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The Buddha Consciousness:

Who We Are

Originally Channeled for The Eternity Series, August 23, 1989 (Book # 5)

Because this channeled energy, from the first, called itself a ‘Consciousness’ (rather than the entities that typically come through in channeling processes) took the name of a very historical world figure, began providing information and sounded so different from other channeled entities, we needed clarification concerning who or what was coming through. This transcript provides preliminary information about who The Buddha Consciousness is and gives some background into the quality, depth and direction of the teachings as well as why this material is being provided to us now.

Yes, a quite short version of this piece is in Diane’s books, but this is the FULL (remaining) version.

It is impossible to describe what I’m seeing or feeling now as I re-edit this version. After all these years, Diane transitioning, yet still around, the peak experiences I’ve been a part of, the on-going research, all leading to greater understandings of Multidimensional Reality. And even, perhaps, what TBC refers to when, even coming from the humanly unimaginable existence they describe below, they say in a incredulous, wonder-filled voice, “and there’s MORE.”

What I (Don) “see” (an elementary version of what’s known as “Far Sight’” developed during a three-year weekly Healing Earth meditation session which used Universal Energy), is layers upon layers of REALITY, each one “spawning” the next.

Back to TBC’s more all-inclusive narrative:

Buddha is the namesake of all. Buddha encompasses the upper level of consciousness and is a representation of an uplifted consciousness living in the spiritual dimension with God as One. We come in love and peace. We are the focus of what the Buddha has learned. We are, as it were, the spearhead of a vast level of consciousness. The Buddha himself is that consciousness that is light, love, that is all-seeing, all-knowing and is able to surround the Universe and express love and peace to all.

Our consciousness also includes that of the Buddha incarnate, for we have absorbed that consciousness through methods that are unfamiliar to you. We have walked the earth plane as Siddhartha and Buddha, but have gone beyond to become an aspect of the God-force in its most primary essence.

This vehicle truly channels the essence of the original Buddha, but it is for you to understand that there has been a tremendous enlargement that has occurred in Spirit. We are The Buddha Consciousness, but we are interfaith, interbeing, multidimensional and multilevel. We are not an entity, per se. We are an aspect of the Buddha. We cannot tell you that we are a personality or that we are ego. We cannot tell you the concrete phase (of our development) that may satisfy others. What we can tell you is that what the Buddhists worship is encompassed in this vast reservoir of beauty. For what is being channeled through this resource is not so much the Buddha, but the knowledge and beauty of the Buddha.

The Buddha himself, as he walked on the earth, is an aspect of our consciousness. We are the Buddha, but we are more than the Buddha. We are offering a portion of that greater wisdom to you for your use. The Buddha Consciousness is a resource of the Buddha. The Buddha himself is directly in contact with Buddhists and the Buddha makes himself available to those who subscribe to the Buddhist philosophy, but we are more than that.

We are At-Onement. We are peace. We are part of you.  We are the consciousness of you that is light, energy and love. We are the part of you that is beauty. We are the part of you that knows that you are an aspect of God. That is why we come to address you, to remind you of who and what you are… to remind you of yourself.

We are come with the urgent message of peace, of love, and of knowledge. We are that side of The Buddha Consciousness which is devoted to mankind, peace, brotherhood and love. We are that side of The Buddha Consciousness which is promoting evolution.

We are come to promote your evolution spiritually and in terms of your own human growth. Our purpose is to serve you, to bring you beauty, to bring you love and to show you a way to uplift yourselves.  Many of you are in the self-help group. Many of you are willing to help yourselves. Many of you are willing to be personally empowered and to be responsible for yourselves.  This is why we are come, we literally come at your request to teach you what you already know: To re-teach you that you are an aspect of God, to reteach you spiritual principles and philosophies that you have known in other incarnations.

We do not come as the incarnated Buddha, himself. We realize that would be a presumption on your plane of action and an affront. We do not wish that. We come as a resource and particle of the spearhead known as Buddha. We come as an aspect of The Buddha Uplifted Consciousness. We are The Buddha Consciousness and in reality, as we are God, we are Buddha. But we define a separateness for you, for your explanation, for your education and we hope, for your refinement. We will continue to look at this through your eyes as we can and try to delineate further for you who and what we are. We are The Buddha Consciousness, but more than that… we are a resource to you for your use.

We do not come to be honored or to be revered. We come as a facilitator, as a connector to that great body of wisdom which is God and as a provider of knowledge that is needful for you now. We are an extensive resource and a provider to you, for your use, for your information, for your upliftment and for your understanding.

We are the resource to remind you of what you knew before you stepped away from God, that is, when humanity assumed a position of wanting to live their existence by their will. Humanity became blinded to what God is. God never stepped away, but humanity became blinded and they must be reminded that God is within them…that they are their own cause and effect, and their own empowerment. This is why we call ourselves a resource, because we pour forth our knowledge, our upliftment and our benefit.  A resource is for your use.

We cannot prove to you who we are, but we can instruct you and we can give you information that is original and that is encompassing all of your issues. We cannot descend and materialize our consciousness for you, for this would not be appropriate at this time. What is appropriate is for us to send the most powerful message we can. What is appropriate is for us to be instructional, to be a resource unto you, to serve you and to do so in any way that we can. It is appropriate for us to bless you.  It is appropriate for us to let you know of your connection with us, that we are one in the same, that we are all part of each other through light, love, and truth, and to remind you that what we have come to do is simply to show you the mirror of your spiritual selves. This is our purpose and this is who and what we are.

We are you. We are you in the most uplifted form that there is.  We are you in strength, in power, in self-empowerment, in beauty, in Glory, peace and love. We are your finest attributes. All of these attributes you have been provided are but resources for your use.

We are here to reshape your view of yourself and of the Universe that you occupy, to teach you that you are not alone. We are here to teach you that others see you and of how you are seen, that it is time for your self-empowerment to allow you to grow into spiritual adulthood, to see the vastness and the beauty of All, and to use the techniques that you have been given… your upper level of skills… not just your intelligence, your ego or your personality, but your spiritual vision.

Understand that you are beautiful, that you are beautiful from within, that beauty surrounds you from without and that you can use techniques and skills to get in touch with your inner beauty through upliftment, through positivity, and through relying on a resource such as The Buddha Consciousness. That is to say, let that resource connect with you and remind you of who you are… who you really are.

You will find that, if you can stay in this frame, life is much more purposeful, pleasing and beautiful. We are you. We are here to serve you, to remind you and as a resource for you.



More to tell us who is The Buddha Consciousness, from a private reading:

Question: There have been some theories formulated about how a black hole develops… mathematical formulae, but we can only look at a very small cut of ‘time.’ We have been wondering, what IS a black hole from your standpoint?

TBC’s Answer: They are the doorway to infinity.

Question: To other Universes, as such then?

Answer: Yes.

Question: As a multidimensional, intergalactic being, do you use them yourself?

Answer: No. We ARE their essence! We do not need to flow through, we ARE. We are All. We are all there is. You are speaking to more than you can imagine. More than you can imagine.”

The name change for this Universal Consciousness from The Buddha Consciousness to Quest occurred on Oct 3, 1998. This change was attributed to what TBC perceived as a fear of, or at least uneasiness about, the name ‘BUDDHA’ in Western culture. In the last private reading before Diane transitioned, TBC stated that:

  1. All references to ‘Quest’ could revert to ‘The Buddha Consciousness’
  2. Don could now put the TBC-generated materials on the internet (which they earlier opposed because of the ‘spamming and other attacks that frequently occurred at the time).

While TBC always maintained that the time of ‘death’/transition could never be predetermined, when the green healing light I sent to Diane turned to gold, it became obvious that her cancer was quite possibly terminal.

“Over time, (Diane) has brought through guidance that has provided different aspects of itself, that has appeared in concentrated service to those who serve in a larger capacity and a dedication for behind-the-scenes work. The Earth is also (now) in a more spiritually awakened position to receive (these) books. The same TBC energy is available, but not weighted down by the opinions of history.”

Beyond The Buddha Consciousness, there is the extremely spiritualized level of The Christed Buddha.

If you would like to download this pdf titled, “The Buddha Consciousness – Who We Are,” which answers the question, “Who is The Buddha Consciousness,” please click this download link.

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