What is Spiritual Vision? image of rainbow surrounded by clouds What is Spiritual Vision?

Your connection to the Cosmos is your illumination. Illumination is usually considered as that which comes to a few who have studied, meditated and become enlightened by God.

We greet you one and all. We are here to speak to you of what is behind the surface of your lives… what is behind your eyes. Truly, what is behind your eyes is Spirit and the knowledge that all is Spirit -that everything you see and don’t see really is the influence of light and energy. More than that, we are here to speak to you of the fact that, with spiritual vision, you see that all radiate to the light and the heart of God, and that energy flows through you every moment of every day.

What is it that you are to see when you understand yourself as one who is capable of self-illumination at any time? You see what is spiritual in your life, in the events that come into your life and what is spiritual about yourself… and that is your heart. But more than that, it is your energy. Your energy is the key to your illumination, your vitality, your spirit and your connection to the Cosmos. Our objective in this series of classes (and resulting books) is to teach each soul who comes into our sphere to control their lives more adroitly, more spiritually and with more scientific application than through what has been occurring on the earth plane.

Your connection to the Cosmos is your illumination. Illumination is usually considered as that which comes to a few who have studied, meditated and become enlightened by God.

However, since the Spirit, activity and beauty of that resource and energy, the power that you refer to as God, is already an aspect of you, you are already illuminated, you are already spiritual, you are already all that you can be. However, the vision of those Masters who are called visionaries was the vision of the Cosmos itself.

When we speak of the Cosmos, what is it that we are speaking of? We do not just speak of the constellation of planets that revolve around your sun, we are speaking of Intelligence, of Spirit and the vastness of the Universe that self-illumination teaches you, putting your daily occurrences into perspective.

When your life is viewed with self-illumination, it is viewed with the understanding of infinity… understanding that there is no death, that all things are temporary, that there are no set circumstances or victims and that, indeed, each soul, through its own thoughts, actions, words, deeds and feelings is in control of its own space. Each soul is in control of its life-line and its own spiritual evolvement. Self-illumination is really opening your eyes to the face you see in the mirror and seeing that face as ALREADY lit. Self-illumination is the connection with the Cosmos that flows through you.

Through that process, that understanding, through that connection in meditation, you begin to see your own light, your own spirit, your own heart. That allows you to come into a frame of reference that we will call nonattachment and acceptance. This, certainly, is the key to all illumination, for what keeps the vision of most of you from being as spiritual as it might be, is that you are attached to things in your life. You are attached to yourself, to your personality and its style and, certainly, attached to your ego.

Illumination is an emanation from your inner self that begins to wash away those attachments. It begins to open a new avenue of growth. This is what connection with the Cosmos teaches, a new avenue of growth, an opportunity to deal with your life in a very, very applied way, as well an opportunity to look into your heart and direct your life through universal intuition and conscious understanding of your own illumination.

That Visionary, the Master Christ, was able to move mountains, as it were, simply through understanding that all things are light, energy and fluidity; that there are no set circumstances and that all things are an appearance.(1) They are simply an overlay teaching you to provide your soul with an opportunity for further growth and allowing you to learn your lessons in a convenient fashion. Obstacles are provided for your understanding, but they are also given to you as an opportunity to perceive their true nature… which is that they are also light and energy, and a manifestation of what is in your heart.

Self-illumination… seeing your own inner light through your meditations, your willingness to look in your own mirror and see your face as lighted, through your willingness to listen to your intuition… applies cause and effect and allows your soul to begin to remove obstacles systematically from your life.

Self-illumination is the key to controlling your life, for it is understanding that you are ALREADY in a state of grace, you are ALREADY in a state of upliftment… you are ALREADY in a state of unification with God.

Rev Diane Chapin: A Path to the Inner Self



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