Sunset Observations - Dignity, by don Chapin. Image of a tree reflecting in water at dusk


Spontaneous, Undirected Shamanic Experiences

The sunset again…I found myself in an (east) Indian home with no husband/father presence. They were very poor materially, perhaps one of the untouchables cast, but with a quite strong sense of self-worth, of—and it took me a couple days to find the most appropriate word—dignity. I was zapped out of there and instantly popped into an extremely similar situation somewhere in Russia with the same sense of self-worth and dignity. Next came a household somewhere in Mesoamerica. This time there was a male presence about the family although their material existence was in the lowest rungs of the “ladder.” But there was a sense of heightened spiritual development in addition to the sense of self-worth and dignity…perhaps they were of Mayan descent? If this is a relatively common condition around the globe, there is no wonder Spirit ‘sees’ such a global advancement!



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