Spirituality is Meant to be a Living Aspect of Your Life

Let us begin by saying that spirituality is meant to be a living aspect of your life. Also, our material is to be viewed as a body of information… in other words as a life style, a way of living, a way of viewing yourself and others and, more importantly, as a way of letting the spiritual influence of God direct your life, rather than having your life subjugated to will and ego.

The question arises, “Why set ego aside?” If you were given ego and will, what is the purpose of setting them aside? The major purpose of beginning to work through the issue of ego is to eliminate personal selfishness in your life.

The ego is centered upon itself, primarily upon its own needs, desires and very often, its own closed eyes to things. In letting go of ego, and behind ego the willfulness that you will have things your own way, you begin to give up personal selfishness. In other words, you give up the idea that your every expectation must be met.

In letting go of ego, of giving up personal selfishness and willfulness, you begin to be a conduit of Spirit. As such, you are provided information through your higher self, through creativity, inspiration and intuition. As you begin to assimilate the information that comes to you, then you are continuously acting in a direct and purposeful course for your highest good.

Ego is not concerned with your highest good, but with expectations and selfishness.

Highest Good comes to you in whatever form is best for you. Now, we have taught you to speak your word, to be uplifted in thoughts, actions, words and deeds. How does that work if you are setting aside ego?

The personality is always creating. As a human being, you are creating your circumstances and life with every word you speak, every breath you take and every idea you have. You are putting this information out to the Universe with great force.

If you speak of something often enough, you are going to bring it about. However, if you speak your word with ego and will pushing out that information, then you are blocking the possibilities of Highest Good, you are stipulating just how this information is to be returned to you, how your life should be and you are limiting yourself.

The Buddha Consciousness via Rev Diane Chapin



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