha Consciousness via Rev Diane Chapin



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