Using Light in Your Life

Greetings and salutations and blessings to each and every one of you. Today we have come to speak to you upon the necessity of the use of light in your life. When we speak of light, we are not merely speaking of the light which you use to illuminate your world. Rather, we are speaking of the light that is of your soul. We are speaking of the light that is of the Universe and we are speaking of the light that is of Spirit.

The absence of this light in the life is, in a very dramatic and specific way, the absence of Spirit in your life. If you are only bringing in light into your being, into your realm of action on infrequent occasions, then you are absenting Spirit from your life and, in so doing, you are denying yourself the health, the fulfillment and the well-being that is your birthright and that you came to experience.

There are so many reasons on your plane of action for individual incarnations; for your lessons, your life path, your spiritual reasons and, certainly, for astrological reasons. But the central purpose of every incarnation is to experience Spirit in your life; to experience, through your humanhood, if you will, the light of God. So the necessity of light in your life is what should be predominant and upper most in your minds as you begin to attune yourself for the day. We know that your daily lives are busy and that you have cares and concerns. But if you are not attuning yourself to the light within you that is Spirit every day, you then are entering the world of your daily activity through your own human avenue. That is, through the human tools that you have, the intellect, free will and personality.

The opportunity for you to attune yourself each morning, to uplift your vibrations, to cleanse the physical body, should never be over-looked, not even for one day. This in-taking of light, which we are going to explain in a moment or two, is essential, for the physical body is uplifted and personality, ego and free will come into alignment with Spirit’s highest good for you. To live out your day in the absence of light, in the absence of your highest good, is to allow the negativity of the world to flow through you from the moment you arise and that is to your spiritual detriment.

Spiritually, you want to be alive and filled with light at all times, you want to be uplifted and listening to the voice of God through intuition and creativity so that you ALWAYS have the sensation of well-being, of being cared for and nourished by Spirit, and of being supported through your daily activities, no matter how small. The in-taking of light on a daily basis constitutes being ‘in the flow.’ When you hear metaphysicians and spiritual teachers speaking to you of ‘connecting with the source,’ they do not explain to you that it is the in-taking of light that puts you in this flow. It is the harmonization of your vibrations to Spirit that begins to open up the self to its greatest possibilities, to the attributes that are of Spirit. Those attributes are that you are in alignment and attunement, that you are practicing the concept of forgiveness and that you are alive with the light of God.

The highest attributes of the Masters that was seen by so many was the light of God which shown through them. This was simply accomplished by the in-taking of light on a daily basis, by filling the body with light and allowing that light to permeate through you. The secret of in-taking light is to allow the light to flow through you from top to bottom and in and out. Many stop their own good because they fill themselves with light and do not release it. There is nothing in the Universe that is meant for you to hang onto or to keep, for all things are in motion, including light.

So, to fill yourself with light and then sit there and assume the light becomes static as it enters your body is to immediately stop the flow you have taken the time to introduce into your life. It cannot be stressed enough that, as you intake anything into your body, so, too, must it be released and sent back into the Universe, back to the creator, back to the source to be returned to you in greater measure. This is truly the concept of abundance in a nutshell. If you are merely taking your money, or if you are taking in the concept of money and stopping it in the physical body, you are literally bringing it to a dead end. This is where so many of you fail, because the information has not been provided that all things must be taken in and released.

As you begin the process of forgiveness of yourself, of circumstances and of others, it must be accomplished from the within and released to the Universe. This applies to shame and guilt which should be taken into the light and released to the Universe. So, too, with your health problems. Release them to the Universe. Release them to the cleansing light that is Spirit and know that, as you intake the light and release it back to the Universe, you are entered into the flow of atoms, of molecules, of vibration and of frequency. In other words, you are conducting your life scientifically, instead of stumbling forth through each day with your human personality and ego to direct you in the hope that things will work out. Rather, you step into each day in motion, in fluidity, in the activity of God.

When we speak of ‘activity,’ we speak of the aliveness of God in your life, not something that is imperceptible, or conceptual. Rather, it is an activity of Spirit that flows through you, that is light and that is perceptible to you as support.

God is an activity of grace, and grace is an activity of light. These spiritual tools are available to you each moment and each night of the day from the moment of your birth to the moment of your death, and beyond. But, if you do not take the time to activate the spirituality in your life that is light and God, then you are living in the lower nature, in negativity, you are living from your humanhood and you are falling short of your highest good.

So, it is essential that as you arise, truly before your feet even touch the floor beside your bed, you need to begin to open your heart, open the physical body simply by the willingness to receive light and let the light begin to flow through you. Hold your palms up to receive the light of Spirit and know that, as you do this, you are stepping into the flow for the day. You are stepping into the flow of Spirit and of your highest good. In doing so, you open the channels to creativity, intuition and inspiration. And these are the tools Spirit has given you to follow through with those ideas which will move your life forward dramatically, improve your human condition and bring you the solutions to the problems that you currently experience.

So, arise in the morning. Bring your palms out, open your heart, let the light flow through you from top to bottom, feel the light flowing towards you and out your back, or your feet, and let it flow in a continuous movement back into the Universe. Take that light refreshing energy and spiritual grace back into yourself and do this for perhaps five minutes. Now see the difference in how you greet the day. This is a very simple task that immediately puts you in the flow.

In the middle of the day, view your personal color. Sit back and let that color which presents itself to you most frequently permeate your being. Once again, palms out, receive the light, let it flow through you and through your back. Do not stop it in your body, for once you stop it, you are stopping the flow. Do not bring forth your humanhood, which would want you to keep it to yourself. The light must be released back to God. The light must be released back to the Universe and brought back into you.

As you practice this technique, as you use personal color, as you nourish yourself frequently during the day with the in-taking of light from moment to moment, you will find that your human ways begin to change, that the aspect of spirituality that you have so long sought lives within you and is supporting you. Let that light move freely through you and know that, as it does so, it literally refreshes and nourishes the body from head to toe. An individual who is not enjoying the light of God begins to suffer fatigue, depression and a sense of loss and abandonment that often cannot be explained. What this constitutes is the absence of spirituality in the life that the soul is longing for and requesting through the avenue of depression and fatigue. It is the body’s way of letting you know you are off balance, that God is needed in the life and spirituality is being requested by the soul.

Your spiritual tools are given to you for your use, so you should begin to apply them. The initiation of the flow of light through your body, back into the Universe and into your life addresses every spiritual aspect of your life. It addresses the issues of health, abundance, well-being and the in-taking of Spirit into the physical body. So, this technique allows you to use spirituality easily, effortlessly and simply. It also allows you to understand that, by doing these techniques, you are the activator of Spirit in your life, not some far-off concept. Rather, that you, individually and by your commitment and dedication, are the activator of Spirit in your life. You are the activator of your own highest good. It does not miraculously and mysteriously come to you. Rather, it is something that you take upon yourself to activate, institute and implement in your life through your own efforts.

So, do not sit back one more day and wait for God to come to you. Rather, take each day as an opportunity to bring in that light, knowing that you are being blessed by Spirit as you do. Then you are receiving the grace of God before you even begin your day and that unconditional love of God is flowing through you, supporting you, loving you and nourishing you through your trials, your joy, your lessons and through the activities that you engage in each day.

Be in charge and activate Spirit. Allow Spirit to become a living participant in your life and experience, for yourself, what your human incarnation is about… that is, to fully experience God in the life every moment of every day as a co-creator. For, as you activate your creative flow, then, through your human steps, you follow through with those ideas with Spirit supporting you and opening the doors. You then take the human steps to those successes and joys, and to the completion that you have come to this planet to fulfill.

So, engage each day with the activity of Spirit and let that be the focal point of your blessing each morning. Let that be the initiation of joy in your life and let Spirit show you its wisdom, its peace and its grace. Let your life be a blessing to you and others, rather than a chore and a trial. As you do this, your life will reflect so brightly to others that they will be drawn to your light, to the lessons you have to teach and to the effect of peace and brotherhood that emanates from you. For that is so much what Spirit is about, love, peace and brotherhood. As these blessings emanate from you, you are automatically a participant in world peace, so you are functioning fully on your planet; you are functioning spiritually and you are in tune with your purpose, which is to fully experience God on this plane of action.

Then, as your own death approaches, you will be able to look back and know that you have fulfilled your deepest commitments through your incarnation on this plane of action and that the activity of death is simply the in-taking of advanced light and wisdom and passing into the next dimension… that it is no big thing, simply the in-taking of light, the upliftment of vibration and the receiving of God’s love and grace.

So, intake the light, fill yourself with that light and see what that lightness of being does for you. It will open your eyes and your heart, and it will open your personality, if you will, to the flow of your highest good so that the burdens of your life begin to dissipate and the life begins to change as you function as a spiritual being.

Practice these simple techniques faithfully and let that spirituality show itself to you. Remember, your purpose is to experience God in the life. In doing so, God will reveal itself to you. You will become intimately acquainted with yourself, the self that is the aspect of divinity. You will become intimately acquainted with the wisdom, knowledge and upliftment that Spirit offers at every moment of every day, because you have taken the time to activate the spirituality in your life.

Be uplifted, be of joy and know that your world is in transition, even as we speak. Know that the spirituality and commitment on your planet to greater understanding of brotherhood, peace and of one another is coming to pass. Many souls are filling themselves with light and letting that light connect with other lights throughout the planet, so that the entire vibration of the planet is changing. Great things are happening, so take the time to be a participant in these historical happenings. Take the time to be a participant in your own spirituality through this incarnation and take the time to provide yourself with the nourishment and activity of God in your life. It is you who will reap the benefits and, in turn, return them to the Universe.

So then, we offer you our peace, our good will and our blessings to you at this time. We wish you well for the coming weeks and we say, peace, then, peace and blessings.



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