Intuition and the Development of Psychic Ability are Closely Related

Intuition and the Development of Psychic Ability are Closely Related

Mankind is destined for holiness which is the purpose of the seeming chaos that abounds. There is holiness and order in all chaos which is purposeful. It is through the understanding of the basic concept of holiness that mankind will begin to turn in the direction of God rather than the direction of negativity and greed. In all darkness there is some light. It is to be understood that we touch that which is God in us and in all things when we begin to search for the light in darkness.

This text is provided to give you light. It is the light of God that shines in the darkest of hearts, it is the light of holiness that blesses you each day. God is the answer to all your prayers. God is at the center and the root of all things known and unknown. Science looks for the theoretical answer to the creation, but creation began with the heart of God and the light of upliftment. It is through upliftment that we begin to discern that which is holy and that which is of mankind. It is ego and ignorance which leads us to consider that we can come to understand God in any human context. God is the essence of light and light is the answer to the creation. As the light of God intensified in magnificence and radiance, The Godhead created the world and all its contents to endure throughout eternity as the learning place of those who incarnate on the human plane.

The earth was created to be purposeful and filled with holiness and light but as the intellect evolved, mankind set aside the light for darkness and with it, the understanding of God and the creation.

It is our purpose to discuss with you intellect vs. intuition in this chapter. Mankind relishes reliance on the intellect and adamantly sets aside the intuitive process. Those who rely on intuition to give a broader scope to their decisions readily agree and acknowledge that their choices are sound, their decisions workable and viable. While many intellectually made choices may seem reliable they are filled with the absence of light. Light is the key to chaos and seeming lack of order in any given situation. It is the inability to see the light that blocks answers to our deepest questions and keeps our hearts desires from unfolding.

Mankind consistently turns to the negative in the process of understanding, and automatically sets aside intuition and light. Intuition in its earliest phases are felt as urges, later experienced as impartations and in its fullness, experienced as an inner knowingness as to the correctness of any given decision. When making a decision, rely on your inner feelings, fill yourself with the light of inner knowingness. Examine your decision from all aspects and shed the light of intuition on it. That is not to say that any individual should blindly rush into decisions thinking they have contacted intuition, rather, one should listen for an inner recognition as to the correctness of any given choice.

Individuals on the earth plane view choices as unspeakable acts of fate, rather than understanding the true nature of choice. Choice is the essence of life, it is the opportunity for all to create their own reality rather than enduring the stagnation which befalls those who turn away from the responsibility of making their own decisions. The inability to make decisions puts off the entrance of choice into a given life experience. The reluctance to begin to make choices turns mankind away from the opportunity to explore and develop intuition and consequently, to turn away from a closer association with their own divinity.

Intuition and the development of psychic ability are closely related. The cause of anxiety is rooted in one’s reluctance and opposition to creating their own life changes, i.e., listening to their own inner voices. Often, those most fraught with anxiety are those individuals who are most suggestible to their own inner voice of intuition. However, they turn away from this inner knowingness because they are unwilling to experience the progressive order of holiness. This willingness to see order in all chaos, be it in illness or any other negative life experience was at the basis of the Christ Consciousness.

The Christ’s ability to perceive the true nature of the universe enabled him to perform acts of healing, known as grace. Grace is at the basis of all order and purpose, whereas, negativity is at the root of all that is chaotic and purposeless. Be willing to give up darkness and you will see the light. You will see the light of God and, in so doing, you will see your own life’s purpose. It is said that all are here to reflect the Glory of God. Understand, then, that you are to reflect the light of God which is Glory.<\/p>

Rev Diane Chapin



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