The Arcturian Group Message 5/31/20

MAY 31,2020

Welcome to our message, dear readers.

Many at this time are in need of support and comfort as they experience situations seemingly generated by world conditions but which in fact are expressions of their own consciousness–experiences chosen as necessary for growth or simply the presence of three dimensional energy. Trust that all experiences are facets of a person’s spiritual awakening process. In the bigger picture, there are no accidents.

Most suffering arises from fear, the belief that everything in ones life must follow certain concepts of how things must be, and if they aren’t “bad” things will happen. Concepts of “rightness” effect relationships, employment, health, and all facets of daily living. Your media and leaders continue to promote these things not always to cause fear, but because they themselves fear and believe these concepts. Most of them are completely unaware of the evolutionary process that is taking place in the world.

Fear locks individuals to a mindset in which they are unable to see, comprehend, or even imagine expanded ideas. Fear arises from the belief that one is separate from one’s good whether that good is needed or wanted. Those who live from a consciousness of fear are unable to see any way out of personal problems and often turn to crime or violence as a solution. Fear also may feed a person’s thinking and decision making with so many possible negative outcomes that they become frozen, unable to make any move.

It is a normal to experience fear occasionally. You have all lived many lives where your survival depended upon fear. These things remain in cellular memory until cleared. When you experience fear do not deny, resist, or try and make it go away with various techniques, spiritual or otherwise. Rather acknowledge it as an important tool but one that you no longer need in the Light of your new awareness.

You are the Higher Power that so many speak of and pray to and it is time to fully accept this. There is nor has there ever been a Power somewhere manipulating the strings of human puppets. The days of praying to some faraway male God in the sky, attending church or performing actions and ceremonies in order to please or get God’s attention, must end once a person knows the true nature of God.

We are not saying you must never attend some ceremony or go to church if you enjoy these things. We are saying only to do them with full awareness that they will not nor can they bring you any closer to God than you already are and in fact your evolved state of consciousness will add more Light to them.

Most are not yet spiritually prepared to understand this, but you who are drawn to these messages are. You have moved beyond the religious and metaphysical steps that brought you to where you are spiritually at this time. You have done the work and are prepared to understand that you and all who attain a consciousness of truth are the ones creating the new world, one that resonates on a higher dimensional level.

This is what ascension is all about, the evolution of world consciousness through the evolution of personal consciousness and never the result of finding the “perfect” politician, guru, friend, teacher, extraterrestrial, prayer, location, or ceremony.

Nothing is going to be exactly as it was before because consciousness is evolving. You are being told by three dimensional thinkers and those who dislike change that everything must return to the way it was before but this cannot happen because consciousness which forms itself as the outer, is rapidly integrating higher dimensional frequencies. People are waking up and beginning to see that indeed the Emperor has no clothes.

Some jobs are going to change or simply disappear. Try not to see this as a negative thing but rather as necessary in order for new and better ways to manifest. Be open to the new in all aspects of life but do not expect changes to come in a moment, for new ideas can only manifest as the consciousness of humanity opens to them. There will be resistance, but higher and better ways of functioning can and will take place in business, health, politics, religion, education etc. as allowed.

The human mind is an avenue of awareness interpreting everything according to the conditioning present in individual or collective consciousness. This is why several people may witness the same thing but each will interpret it differently. Divine Mind contains no conditioning. IT is infinitely aware only of the Self sustained, Self maintained completeness of ITSELF because nothing else exists.

At some point of every person’s evolutionary journey there comes a time at which they must really accept the truth of ONE and that that ONE is the reality of their own being. They must cease considering truth to be “airy fairy”, impractical, and un- attainable, otherwise they can and will not move beyond their present level of awareness by virtue of the fact that they are keeping themselves locked in outgrown state of consciousness.

It is time to fully, completely, and honestly examine your life, your decisions, your choices, and your belief system not with judgement and criticism but rather with the love and understanding that comes from knowing that every person is only capable of living out from their highest attained level of consciousness.

Remember this as actions you may have taken in the past fill you with shame, guilt, or remorse when seen with new insight. Know that everyone, self included, is doing the best they can with where they are at. This is how you learn to love yourself which is imperative if you are to accept the reality of ONEness. Even the murderer thinks he is somehow making things better.

Examine what you learned, still need to learn, and how you grew from the most painful experiences of your life. Ask yourself; “What was I believing at that time that made me feel, respond, or act this way? Do I still believe the same? In the light of what I now know, are these beliefs true?” These questions are important tools that only you can use and which can help you become more aware of what you still hold in consciousness.

Nothing you ever do, say, or think can make you more loveable and worthy of good than you already are. You are expressions of the one Divine Consciousness and nothing can or will ever change that. If or when emotions of judgement, criticism, and self loathing surface as old energy surfaces, know that it is a sign you are graduating and moving beyond the old concepts and beliefs that created them in the first place and which you have carried in cellular memory for centuries.

Bless all emotions as they arise for they are your teachers and bless the fact that you understand what is taking place for there remain many going through clearings who do not. Be grateful as you realize that you are spiritually ready to rid yourself of all that no longer serves your highest good regardless of how physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually uncomfortable the process may be.

There is so much taking place that you are not aware of and are not being told about by the media. Stop attempting to find answers to everything taking place for the human mind simply cannot give you the answers you seek. Begin to live out from your true nature, relying upon the fact that completeness lies within and will manifest outwardly as what is needed if allowed.

Take frequent breaks to be silent and rest in the Divinity of your own Being as you go about your day regardless of where you are. This can be just a moment that only you know about. Allow your Divine Self to live your life in all the seemingly ordinary activities for all activity is spiritual. There is no such thing as the “profane” versus the “spiritual” as many religions teach. There is only One Infinite Divine Consciousness expressing ITSELF as infinite form and variety.

We are not saying to throw up your hands while declaring “God is all!” when situations arise that need addressing on a three dimensional level for that would simply be pretending to a state of consciousness not yet attained. We are saying that in these intense times of confusion and fear for so many, do not lose sight of the fact that the one Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient Divine Consciousness is and always has been the only power and reality.

Many believe that earth and everything on it is illusion. Earth, its people, and all forms of life are not and never have been illusion. It is the false interpretations of minds conditioned by beliefs of duality and separation that constitute illusion.

Begin to look deeper and see everything through eyes of truth rather than judging by appearances. Begin to trust that the I of you knows what you need, when you need it, and how to get it to you. Some of what you need may not be pleasant according to three dimensional standards but may be necessary for spiritual growth. This is where trust comes in.

Once you seriously begin a spiritual journey (this choice is often made on a subconscious level) the journey intensifies and the “train leaves the station” often going in directions you did not expect or even want.

You are in physical form at this time because you chose to be here. You were well aware of the difficulties you would encounter when living in the lower frequencies of the third dimension but you chose to come anyway in order to complete your own journey as well as to add light and assistance to others in a world struggling through the powerful energies of dimensional ascension.

Your moment has arrived and if things are not what you expected personally or globally, allow these concepts to drop away and simply allow, trust, and acknowledge I AM.

We are the Arcturian Group 5/31/20



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