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January 9, 2020

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Your calendar year 2020 had an intense beginning, with fires raging in Australia and saber rattling by leaders in Iran and the United States. In reply to your comments and questions about these situations, we shall first address the devastating bushfires.

They are not Mother Nature’s doing. Arson is involved and so is weather manipulation technology, which Illuminati minions are using to prevent heavy rains and to create gusting and shifting winds.

The operator of the respected site asked if I would speak about the fires and how lightworkers can help. I asked my mother to copy my response because prayer and visualization are applicable wherever love-light energy is needed.

At this station we see the fires raging in Australia from two vibratory perspectives—love and tragedy.

Love’s high vibrations—the outpouring of assistance to and compassion for everyone affected by the fires—are alongside the low vibrations of tragedy—the lives lost, sorrow, fear and destruction..

Dear brothers and sisters, your prayers and visualization will help this country and all of its residents, thereby easing Gaia’s sadness about the loss of her body’s many life forms.

Prayers that flow from the heart send out the high vibrations of love. It matters not what words you use—the intention of the prayer is what counts. Visualizing golden raindrops drenching Australia’s parched earth and dousing the fires also issues love’s high vibrations.

Please do not doubt your ability to manifest whatever is desired, and know that when many put forth the same loving, caring intention, the beneficial effects increase a hundredfold.

All light beings in this universe are continuously beaming love-light energy to all of Earth. Thank you, Mother.

Sabre rattling will not lead to War III or a war waged in the Middle East. Matters of longstanding throughout that region—religious vs. secular factions, invasions, enmity between Sunnis and Shiites, revenge for injustices to previous generations, male-dominated culture—are rooted in prejudices passed down from each generation to the next.

Now, energy streamers with those low-vibratory attachments are being dispersed by rising vibrations. During this “energetic unraveling” process there will be confusion, mixed emotions and very likely skirmishes as individuals and rogue groups engage in “face-saving” or vengeful terrorism. Resolution of those numerous complex situations as well as agreeable attitudes will come about incrementally as rational discussion replaces threatening rhetoric and what serves the common good replaces ill will.


The following comment, which is similar to many other readers’ comments or questions, is somewhat related to what we just spoke about. “I miss the insights that Matthew and the guides used to give us about President Obama and the unknown pressures he faced and wish we could get some guidance on this current Trump administration.”

From our vantage point, we see that President Trump, albeit unwittingly, is nudging the aforementioned Middle East situations into hastening the dispersal of streamers with dark attachments. He isn’t aware that some of his closest advisers and his ally, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, are Illuminati. Although he followed their advice to assassinate Iranian General Soleimani, he is resisting their pressure to wage war with Iran and to turn against Russian President Putin, who, along with his country, has been unjustly maligned by your controlled media.

Behind the scenes Mr. Trump is working with other influential individuals to hold the Illuminati accountable for their crimes against humanity. Other aims include revealing the truth about 9/11 and the presence of other civilizations, ending impoverishment and destruction to the planet, and ushering in a peaceful world.

We are not discounting your unfavorable and understandable views of the US president. We are

asking that you acknowledge the higher good he is serving, however unawares insofar as energy activity in the Middle East, and that you put his administration’s distressing policies into the context of what we said shortly after the 2016 presidential election:

The election outcome doomed the Illuminati’s plan to put one of their own back in the White House after eight years of having to fight a president who fought back to the extent he could.

Planetary vibrations will strengthen and advance only endeavors that best serve Earth and all her life forms; anything to the contrary cannot be long-lasting.

Hard-won rights and progress in social justice cannot be dismantled. It is not the destiny of Earth’s peoples to go backward, but to move ever forward toward peace, mutual respect, cooperation and life in harmony with Nature.

The world where life is like that and the planet is restored to health and pristine beauty—the world you are helping to create in linear time—already is vibrantly flourishing in the continuum.

Former president Obama, the highly evolved soul that agreed to go to Earth and become US president, was light-filled when he embodied and his light has not diminished one iota. Persons who recognize this truth are not fooled by the photo-shopped pictures and fabricated films disseminated by dark ones to besmirch his character.

What is true is that due to Illuminati threats to kill his family if he didn’t cooperate, he gave in to demands that he was told were nonnegotiable. One was appointing Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State and another was endorsing her in the 2016 presidential race—the threats against his family are ongoing. An example where Illuminati in Congress and beyond had their way is the Affordable Care Act. Mr. Obama had to abandon his comprehensive plan that included a single payer insurance provision and push the healthcare program designed by the heads of insurance and pharmaceutical companies. Wrinkled brow and graying hair are the physical signs of his emotional and mental struggle that required compromising spiritual and moral integrity to protect his family.

“Does Matthew remember how difficult it is here? How density, gravity, time all weigh so heavily on those who work to be light-filled but are daily assaulted by what wears us down? I believe I am a lightworker. That I am here to hold the light, be the love. I would like to believe that Matthew can see and feel and understand that the heaviness of living is crushing. One feels as if we’ve been deposited on a timeline from which there can be no escape, there is no hope of righting the wrongs. At every turn, one feels we have yet to work harder and we are already exhausted. I sent this with gratitude and with anxiety that maybe I am just not faithful enough.”

That excerpt of a lengthy email describes the feelings of the dear soul who expressed them in other ways, too, and enumerated many reasons. Other lightworkers have written much the same. Whatever any and all of you are experiencing is important to us—we love you!

Dear ones, the described feelings come from preoccupation with what you see as the state of the world. The sense that so much is wrong that ever making all of it right seems hopeless does wear down the spirit, and thinking that you have to work harder even though you’re already exhausted is a continuous energy drain. The results of those views of life are heavy because they are within third density’s limitations. The purpose of messages from us and other off-planet light beings is to help you rise above those limitations so that being a lightworker is joyous and fulfilling.

Please think how often we have said that simply by BEing the souls you are, you radiate light out into the world. Just as often we have told you that your light is awakening Earth’s peoples and inspiring them to move forward in manifesting the world they want. Probably most frequently what we say to you is, light beings throughout this universe are supporting you with the power of unconditional love all along your Earth journey.

In no way are we minimizing the discomfort and stress of depressing sensations—what we have earnestly tried to do is help you avoid or dispel them. We have advised being knowledgeable about world affairs as an observer and not enter into the drama of souls experiencing chosen karmic lessons. We have urged you to use the universal law of attraction to your benefit by

changing negative thoughts to positive, and we’ve offered numerous means to adjust more easily physically, emotionally and mentally to energy changes as Earth proceeds steadily on her ascension course. And we tell you about the light’s progress that we see from our vantage point and you cannot see from yours.

Now then, yes, all of us at this station do indeed remember world-weary feelings. Like you, we have volunteered to help civilizations mired in third density, and in the timeless continuum, those lifetimes are happening simultaneously with the bliss at this station, thus we always have awareness of them.

More so, we are inseparably connected with you and feel what you do. However, we cannot let disillusionment or despondency last long or it would adversely affect the overall frequency here—those and other low-vibratory feelings adversely affect your personal frequencies, too. And consider this: God feels the “crushing heaviness of living” in the identical measure that each and every one of his children do throughout this universe. To us that intensity is incomprehensible.

You are embarking upon a year of an exciting and occasionally bumpy ride as the light continues exposing pockets of darkness in governments, the economic sector, legal and justice systems, technologies, and corporate structures. The high vibrations that are the driving force toward peaceful negotiations also are crumbling everything that is based in dark intention. The perpetrators will try to keep those going as they need that dense energy for sustenance, but their time is up. The long reign of darkness on Earth is ending.

Beloved brothers and sisters, forge ahead with confidence and optimism. Your invaluable contributions to the light’s victory still are needed!



Suzanne Ward

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