Greetings to each and every one of you and salutations on the day that we feel is such a special day on your planet, for, indeed, we are going to be speaking on the unification of the world.

The reason we regard today as so special is that we feel, from our vantage point looking down upon your planet, surrounding and enveloping your planet in love, we truly feel that today is the beginning of the rest of the life of this planet. We see such great changes taking place, such thoughts of world peace, such considerations of love in the hearts of so many and such upliftment, that we are in deep gratitude for the efforts that humanity is putting forth.

The topic at hand, the unification of the world is about the spiritual unification of the world. We feel that many souls are beginning to understand the concept not only of world peace, but of world citizenship, of world belonging, of the issues of mankind, humankind, rather than the individual issues that concern us every day. For the individual issues, if they are given over to Spirit will take care of themselves, as will the greater issue of world unification.

World unification is about the concept of unification with Spirit in the heart of each soul. That is to say that, as you uplift your vibration, as you extend your thoughts of peace and love to others, as you begin to grow in your hearts, so does the planet, itself, begin to expand its consciousness, to uplift its belief systems and its collective understanding of God and its concept of beauty in the world. So, world unification is really about the collective understanding of God, which is to say that aspect of Spirit which flows through you, which is you and which is comprised of all eternity, of all things that have been, all things that are, and, certainly, all things that will be. The collective understanding of God is beginning to uplift so that there is a unified attitude on the planet of what Spirit is, rather than a variety of different beliefs that break down the concept of unity from soul to soul.

We are not here just to bring about world peace, we are not here just to uplift the planet; no, we are here for the greater purpose of presenting the concept of God as a concept of perfection, grace and unity. That is, unity of the planet, unity of mind, body and Spirit and unity of the concept of self as spiritual and everlasting. So, our purpose in meeting with the public is to begin to change your attitudes about yourself and about the concept of spirituality, which is the nature of God.

Spirituality lives and exists in the hearts, minds and molecules of every living thing throughout the dimensions. When we speak of unification of Spirit, we are speaking of being unified with dimensions beyond your conceptualization. We are speaking of being unified with the Universe and with All-That-Is, with the magnificance that flows through you. The collective understanding of God is about opening your eyes to the reality of your lives, which is the beauty, the graciousness and the upliftment that flows through you individually.

So, unification of the planet begins with you. Unification of the planet proceeds each day bit by bit, as you individually make your contribution to the world. Unification of the planet will take place as souls begin to set aside their need to confine God into a specific belief system and to begin to let Spirit fulfill them, uplift them, unfold itself, express itself and fill the consciousness with its reality.

If things are missing in your life, it is because you are not filling your consciousness with the reality of God. If things are missing on the planet, it is because the collective understanding of God is lacking the fulfillment of the Consciousness, which is of God and Spirit. In other words, the unfoldment of the world is not taking place at times because the collective understanding is limiting what Spirit really is.

Spirit is everything. Spirit is what we call the All. That is beyond the concept of God. The All comprises all that there is and beyond that, for, if there is infinity, then God cannot be contained. God cannot be understood in the limited sense of the human mind. To grasp God is to limit God. God is to be allowed to flow through your life, to flow through your planet and to unfold in your heart. Unfoldment is about the activity of Spirit in your life, fulfilling your every need. Unfoldment is about the activity of Spirit in exploration.

Understanding God is a venture in exploration. It is an opportunity for you to look deeply within yourselves and see what new avenues open up, what new ideas come forth, what new concepts of beauty and grace and peace begin to envelope you. Exploration of space is a most worthy objective, but the exploration of the inner realm cannot be expressed too much as a viable means of bringing about world unification through these next years. As souls begin to explore the inner realm, as they begin to change the collective understanding of Spirit and begin to stop limiting God, they will find that the inner exploration is more magnificent, more uplifting and far more striking than anything that is imaginable, even in space. For all that is of creation is an aspect of you.

So, you have within your heart and your power the opportunity to understand the nature of creation, the nature of God, the nature of All-There-Is. But this understanding must take place through inspiration, through intuition, through your heart, your feelings and your senses, rather than through the ego and the mind. For ego and mind tend to want to limit God to a certain time, date and place… to a certain avenue in your life, rather than letting God unify you with self, with others and with the collective understanding of Spirit that is taking place on your planet.

Unification of the world is about the spiritual revolution that is taking place and beginning on this date, on this very special date in the history of your world. We say, continue to watch the news. Continue to see what is happening and you will see an unfoldment of spiritual understanding that is to come that is quite striking through all of the avenues and all of the demands for freedom and peace that are taking place. The undercurrent is an understanding of the freedom of the soul. Through the undercurrent of all that is taking place on your planet is the need to express God individually in your life.

Unification of the world is going to bring about a concept of understanding from one soul to the other that has never before existed on the planet. It is going to bring about a concept and understanding from the heart of mankind to the Universe, which needs to take place so that each of you will be truly connected every day as you walk through your lives with the dimensions that now seem so far away. You will find there is no need for you to actually do anything except continue to uplift yourself, that your understanding of others in the world begins to grow. You will be surprised and amazed at how your heart looks to others and sees the beauty in them, how your soul expresses itself to other souls around the planet. And all of this is taking place because of the collective understanding and attitude that is beginning to occur on your planet in regard to the nature of God.
So, all souls will begin to experience what you will be experiencing, all religions, creeds and colors, all souls. This is why we are here, to benefit the planet in broad strokes and steps… to bring about the understanding of each of you walking in the way of mastership, of each of you opening your very psyche, your soul and your heart to a greater understanding of the magnificance of Spirit and to let that Spirit, which is truly God, which is beyond the limited understanding of mankind, flow through you uninhibited, blessing the planet as it does so and uplifting your planet with a sense of unity that is going to be most striking. And that is going to be of great benefit to the planet, for then the world will begin to function as an aspect of inter-galactic peace and an aspect of the Universe, rather than as a planet that conceptualizes itself as all there is.

As the understanding of God takes place, so does the understanding of all that truly exists and all that is unseen and unheard of, become known. So the unification of the planet is a very striking concept and, we say, it is beginning to take place. Take note and above all, let that uninhibited Spirit of God flow through you. Do not put constraints on who and what Spirit is. And as you do this, you will find the benefits of your life begin to reveal themselves, the details of your lives will begin to take care of themselves and solutions will reach their highest spiritual conclusion. This is what unification of the world is about: All solutions for world problems reaching their highest spiritual conclusion and mankind living as a unified blessing to all dimensions, to all the aspects of the Universe, throughout all time.

Let God express itself to you. Let God tell you who God is. Let God become you and let that unification of the self, that integration of the self with Spirit, that acknowledgement of Spirit that is part of you, uplift every aspect of the planet and bring about the world unity and the continuation of this movement that we see so clearly today. Know that we are so grateful to have an opportunity to inform you and to express to you the nature of the changes that are taking place. Indeed, the world changes are most striking, but begin to look for the aspect of God that flows through all of these changes, the unity of God that is coming to your planet and the collective understanding of the true nature of Spirit as an aspect of you… and as more than can be grasped by the human mind as the creator, as magnificance and as, indeed, the solution to all problems. Begin this day, then, to live in harmony with the self and let that harmony express itself in its magnificance to your brothers and sisters on the planet, to bring about the striking change that we see coming.

So, be uplifted and let the energy, vibrancy and nature of God be you. Let your lives reflect that and let your heart and soul bless every other soul on the planet. Let this be your way, let this be your calling, let your life be a living blessing to you and to every soul in which your presence is touched and felt.

Look to the news, then look to your heart for a true understanding of the spiritual unification of your planet. Know that you are living in one of the most historically exciting times that your planet has ever seen and that it is a great blessing to be incarnated on your planet at this time.
So, we will depart. We are most pleased by your participation in the spiritual upliftment of your planet and by the beauty and grace that we see in your hearts.

Blessings to you, peace in your hearts and let that understanding of God, the true nature of God, reveal itself to you every moment of every day.
Blessings then, blessings.

(Note that, from this particular time in 1993, a surprising series of positive events began to be occurring… of positive “firsts,” even as those events also increased, signifying a backlash against this “new order” or new energy flow that was bringing such change to the world.)

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