Recent High-quality Channeled Messages

In Agreement with The Buddha Consciousness

Channeled messages from The Buddha Consciousness are of the highest spiritual level. Moreover, they are ALWAYS pertinent, meaningful, and helpful to one’s spiritual growth, just as Diane Chapin’s spiritual mentors Joel Goldsmith and Edgar Cayce were. However, we realize that more current information reflecting current changes in humanity’s development is desirable. BUT, just because it’s channeled information, for a variety of reasons, not all channeled messages are of the highest quality.  The channeled messages we repost on this website are selected because they are strictly IN TUNE with the graduated spiritual growth messages presented by The Buddha Consciousness as channeled through Diane. We referred to this collective consciousness as “TBC,” whose books and e-books on spirituality are available through our site.

We also recognize the contributions of Kryon, channeled through Lee Carroll, as well as the prodigious publications of the late Dolores Cannon. Therefore, in this section, we present what we regard as high-quality channeled messages for spiritual growth (from our knowledge and experience). We include website sources with each post, and invite you to explore them all to deepen your spirituality and continue your spiritual growth.

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