Greetings, salutations and blessings, blessings to each and every one of you. We are going to speak with you today on the topic of enlightenment. We would like to speak of enlightenment, but from the framework of an overview.

Enlightenment is that state of grace which means that you are filled with light, with an aspect of Spirit that is so uplifted that your vibrations have attuned themselves to the spirituality of your inner being. Now, that may seem like a mystifying statement, but we don’t mean it to be. Many souls on your plane become comfortable with the particular vibrational level at which they function every day, so they are unfamiliar with the aspect of uplifted vibrations. This is why enlightenment seems so mysterious to so many. Truly, it is simply a matter of opening yourself to that aspect of Spirit which fills you completely and, as that happens, your At-Onement with God becomes known to you.

n other words, you have finally uncovered the true nature of yourself, for yourself, as inseparable with God. So the upliftment of your vibration out of the familiar into the realm of the unfamiliar is a single step toward enlightenment. Mastership comes through the understanding of a body of knowledge that can be acquired through enlightenment or through understanding, over a period of time, in terms of reading books or attending lectures. But enlightenment in the masterly sense usually comes at once. It usually comes in one fulfilling and astonishing moment and that moment in time comes when you are spiritually ready to give up the old self, see, for yourself, who you really are, and live from that moment in the adjustment and attunement of your new spirituality.

You see, many of you receive little blurts and spurts of enlightenment. You receive gifts from Spirit, inner creativity, inner knowledge, inner insight, if you will, into the nature of your own spirituality. But, because it is so unfamiliar and the raised vibration is so unfamiliar, you unconsciously step back into the old mold, back into the self of the world that is familiar. In doing so, you bypass that moment, that occurrence that would take you out of the norm and out of your life, as you know it.

Because of this, we teach the aspect of viewing your personal color. That is, meditating for a period of days, asking for the color that represents your attunement with Spirit, allowing that color to come to you and viewing it two to three times a day for just a few minutes. As you do this, as you look at your personal color, your vibrations are raised to that level of attunement that is commensurate with enlightenment. You become familiar, consequently, with how it feels physically, emotionally and spiritually to be attuned to the inner self. So, personal color is an invaluable tool toward that step and the acknowledgment of your own upliftment and enlightenment.

Many of you put out positive thoughts, striking images to the Universe of your goals and the activity of the life that you would like to create. However, your good does not seem to come to you and, many times, that is because your vibrational level is simply a step or two behind your good. If your good is not coming to you, look to the inner self and begin to be aware that you are probably entertaining the old self, the familiar self, that you are too settled and comfortable in your present vibratory state. In this case, you need to begin to practice upliftment, to familiarize yourself with the higher level of vibration that will push you into life changes and into acceptance and receiving the good that you have so carefully put forth to the Universe and yet, at times, may seem to elude you.

Enlightenment is that state of grace that allows you to see the order, the beauty and, if you will, the promise of eternity and infinity in your lives. So what happens when those occasions present themselves, is that you see, for yourself, that you are only living for a moment in eternity in this incarnation. What that insight brings about is a change in perspective so that problems become less cumbersome and fearsome. For, if you have the opportunity to connect with your spiritual vibration, with that part of Spirit that is always flowing through you, and to emotionally, spiritually and intellectually understand that you are part of eternity, that all things are yours… once this knowledge imparts itself fully to you… your perspective on your life, your immortality and, consequently, your faith changes enormously in that short moment. So, this accomplishment changes your whole perspective in terms of who you are in relationship to the Universe. In other words, your position through your own eyes in the Universe changes and that brings about many of the changes you have sought and, of course, many more.

Enlightenment is not necessarily so far off for any one of you. Do not ever think that you do not have it within you to, at any moment, step with certainty into that space called enlightenment, for that is what it is. It is not an elusive butterfly that you are chasing after, it is an energy transmission that literally flows through you as light. And, as light pours through the body, as the cells absorb that light, expansion of consciousness takes place and, consequently, your view of all things takes on an aspect of depth and wisdom that you have sought through all your spiritual teachings.
Spiritual reading on a daily basis for short periods of time cannot be emphasized too much. Even if it is only a paragraph, that takes you out of the realm of the familiar into a state of upliftment, into a state of seeing, through your own eyes, another way to look at God. For that is all this is about. All the books that have been written, all the channeling that is done, all the sermons, if you will, are coming to give you another way to look at God until you finally see God for yourself… until you finally, with every aspect of your being, feel the presence of God in your life so thoroughly and so completely that you know that at no time are you left unattended.

It is more than the experience of unconditional love that enlightenment brings. It is that experience of knowing that, at no moment in eternity, are you separated. Enlightenment is certainty about the existence of God in your life. With that certainty comes wisdom, reliance on intuition and creativity and the ability to walk on water.

What is walking on water, but a demonstration of your own ability to walk through your own problems with success. In other words, not to sink into the depths of your problems, but to be able to remain above them, if you will, and, in so doing, dealing with them spiritually. The demonstration of walking on water was put forth for the specific reason of demonstrating beyond a doubt that you have the opportunity to rise above every human difficulty… to walk across that stream, that ocean, that body of difficulty that may seem insurmountable, but in actuality is only a moment in eternity, literally the blink of an eye. Under your control your problems are made available to you for you to learn your own spiritual strength. This is an opportunity for you to learn about yourself, for your problems are simply a reflection of your thoughts, actions, words and deeds. So, when the life does not seem to flow forward as you would wish, you must examine what is happening on the inner realm and begin to pour light upon that.
Begin to raise your vibrations through viewing your personal color. If personal color fails to come to you, you can always call upon white light, so you do not have to feel that you must achieve your personal color within two weeks or the world will come to an end. You have the opportunity to use white light at any time, to raise your vibrations with that experience, to step out of yourself in the familiar realm and to move into the self as inseparable from God, as one with Spirit and as one who is completely in touch with that inner voice which speaks to you of your highest good. Through the avenue of your highest good, wisdom comes to you… not just for the solution of problems, but wisdom as spiritual insight. Wisdom comes to you as upliftment and as the experience of joy.

The hallmark of enlightenment is joy in the life and that inner experience of positivity and certainty of God’s unending love for you. The hallmark of enlightenment is patience. Be patient with yourself through this process of coming into enlightenment through the raising of your vibrations, for the inner soul, the inner self, must be ready to perceive your At-Onement with God. You must be in such a place with yourself that you are ready to open fully, now. Opening fully means absolute trust in Spirit. That is why you must be patient with yourself, for your ego and your personality will tell you to trust them. Your ego and your personality will provide negative images to you because, again, it [this process] is the giving up of the familiar self. So, patience and caring for yourself are a must in your step along the way to enlightenment.

Practice your meditation of white light or personal color and, as you do so, begin to harmonize yourself on the inner plane so that personality and ego begin to understand that it is to their benefit to become spiritually integrated with your higher self. That is simply accomplished by eliciting the cooperation of personality and ego. They can be dealt with squarely. Personality and ego can be spoken to and confronted, for they are all part of you. They were given to you as vehicles for your convenience, for your use and so it is of the utmost importance that you begin to elicit cooperation from them in terms of putting forth the most positive thoughts, actions, words and deeds that you can. All of this requires that you be honest with yourself, that you have integrity with yourself and that you look to the inner self with light. In that way, all of those old ideas and beliefs, which would separate you from Spirit, are brought out into the light and dissipated.

As you bring out your old ideas into the light and they fall away, personality and ego begin to see the relevance of living for the highest good. So what happens through this series of events is that you are living in one accord. Inner conflict and anxiety begin to fall away as you begin to harmonize on the inner level through bringing forth all your difficulties out into the light.

Harmonizing, attuning and uplifting render the self ready to trust God fully. And, with that trust, comes the opening of the door to enlightenment. With enlightenment comes certainty in the life that you are never separated from Spirit and that all that the Universe has to offer is yours. So, your demonstration of faith, as you receive your enlightenment, is that you, too, will walk on water. You, too, will walk across the river of your own difficulties with the realization that you have all the spiritual tools at hand to deal with them, but, more than that, with the realization that they are but a moment in eternity… and that you are so much more than that. Realize that you are the essence of God. You are immortal, you will go on long after your problems have fallen away, long after the vehicle of your present body has shed itself. Enlightenment lets you see who you really are and allows you to live in a connection with that essence beyond what is familiar to you now.

The steps along the way may require patience and diligence, but the opportunity to experience yourself spiritually is your greatest moment that any incarnation can bring you. And that is truly what you are here for. All else is simply an opportunity to learn more about your spirituality. You came to experience God through a human incarnation in that you, individually, intimately and personally, could come to terms with your spirituality with conviction, with faith and with understanding the beauty of God in your life.

So, view your personal color, use your white light and begin to shine that light on every area of the body, begin to shine it on your attitudes and beliefs and let those fall away. As they do, you will notice your vibrations uplift, alter, and that the vision you have of yourself dramatically changes. That is as it should be. That alteration in vision is you seeing yourself in your new spirituality. So look to that and begin to let that lead you into enlightenment, into the certainty of yourself as inseparable from God and into the joy that comes from knowing that you are so much more than this incarnation can possibly show you. You are an aspect of eternity and, as such, you are an aspect of all that is beautiful, of all that is positive and of all that is glorious.

Let those new insights permeate you and show you who you are. When you grasp them, when you grasp enlightenment for yourself, your light will be a beacon of peace, love and grace to all of mankind. This is why we are here on your planet. So many are coming, so many are uplifting, so many souls are grasping their own enlightenment and are providing beacons of light throughout your planet. As each light shines brightly, the opportunity for the alteration of your civilization becomes greater and that alteration will bring about spiritualized thinking on a global level that will allow your planet to live in peace, and understand and love one another.

Your gift of enlightenment to the world is no small thing, so be patient and loving to the self. Be persistent in your efforts to raise your vibrations and to step into the light and the knowledge that you are love, itself; that you are light, itself; that you are forgiveness, itself; that the you that ‘you’ really are is so much more than your human eyes would let you see.

So, be of good cheer, be of faith, be of perfection and do not be afraid of that. Be faithful to your belief in yourself as loved by God and know that, as that love becomes an integrated part of your view of yourself, you will give to your planet many times over the love that it strives for. So then, we offer you good cheer on your journey. We are with you through that time, through the door of enlightenment and we are greatly blessed to see each of you working toward spiritual understanding in a like-minded atmosphere. We wish you well. We wish you much joy, much peace and great abundance in your life.

We wish you well and say to you, many blessings.



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