Spiritual: Understand You Are Living Energy

Spiritual: Understand You Are Living Energy

Blessings. We have previously spoken of love as the primary tenant of self-empowerment along with the aspect of loving yourself as a spiritual being, rather than loving yourself through ego and self aggrandizement. It may be confusing to understand what it means when we say ‘love yourself as a spiritual being.’

The elements that compose a spiritual being are those things that are seen and unseen. A spiritual being is not someone that is special or any different than you are. Rather, a spiritual being is eternal, as you are. A spiritual being is an individual expression of the energy, love, creativity and light of God, as you are… and a spiritual being is energy itself.

Because you live in a physical body as human beings, your experience of your individual spiritual expression can feel limited. As difficult as this is to understand, limitation is a concept that can be replaced with the new concept of yourself as energy and light, which is the way we see you. Because you are energy, your thoughts, attitudes, desires and feelings, projected into the Universe, return to you as form and as the creation of those things in your life you have consciously and unconsciously asked for.

Without understanding yourself as living energy, it is easy to think of yourself as separate from others and separate from the world, rather than connected to others, to your world and to other dimensions through the Divine Energy hat composes your eternal being. It is through this belief of separation from yourself and from others that you feel free to express your thoughts in negative and positive ways. But the realization of your connectedness to all things should teach you the necessity for positive expression in every area of your life.

Thoughts, actions, feelings, attitudes, words and deeds are discussed in our first book “Living Life Radiantly” and is referred to in most of our other material. But what is important to understand is that you are ALWAYS expressing, consciously or unconsciously, your desires and your feelings about things. Your feelings are expressed to the Universe as energy and are returned to you in form. Understand that how you feel about things is how you access energy. You do this continuously. There are other steps, but the truth is that you are accessing energy and creating your life based upon your deep feelings about things. You may consciously BELIEVE a certain way, but you may FEEL differently about your beliefs and you may be expressing opposites to the Universe.

Many individuals operate on beliefs that were given to them as children, or, later, by others. But their feelings and attitudes about those beliefs and the circumstances of their lives is projected with energy, because feelings are those things that you express every day with emotion, whereas beliefs are those things that are often intellectual.

It is very important, then, to understand that all of your concepts, ideas, beliefs, attitudes and thoughts comprise the energy called your life. Because you are energy, you are fluid, you are always in motion, you are always creating. You are always expressing as human beings, but you must determine from what platform you are expressing yourself and in what way you are asking the Universe for things. If you are accessing your feelings from deprivation, unhappiness, lack, sorrow, or conflict, those are the forms that will be presented to you in your life. However, if you are accessing your request from love, an understanding of yourself as a spiritual being comprised of light and energy, comprised of the divinity of God… if you understand that and express your feelings in positive, creative, fulfilled ways that will reproduce itself in your life as positive expression and you are accessing energy properly.

Understanding yourself as energy is fundamental to living spiritually because you are responsible for your feelings, your concepts, understandings and beliefs. YOU are responsible on the DEEPEST LEVEL and you also have the opportunity to change those things.

It is also essential to understand that this process, although requiring alertness, does not have to be so terribly difficult. What is difficult is the initial break- through to loving yourself fully and operating as a spiritual being from every challenge, from every joy and from every moment of your life. The difficult thing is to begin to feel that, because you have created negativity, there is no way out or that the task is too large to control your thoughts. In fact, it IS difficult if you approach yourself in that way. But, if you approach alterations of your feelings from a point of love and if, when you fall away from that, you return, you will find that your thoughts, in and of themselves, improve every day, until you are creating out of your feelings and your understanding of the energies that comprise your feelings, more positive expressions in your life.

Rev Diane Chapin: Life through Self Empowerment



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