Nature, Marilyn Raffaele 4/10/17

(supplemental comments by Don Chapin at end of article)

Many continue to hold false and unenlightened beliefs regarding the natural world, justifying cruelty and dominance over the natural kingdoms as being the right of humans. This is particularly obvious with regard to the animal kingdom. These beliefs are usually justified by insisting that the bible clearly says man has dominion over all species– a grossly incorrect interpretation of words meant to imply dominion as caring for, protecting, and looking after the natural world.

In reality there is only ONE–one consciousness, one life, one mind, one reality. Thus, that ONE must be the substance from which everything is formed. Since nothing could possibly exist outside of an omnipresent ONE, the animal, plant, crystal, the devic, elemental, nature spirit kingdoms and anything having life must be in and of that ONE.

Nature in all its expression is alive, conscious, deserving and entitled to the right to live and express just as much as humans are. Even rocks have consciousness. (1) Nothing exists outside of ONE. Everything seen, heard, tasted, touched, and smelled in the third dimension is a spiritual reality, a Divine Idea, a facet of the ONE, but interpreted and translated according to the state of individual and collective consciousness.

Over time, minds conditioned with beliefs of duality and separation created the three dimensional world in which some lives have value and other lives do not, always holding the lives of self and friends as most valuable.

Native cultures from all parts of the world, understood the oneness of life, and lived for the most part with respect and in alignment with the natural world. If there was a need for skins and furs for warmth or animals meat for food, they preceded their hunts with ceremonies asking permission from God and animals willing allow themselves to be taken. Afterward there were ceremonies of gratitude to God and the animal kingdoms for the sacrifices. (2)

So called modern humans quickly relegated those living this way, in harmony with the natural world, to being ignorant savages simply because they did not adapt to the belief systems of the “more civilized”. Through the ego driven and erroneous belief that intellect and mind represent the highest measure of intelligence, pompous and “more civilized” humans categorized sacred rituals of Oneness and truth as nothing more than primitive nonsense.

Intellectuals who live only in their mind, or those who interpret every word of the bible literally reflect an un-evolved state of consciousness incapable of understanding the deeper truths because their consciousness is already filled

to capacity with self righteous concepts and beliefs about everything and anything. (3)

It is beyond time for those living on this evolving planet to realize and embrace the sacredness of all life, not just the life of themselves and their friends. Divine Life, God, Source Life, must be realized to be the life of all life. No one has or ever can give a human the right to take another’s life for pleasure, dominance, or any other reason.

Meditate on this; Since there is only ONE LIFE, whose life is taken? This is the source and bottom line regarding many karmic situations people find themselves in.

“The Lion will lie down with the Lamb” is a combination of bible quotes all inferring that as mankind evolves into a higher state of awareness, the energy that now manifests on earth as killing, maiming, and hunting will no longer exist. This old energy is based entirely in false beliefs of duality and separation carried from lifetimes when an ignorance of truth was the dominant state of world consciousness and survival was its main focus.

This is why there are movements encouraging vegetarian diets. It is not so much health awareness as it is the dawning of a new world consciousness, one that realizes that all life is sacred.

Animals have consciousness. Animals reincarnate. Animals evolve. They are not “soulless beasts” available to be used and misused for the pleasure of humans. They too are on earth for a reason and serve in their own ways.(4) They heal, they love, they absorb negative energies, and are our brothers and sisters.

As more and more individuals come to understand ONENESS and allow it to become their attained state of consciousness, the world’s ability to see and communicate more fully with the natural world will become ordinary.

Trees have always and will continue to speak silently to anyone willing to be quiet, receptive, and listen.(5)(6) Animals speak intuitively as well as vocally and can easily be understood by those open to it. It is only as individuals move beyond concepts of separation from the natural kingdoms, that they will be able to hear what is being said. All natural kingdoms are speaking but mankind in his arrogance is not listening.

All seeking to spiritually evolve must come to accept that human life is not the only life of value.

One Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient life expressing ITSELF in infinite form and variety.

Supplemental comments

(1) This was clearly demonstrated to me when I went through the hoodoo- filled Amphitheater in Bryce Canyon, S. Utah. Native Americans “felt” the presence of “beings” in the hoodoos… and they were correct! I sensed the consciousness of each hoodoo, in addition to the consciousness of the rock as a part of Earth. As humans form of earthly materials and return to that state after a life so the hoodoos acquire a “separate” consciousness as they are forms by the elements and eventually crumble to return to earth.

(2) Very definitely. There might be differences in the practices, but cultural anthropologists all over the globe have documented that general process among indigenous people.

(3) Religions, in general, have misinterpreted the “dominion over all species” concept as mentioned in the first paragraph and the result is typically disastrous for earth and her inhabitants. Additionally, militarization induces the concept that “the foe/the perceived enemy, etc.” is not even human, therefore to be treated as a godless being.

(4) Domestic animals, in particular, function as teachers to us “more advanced” humans by clearly demonstrating love, loyalty and the advantage of “living in the moment.” Each time I outlive a dog and acquire a new one, I find an “animal communicator” that can help translate that animal’s history the “house rules” of his/her new abode. Understand that, to the animal, many of your house rules are arbitrary and nonsensical, but they are very willing to abide by them.

Also, if you acquire a “replacement” animal very soon after the demise of the one that you’re replacing, don’t be too surprised if the old and replacing animal (assuming the same or similar species) demonstrates some unusually similar traits and habits.

(5) While I don’t acknowledge animal communication abilities any more than tree communication, one peak experience in particular convinced me of global tree communication.

(6) Also, during my days as a Healing Earth group moderator, if the cooperation of the global trees was warranted for the weekly meditation, I’d go up to an older tree and ask specifically for their cooperation. Invariably, I’d not only “hear” an affirmative response, but in a manner indicating joyousness at a human requesting such cooperation.

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