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Global Shamanic Healing Work

by Don Chapin
284 pages, Category: Spiritual Development

Welcome to a world of shamanistic global healing.

The power of the mind is awesome! After applying shamanic principles in two exorcisms, detailed herein and in his previous book, In Psychic Defense, and before starting a shamanic Healing Earth group, Don was “told” that it was time to make this information, along with many other topics coming through many other people, available to the general public.

And maybe that was the “big picture,” guided by Highest Good, reason that Don and his wife Diane (the ‘vehicle’ for the Buddha Consciousness) were subjected to the experiences detailed in his two previous books.

His second exorcism being of a negatively-oriented extraterrestrial and sensing other presences in many meditations, Don began an ET search encouraged by his late wife’s channeled Eternity Series (Chapters 7-10) in  Life Through Creating Mastership on Earth, volume five of her prodigious book series. This led to open-mindedly exploding existing dyed-in-the-wool anthropological theories. The evidence is everywhere anyone cares to investigate without allowing personal or professional ego to interfere.

This is a considerably deeper look with examples, at two topics very briefly introduced in In Psychic Defense, Positive Manifestations and Direct Global Work. This IS NOT a reference for those who want to “keep the old ways,” but IT IS a reference for those interested in advancing Humanity and Earth along a progressive path to evolution.

As a side note, IF contrary to human expectations of beginnings and endings, we are eternal as referred to in the Eternity Series, other (ET) cultures are also eternal. This then easily explains the existence of technically and spiritually advanced extraterrestrial cultures. Ergo, the importance of Appendices I & II of this book, dealing with historical evidence of extraterrestrial involvement with humanity.


About the Author

Portrait of Don Chapin, PhD

A retired military and a multidiscipline aerospace/systems engineer for almost 50 years, Don also led a “parallel life” of family and metaphysics research. His metaphysics studies eventually evolved into spiritual development. Along with his late wife, Diane, he received a ministerial ordination from a Reno, Nevada-based church which primarily worked with the local HIV/AIDS community of the time. After Diane’s passing, he assembled and eventually published the materials that came through her (eleven books with links on this website). Later, he worked on his own two closely related books, Engineering Your Spirituality and In Psychic Defense, which were published in 2018.

Having lived an event-filled life that had alowed his to experience far more than he ever could have imagined, he began moderated a Healing Earth meditation/low-level shamanic group for three years in Ashland, Oregon. through this activity, he also found he was blessed with what he called Far Sight, interdimensional remote viewing of the Universal Energy processes the group initiated by that group. (ref. “Manifesting Mechanics” at and in Appendix 5 of Engineering Your Spirituality). Having confirmed his far sight capabilities in the Healing Earth group, he decided to publish the results in Global Shamanic Healing Work in 2021.

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