The document below is a recently found transcription of Diane Capin’s first session with Edgar Cayce in Spirit, conducted by medium, Dede. In it, you will read Cayce’s channeling instruction and guidance for Diane, including detailed advice on how to help herself progress toward her goal of service to God by helping others with information channeled directly from Spirit. Cayce’s concern for Diane, recognition of her potential, and acknowledgment of her progress to this point is deeply moving. Further, as a Christian himself in his earthly life, his clear understanding that her love for Christ was her sole motivation for undertaking this path to service—and all the fears and insecurities that came along with it at this early stage of her development—helps us understand her progression from deeply committed Catholic to world-class channel…which Cayce himself prophesies to her here. It is beautiful to read his insights into what he could have done in his own life to make this path easier for himself and his family to follow and the way he points out to Diane things she should do and things she should let go of in order to have a more comfortable experience than his own is profoundly heartwarming as well as instructive. His understanding, encouragement, and gentle guidance is truly marvellous to read. We hope you will enjoy learning more about Rev. Chapin and her journey and that this will give you something valuable for yourself as well.

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