Greetings, salutations and blessings. Blessings to each of you. We are The Buddha Consciousness and we are here with you today to uplift you, attune you and to bring you a message about beauty in the life.

We are speaking, today, of the message that can be phrased in a sentence that is so familiar to many of you on your planet who received it as children, “as within, so without.” That is to say that the eternal beauty of your soul can be manifested as on a screen. That is, the projection of your thoughts reflects what is upon the inner plane and where your thoughts, actions, words and deeds lie.

The word today is beauty. The word today is to express, from the inner level, the feelings of joy and love of God throughout your days and nights. Let it imbue your mind. So many of you, as we look upon your lights and we see what is within you and what is in your hearts, reflect great joy as love and beauty. For some of you these are only fleeting occurrences and, for others, they last longer. But what happens is that the earth plane does not encourage you to let that joy out, to let it shine and be a beacon of light to others. Rather, the demeanor of the earth plane tends to be one of circumspectness, of approaching each day with a certain amount of caution, of expressing yourself in a way that is considered acceptable to others. This, for civilization’s sake, is appropriate.

What we would like you to do is to make an adjustment in the way you see yourself. This is the most important thing you can do, begin to see yourself as a spiritual being living through the beauty of your life, rather than the trouble or the sorrow of your life. Live from that inner level of expression that is expressing God every day through your mouth, your actions to others and the look of joy that is in your eyes. Let that out. Let the light of the heart shine forth. As you look upon a day of majesty and beauty, realize that God provided such a day as an example to you of what is within you. It is an example of the perfection, radiance, balance and gleaming beauty that is truly you. When you look upon a starlight night, know that is an aspect of you, flowing through you.

The eternity of beauty must be experienced in the life to fully express what the soul has to offer. When we say ‘eternity of beauty,’ we are speaking in terms of light, frequency and vibration. The Universe is composed of energy, light and brilliance. What we see would blind your eyes. What we live with in Spirit is a harmonious expression of vibration, light and energy which all comes together in the majesty that you know as God. But that is part of you: That majesty, that wonderment, that beauty. As human beings, you have an opportunity to let your beauty shine through your face, your eyes, flowing out the chakras of your palms and blessing others.

The Masters that walked the earth had uncovered the beauty of their soul for all to see. This is much of the reason they were called Masters, for they uncovered the beauty of their soul and others could look upon it and be greatly blessed. Some were healed, all were attuned. You too, have an opportunity to uncover the beauty of your own soul and let it shine for others to see as an expression of yourself, as an aspect of God and as an expression of your love of God. This is the greatest gift you can give your planet and those of us who live among the lights. Indeed, when your light shines, our light becomes intensified and uplifted as well, for all energy is reciprocal. Everything flows in continuity and grace and so, as you uplift, so do we. As your beauty extends itself, so does ours.

As you express beauty on your planet, you are participating in a blessing of world peace. We are here so much for that purpose, to teach the law of cause and effect and to teach that, through your thoughts, actions, words and deeds you can alter the life experience. And, as you alter your inner life experience, as you begin to express, from the soul out, the joy and the beauty that is within you and part of you, you alter the heart of humankind. That is to say, you are altering the lives of others on your planet because, through your vibrational upliftment, others uplift, through your vibrational upliftment we uplift and through your vibrational attunement, all are blessed.

So, the beauty that is within your heart, the beauty that is within your soul, must express itself. How is that done? Now that we have told you what you must do, let us tell you a little bit about how to do it. The basic tenant of expressing beauty in the life is to begin to cleanse the self. That is done by forgiveness, by forgiving the self of all thoughts, actions, words and deeds that were unkind, selfish, self-centered and unloving. Not only must you forgive the self, but, as you begin to let your old hurts and old wounds and ideas float out of you through a daily meditation on forgiveness, so, too, should you forgive your circumstances, those things that you feel that you cannot change. Because as you realize, through the cleansing of forgiveness, that circumstances can be altered through your thoughts, so, too, must you forgive those circumstances that you feel uncomfortable and unhappy about.

As you begin to let all your old feelings, fears and circumstances begin to wash away, as you begin to look upon yourself as a being of light, your light begins to emanate and shine. That is what keeps many souls on your planet living in circumspectness, the feelings they have about themselves crowding in and blotting out the light. Let the light shine, let your light shine through, let God’s light bathe you and bless you and know that, as you do this, the soul begins to expand, expressing itself, and the heart opens to new circumstances, positivity and ideas.

Creativity and ideas are part of intuition and are flowing through you at every moment of every day. So, at each moment you have an opportunity to change your life for the better and to express your own beauty perfectly through the activities of forgiveness, cleansing and viewing your personal color. This is achieved simply by viewing your color in meditation for two to three minutes a day.

Personal color may be received simply by asking. When a color consistently presents itself for a period of five to seven days, then you know that you are in visual touch with that vibration which is the spiritual you, which is your own beautiful emanation of Spirit. At that time, you are visualizing the inner beauty of the self in the form of a color and you are uplifting yourself to that point each day that allows you to see the inner being. How many of you have an opportunity to do that in your daily lives? Each of you has an opportunity to view the inner self, the inner light, that inner beauty, by looking to your personal color. This beauty can be expressed and increased through forgiveness and by beginning to look at the light through the third eye.

Begin to open your third eye, begin to be very practical about that. As you open your third eye, you will find that your intuition and your sense of wonder at life begins to increase. As the wonder for life increases (as you had when you were a child), spontaneity begins to unfold, ideas start to flow forth and, lo and behold, the life begins to change. More than that, the inner beauty that is within you begins to express itself through that wonderment, joy and upliftment that you are experiencing. Others see that, by your example, spirituality is a living tool.
Use your spiritual tools. Use what is given to you. Know that each aspect of beauty that you see in the life, whether it is a beautiful day, a beautiful person, a beautiful moment in your own life, was given to you as a reminder of the beauty of your own soul… your soul that is an aspect of purity and attunement with God. This lives within you to be uncovered, expressed and shared with others on your planet.
So go with open eyes and look at the day at hand. Know that spectacular beauty is you reflected in the day that you are visualizing. That beauty belongs to you individually and personally and is a gift from God that flows through you every moment of every day, for your use, your experience, your enjoyment and, certainly, as a blessing to you in your life.

So, go forth in joy, forgive yourself and your circumstances and let your life change for you. Let those new ideas and creativity and beauty flow through so that you are filled with that aspect of the Universe which is God and beauty. It is difficult for unpleasant things to occur if you are filled with beauty and God. So, fill yourself with light, with love, with the expression of beauty that is you and let it shine forth for all to see and enjoy.
Blessings to you and we will meet with you again at some future time. We have been very blessed to be in your presence, to be uplifted by your lights and to experience the kindness, and generosity of your hearts.
We say to you, blessings, blessings and peace.

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