Using Colors to Reduce StressUsing Colors to Reduce Stress

There is no higher meditation than the use of light and energy.

When one is in distress with another soul, a very useful method to help alleviate that situation is to visualize the violet or purple light from your heart to their heart. (Violet is a facilitating and connecting color.) As you do this, know that you are bridging that gap, you are closing your difficulties with that person and you are opening your heart to the best for all.

Brown light is very grounding, or can be seen as posing the need for grounding. When you are in meditation and it is difficult to return, we recommend the apricot light. This is the light that is not only grounding, but cooling, and brings you back into the focus of the earth plane.

This is living the spiritual life. This is living the life you were meant to live, to see reality, to understand that all things are fluid and that energy and light are for your use. If you have money difficulties, begin to realize money as light and energy… money as a resource for your use, as energy. It flows through you, it is for your use and it is not meant to bring you into a state of anxiety. If you have money problems, visualize a very cleansing green color, followed by white. These could also be seen as a light green, or as alternating bands, spots or whatever feels appropriate. Visualize a very cleansing color that will allow you to have that energy flow through you and resonate to you.

In other words, what you are doing as you meditate with personal color, is resonating to what perfection is, what energy is, what Spirit is. At the time of your meditation, you have the opportunity to let your cares drop away and to live in the perfection of Spirit itself. This is why we recommend using the tools that we suggest throughout the day… of meditation and personal color. Touch your face and agree to have a better day with each forthcoming day. The process of upliftment can come in gradual steps. Using color and attunement, these steps can be easily, rather than with forcing your beliefs.

We ask you to suspend belief as you enter into meditation with personal color. Many who engage in meditation, still have expectations about the outcome of their meditations. They still concern themselves with what will become of their daily life, they are meditating for a purpose. This is well, but when you meditate with personal color we ask you to open the vortex (Ref. Universal Introduction & Background), to say, “Peace, Be Still” to your fears (Chapter Seven), and to meditate specifically to be in perfection with those colors that are most harmonious.

There is no higher meditation than the use of light and energy.

Once you understand the use of light and energy, your whole human experience becomes a meditation, becomes living in perfection, living in holiness and knowing for yourself that it is available to you… for it flows through you. The recognition of perfection comes through using light and there is a very simple reason for that. It is that you are acknowledging and recognizing perfection as you step into the use of light. In other words, it takes away the feeling of separation. This is why we recommend the use of light so highly. It dissolves the separation humankind feels from God. There is no separation. There is only light, love, consciousness, peace and energy. Remember, negativity is a human-made concept which comes from the misuse of individual free will and from humanity’s need to create disarray in order to have things to do.

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