Spiritual Tools: Vibrational Attunement and Color

We greet you. As we have hinted at in previous chapters, we are going to speak on vibrational attunement and color. What we are going to address is the spirituality of vibrational attunement through one’s personal color.

What we would like to say before we really begin is that the Universe is a mass of color, as all things are energy. What we see is a range of colors that is extensive and we live, literally, in light. Not only are we light, but we live in light, we utilize light and we are the light experience itself. In other words, as you attune yourself to your personal vibratory rate, you are attuning yourself to the use of your own vibrational energy. All things are energy and light. As energy and light flow through you, you are attuned not only to yourself, but with every color, every aspect, every ray of the Universe. In other words, you become one with the All, one with the Universe and one with your deepest self, which is called God.

Therefore, our recommendation to attune to (your) personal color goes beyond the idea of merely refreshing yourself, nourishing yourself or gaining a momentary pick- up. What we are talking about is spiritually attuning yourself to the wisdom and knowledge of the Universe through using color.

Color can be used under many more and different circumstances than we have previously discussed. Personal color is only one of the attributes of the universal unfoldment of color. When you visualize color, you are automatically asking for the best solution to all your problems. This is a ‘given’ when one works with light and energy. There are different vibrational states that man would perceive, but since all things are in Spirit, in reality, there is only one vibration and that is spirituality.

The highest color you can meditate on for your planet, is white. It is the color of love, of God, and indicates deep upliftment and a certain awareness of self as Spirit. The white light is the light of Spirit, itself, for it includes all other colors and is singular in its vibration. It is the closest that you will see through your human eyes to that you call God. In other words, all things vibrate to the white light or to the One.

Use your personal color, but use other colors to benefit your day. Understand that red is the color of vivacity, aliveness, depth of soul, compassion and support. Use an orange or yellow color to uplift yourself… to give yourself a special gift of refreshment.

While these colors are both energy lifters or energizers, yellow is used much more than orange for this purpose. Also, while orange is less disturbing than red, yellow is a bit more harmonious than orange.

When we say to use these colors, we truly mean to sit back, to reflect and allow yourself the opportunity to literally become that color. Recognize that, at the time you are in such a meditation, you are vibrationally tuning yourself.
See yourself as a tuning fork and know that you are literally vibrating to the color you see. As those vibrations penetrate the spirit, the body, the soul, you are uplifting yourself beyond your heart problems, beyond illness, and you are truly in alignment with what is correct. You are then seeing reality as it is rather than as a collection of molecules and ‘particles’ held together for your convenience. You are seeing the light of reality.

Pink, rose, violet, and possibly even purple are heart colors, the colors of love. If there are difficulties in your life in terms of love, visualize pink and rose tones. Know that, as you do these color visualizations, you are cleansing your light, uplifting your energy and bringing yourself into the perfection of the moment of Spirit and of God.

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