We are a very uplifted aspect of the historical Buddha, a vast consciousness making itself available to you through our vehicle, the Rev. Diane K. Chapin. She is our only representative on earth and will remain so throughout her life in that capacity. Our consciousness is so vast and our energies so extensive that she channels a particle of all that we are. Nevertheless, through all the information we have made available over during our work with her, lives have been changed.

We have come to provide you with new ideas using simple, fast and effective techniques you can use every day to create the life you want. The material we are offering to each of you is a gift we hope will also make your life richer and far more fulfilling. How change comes about is not all that mysterious. True change can only come as you begin to understand and have insight into your relationship with yourself.

As we look into your hearts, we see so much beauty! Our devotion to you and to your planet is demonstrated as we teach new principles explaining how you personally view your daily lives through your thoughts, actions, words and deeds. As you build a new relationship with yourself, you will find that you love yourself more, trust yourself more, and consequently positive spiritual energy is released into your life. And, as you achieve expanding inner peace, so too, will your planet gradually become more peaceful.

All over your planet Earth, Spirit is making itself more widely available. Our purpose is to assist you in your growth in many ways. We come in light, love and peace, and offer you our blessings as you step into the next phase of your life. Even though it may not always seem true, your planet is on the brink of great spiritual change. We offer you an opportunity to participate through your own spiritual development. As you open your heart to God’s love for you, you change your world.

Blessings and great peace to you as you bring light to your life and your planet.

The Buddha Consciousness and, later, Quest



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