Metaphysics versus Mysticism (Supplemented by Don Chapin in parenthetical insertions in italics)

There remains among spiritual seekers a great deal of confusion with regard to metaphysics versus mysticism, with many simply believing them to be one and the same. Practitioners of metaphysics usually see it as being higher than organized religion, while at the same time organized religions are decrying metaphysics as the work of the devil. (The truth, as I see it, is that organized religions, being top-down organized and driven by dogma, are afraid of losing members to more spiritually driven, think-for-yourself philosophies.)

There is a perfect path for every evolving soul. Those who in other lifetimes believed in nothing, may now be ready for and need the experiences of organized religion. (And, as a starting point for children, I see religion as a good intro to concepts of an unseen god or other “unseen authorities.”) Others who have outgrown the structure and discipline of organized religion find themselves open and ready for metaphysics, and a few finished with both traditions find themselves ready to move into mysticism and a consciousness of oneness.

Because metaphysics covers a vast variety of different paths, there is no one metaphysical teaching. Its openness to non-traditional practices ranging from Wicken to Druids, to psychic development causes those locked in narrow belief systems to fear it, and believe it to be evil. (Ergo, Christianity’s extreme cruelty during the Middle Ages of the Inquisition where torture and burning at the stake were so common. The problem is that, today, there are still those under the guise of “religion” that would do the same thing if they had the chance.)

New ideas, especially with regard to truth and healing always frighten those who believe they already have all the answers regarding God and the world. Narrow beliefs based in duality and separation automatically exclude anything other than what one has been told and accepted. (Moreover, humans are typically very attuned to “the familiar” and dislike any change from what they feel they “know,” even if what “they know” is artificial religion- inspired dogma.)

Metaphysics provides seekers with the essential foundation necessary for journeying into the deeper truths and its many forms offer a variety of tools and practice all geared to assist the practitioner physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Metaphysics is at its root, about manipulating and utilizing energy to change an unwanted physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual picture into a desired one which of course will vary with every individual. Manipulation of energy is achieved through the use of crystals, chants, hands on energy work, oils, sound, color, and many more modalities most of which are not generally accepted by medical or religious communities. (And the popularity of the concepts of shamanism, as a metaphysical practice shows how many people are now willing to accept a major step beyond religion.)

In the past and even today, there are those who choose to use their knowledge of energy for self serving purposes which is how the “black arts” began and is why so many decry metaphysics, believing it to be the work of the devil. Anything that can be utilized for good or for evil, represents the third dimensional belief system, one of duality and separation. (And, in my second book, “In Psychic Defense” I demonstrate such how a Black Master can use and employ such techniques… which demonstrates how powerful we ALL are in creating.) This is why metaphysics is simply a path along the way to deeper truths, and must not become a stopping point.

Metaphysics utilizes crystals, candles, chants, ceremony, drums, and many more tools in working with energy to bring about some desired result. Generally it is taught and practiced under the supervision of a Guru or teacher of the particular path. For many centuries and even now these tools have been a powerful and effective means for changing a bad picture into a good one but it is often the result of the power individuals have endowed them with.

Ancient healing temples successfully used color, sound, oils, touch, and many other modalities in combination or individually with great success. Many present day healers believe that they are introducing new healing techniques to the world, when in fact they are simply remembering prior work in the ancient healing temples. (YES! Which is my “beef” with the concept of Reiki. Reiki is a marketing term referring to an energy-handling concept that is as old as humanity itself. The Healing Earth group I moderated for three years started with a “Reiki” group that was thrilled to realize they could apply the same concept, not just on an individual, but globally and even galactically!)

When the energy of the earth became very dense, many healing techniques were hidden away. (Typically, hidden within “secret societies or fraternities.”) Now that the resonance of many has again risen to where it was when they did this work, these ancient practices, modalities, and techniques long stored in cellular memory are once again able to be re-accessed.

Mysticism is an attained state of consciousness in which an individual lives, moves, and has his being in a realization of Oneness–oneness with Source and all its expressions.. The mystic knows that because there is only One Divine Consciousness forever expressing ITSELF as…, nothing really needs changing, fixing, or healing–because everything is already complete, whole, and perfect. This truth is the evolutionary goal of every soul as all will at some point “come home” and remember who they are.

Mystical consciousness is usually attained after a person has lived within metaphysics for one or more lifetimes. When someone seems to jump into mysticism with no background of religion and very little effort, it usually means that they did the work necessary for this level of consciousness in other lifetimes. This can be delayed but never avoided for it is the truth of every individual’s being.

Problems arise when students of truth hold tightly and refuse to leave behind the tools and modalities of their particular path. These tools may have served him well along the way and thus he has come to believe that he needs them. This is especially true for teachers or healers that have built their reputation around a certain practices and modalities. (Again, the human penchant for holding on to “what’s familiar.”)

Continuing to depend upon some tool or outer practice after that state of consciousness has been outgrown will hold a spiritual student locked in an energy and belief system he is ready to move beyond thus blocking his evolutionary process. Beliefs of duality and separation tell us; “I am not whole and I need this tool or practice to make me whole” whereas the truth is; “I already am that which I seek”. (ABSOLUTELY! While I still often use crystals in my meditations, I’m VERY much aware that all that is needed  to initiate a higher-plane concept is a mental ability to generate/visualize an objective, a purpose, and apply intention and emotion to forming that objective.)

Every soul chooses the earth experience in order to learn and spiritually grow in wisdom and knowledge. The attained wisdom and knowledge must then be practiced and lived until it becomes one’s state of consciousness, at which time it can never be lost or devolve.

Evolution is simply the dedicated process of removing the self-created illusory debris one has ignorantly draped upon oneself over lifetimes in order to eventually expose the reality–the perfect expression of Divine

This does not mean that a seeker must throw away their crystals, oils, music etc that they love in order to evolve. Enjoy these things, feel their energy and use them in your work, but do it in full awareness that you do not NEED them. They are tools, helpers, helping to bring you and those you work with ever closer to the realization of “I Already Am.”

Marilyn Raffaele 1/1/2017

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