image showing cover of the book, In Psychic Defense, by Don Chapin

In Psychic Defense

by Don Chapin 233 pages, Category: Self Help

This book is designed to provide inner spiritual development information, hands-on, experienced manifesting information and techniques and motivation for our readers.

This is not a detailed psychic defense treatise, such as those produced by Dion Fortune or H.P. Blavatsky. It does, however, address a topic such as ‘Countering A Psychic Master Of The Black Arts’ from information gained from hands-on experiences. The book begins with the true story of how we survived attacks by a cult of psychically-controlling individuals following the ‘left-hand-path’ and the neutralization of those attacks by a highly advanced shaman. The facts and events presented, taken from notes and tape recordings accumulated at the time the events occurred, are accurate. The material also addresses utilizing spiritual ‘offices’ not documented in The Urantia Book.

To say this work depicts activities we don’t normally encounter is quite an understatement. However, the author also addresses everyday situations we all encounter. A step further from the previous twelve books in this series, including Engineering Your Spirituality, this story of manifestation offers examples of just how powerful we, as imaginative humans, really are. Adapting the techniques used by the left-hand-path master and the countering shaman, in addition to following the information in the first eleven books in this series, you can get a good idea of what “normal” humans can manifest from a positive framework.

About the Author

Portrait of Don Chapin, PhD
As a retired military and a multidiscipline aerospace/systems engineer for almost 50 years, Don had “parallel lives” of family and metaphysics research. This naturally evolved into spiritual development. Along with his late wife, Diane, he received a ministerial ordination from a Reno, NV-based church which primarily worked with the local HIV/AIDS community. After Diane’s passing, he assembled and eventually published the materials that came through her (eleven books with links on this website). Later, he worked on his own two closely related books, which were published in 2018. In moderating a Healing Earth meditation/low-level shamanic group for three years in Ashland, Oregon, and after having an event-filled life that had allowed him to experience far more than he ever could have imagined, he also found he was blessed with what he called Far Sight. This is inter-dimensional remote viewing of the Universal Energy processes which the group initiated. (Reference “Manifesting Mechanics” at and in Engineering Your Spirituality).  

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