As Thanksgiving approaches each of you now has the opportunity to take stock of what you have in your daily lives to give thanks for. How many of you stop at stop at that point? Most do, however, Thanksgiving gives you a special opportunity to recognize yourself as a spiritual being and to live each moment of your life differently.

As a spiritual being, how then should you live your life? In truth, as a spiritual being, you have many resources at your disposal every day. Your first and most important step is the recognition of yourself as At-One with all possibilities and to open your heart to the good that is set before you every day.

Recognition of your spiritual beingness begins then with your own personal inner development and willingness to see yourself as significant in the grand scheme of things. That is, to understand that each of you, through your recognition of your own spirituality, has the opportunity to not only uplift yourself but those around you.

Abundance is NEVER created out of a consciousness filled with lack. Rather, abundance is created out of your recognition of your own spirituality and your willingness to accept, recognize and give thanks for what is yours… your ever-increasing ability to expand your consciousness and consequently, your spirituality. Through this recognition, you open the door to living from your heart, listening to your intuition and creating the life that your heart tells you is your true path… your Path of Light through Giving Thanks for what you have today and your willingness to expand and open your heart to the true gifts of spirituality: Joy, abundance and well being.

You begin, then, exactly where you are at the beginning of the day, by opening your heart to the day that unfolds before you and giving thanks for the blessing of life. This is a simple expression of thanks to the universe that you can do before you even get out of bed.

Take a moment to send your spiritual light out before you as you as you prepare for the day. Visualize yourself as a being filled with light, attracting all things positive to you. As you give thanks for the day that is unfolding before you, as you do such a simple task as brushing your teeth, take a moment to open your eyes to the truth that you are a being of light, spiritual in nature and that, within you, all possibilities exist. Release your negative thoughts and let them be returned to you as positivity, filling your life with the expression and recognition of your truth… that, since you are spiritual by nature, so then is everything else. With this recognition, you can begin to see through the human perception of the world to the spirituality of your blessings as well as your challenges.

Begin to see your challenges as opportunities for growth, and try approaching them from an open heart, rather than a heart that is closed to positive outcomes by fear and negativity. Turn your challenges over to their highest positive outcome for all and then give thanks for the creative solutions that you know will appear through your intuition.

Be creative in your spirituality every day of your life through the daily expression of giving thanks and see how the positive events in your life begin to multiply. Now you are entering into the multiplicity of possibilities. That is, experiencing yourself as an aspect of All-That-Is and All-That-Is-Possible. Limitation is a human condition that is created through the negative belief that there is a separation between you and your good. There is not. You are a living aspect of creativity. And through that creativity and recognition of yourself as a spiritual being, you can begin, today, living the life you long for… one filled with possibilities, prosperity and well being.

But you are the key, you must begin to unlock the door to your own creative spirituality by taking a few moments each day to live your spirituality, by giving thanks, by recognizing your own spiritual significance and, more importantly, by being willing to listen to the messages your heart has for you.

So let this Thanksgiving be the first of many to come in which you give special thanks for the creative possibilities and the abundant table set before you, and begin today to live your own creative spirituality as a daily expression of thanks for all that is truly yours.

~Rev. Diane Chapin

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