The Buddha Consciousness Brings Awareness of Spiritual Principles to Daily Living

Understanding life, no matter what your background or social economic status, requires a change of perceptions.

"There is a circle of abundance in the Universe. But mankind has stepped away from the idea of a circle of abundance .....?? - TBC by Rev Diane Chapin

Buddha Consciousness is dedicated helping you in your personal spiritual development. This is a spiritual church offering different perceptions and expanded ideas to assist spiritual seekers. Everyone learns at their own pace so this site, over time, will be filled with a multitude of resources.

The Universal Oneness first came to the Rev. Diane K. Chapin in 1981 and became her 'channeling trainer.' They provided her with encouragement and inspiration until March, 1988, when they withdrew to allow her main guides (The Buddha Consciousness, now referred to as Quest) to connect with her. They returned in May, 1990 for a long enough period of time to author their second and last book, 'The Heart, The Pathway of Light,' in modern English. Even as the last chapters of that book were being presented, The Universal Oneness underwent an extremely rare change and returned as The Spiritual Allness. In this capacity, they stayed with her through the recording of their second book (see 'The Heart, The Pathway of Light'), and to offer very valuable services in terms of past life work and healing. (Read Universal Oneness Message)

Benefits Of This Material

  • Becoming Karma-free
  • Entering Unity Consciousness
  • Feelings Of Gratitude Become Common Experience
  • An 8th Chakra Opening Brings Tremendous Feelings Of Joy & Peace
  • Discovering Previously Unknown Psychic Abilities
  • Previous Irritating Situations Now Simply “Taken In Stride”
~Rev Don Chapin, PhD

Available Books

Books from Diane Chapin, listed in order of concept development, from The Buddha Consciousness:
- A Modern View Of God
- Living Life Radiantly
- Life Through Self Empowerment
- A Path to the Inner Self
- Life Through Creating Mastership On Earth
- Life On Schoolhouse Earth
- Spiritual Healing: A New Way to View the Human Condition
- The Light Path
- Advanced Keys For Life Management

Books from Diane Chapin, listed in order of concept development and reflecting their own in-spirit development, from The Universal Oneness:

The Spiritual Heart
(originally channeled in the “old English” vocabulary of the Edgar Cayce writings)

The Heart, The Pathway of Light (completed as The Universal Oneness was going through an energy/vibrational shift of their own)

Meditations To Evolve Your Connections

Three meditations below are Diane channeling TBC in blissful meditations. You are able to listen to them here or click the download button to save them to your device.

Abundance Meditation
Chakra Energy Meditation
Success Meditation
Your connection with your spirit guide is made through meditation.
TBC via Rev Diane Chapin

"The Essenes lifestyle expressed the inner life was to be specially developed but to remain in harmony with outer life. This made it possible to develop a higher level of experience and enter into a form of communion with the world of the spirit." -Rudolph Steiner, The Fifth Gospel