Kryon Discusses Extraterrestrials

Kryon Masters,
February Feb 11,2022, 8:10 AM

(Interjection by Don Chapin: read this short authoritative piece without your ego, i.e. disregarding the uninformed opinions that Earth’s humanity reigns supreme in the Universe and this galaxy. Yes, humanity appears to be recognized as unique in ways we aren’t even conscious of, but by no means are we alone! Life, in many forms, abounds throughout the universes… we don’t even know the many life forms on this Earth, developing in physical conditions which our “experts” consider “impossible” circumstances {Ref. “Scientists Accidentally Discover Strange Creatures Under a Half
Mile of Ice,”, “Researchers only drilled through an Antarctic ice shelf to sample sediment. Instead, they found animals that weren’t supposed to be there.”} Consider – if we are eternal [soul level, not physical, as many sources, including my late wife’s guides, insist], look at humanity’s technical advances in just the last one hundred fifty years, and think how long {Hmmm, time, another artificial construct} other life forms have been able to develop. While there are many life forms… I have seen references to insectoids and cats, and have been dealing with a planet of arachnids, but there are many human/humanoid species… the Great Experiment populated Earth with four different skin colors from different planets, ‘way back when.’)

Kryon answers your questions…

“Dear Kryon, You mentioned that ET’s visit us to learn from and try to duplicate that piece of Divinity they do not have. You said that just as I am certain that I am part of the Divine, many of these ET’s are just as certain that they are NOT a part of the Divine. If our experience involves the duality of being Divine and not knowing it, what is theirs? What is it like to know for a fact you are not part of the Divine? What is their life like? Do they know joy and love? Do they have intuition?”

Don’t Humanize them! It’s time to change your perspective.

If you were blind and came upon a race of those with sight, you would not know what you were missing. You would only know that the others had a power to sense what was in the dark. You would not be able to relate to the concept of sight. So your assumption that they know they are without Divinity is incorrect. All they see is your power, and they will do anything to have it. They have no idea where it comes from, or that it has anything to do with Divinity. They don’t have any concept of Divinity and if you could explain it to them, they still wouldn’t understand it.

Many races in the Universe are simply biological for the balance of all. And many of these have no Souls (as you call them), no Divine plan, and no place in the choice of “dark and light” balance. Humans have all of these things. Some of you will say this is not fair, or may not understand how intelligence and intellect can exist without God. It can. It does, and when it sees you, it is awestruck with what you can do (things that you don’t even see in yourselves!)

Some of these beings have technology which is higher than yours, since they are much older. Do they have joy? Yes. So does your dog, right? But it is not the “joy of God.”

Do they have intuition? No. But they have intelligence and logic, much like insects do. They are NOT like you. And they are dangerous if you simply let them into your life. But they won’t have a chance to hurt you if you stand up to them with your mental force.

Dear ones, it’s time to alter your limited perception of the Universe. Does everything have to be like you? Allow for a tremendous variety of life. Look at what Earth has. Is all life on Earth the same?

Do you place upon the rodent the same attributes as the Human? What about the lion or the fish? NO. Each has a different purpose on the Planet, and you even eat some for your life’s sustenance! See the Universe in the same way. It teems with life, and there is variety beyond your imagination.

Not all Humanoids have intellect, intuition, or love. They are placed very far away from you so that you don’t have to interact with them; so that you can instead concentrate on the “business before you.”

And so it is,
— Kryon of Magnetic Service



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