Embrace the way of the new energy

Interjection by Don Chapin: Kryon was “coming through” Lee Carroll about the same time that The Buddha Consciousness (TBC) “appeared” through my late wife Diane, both (and others) responding to humanity’s cry for help (Harmonic Convergence in August 1987) and use of the bomb in 1945 . Lee “marketed” Kryon far better than we were able to market Diane/TBC (ref. Buddha- consciousness.org, Diane being the original TBC channel) but had/has a strong appeal and spiritually strong human-related messages. While Lee/Kryon has appeared (to me, at least) to be “more commercial” lately, their series of books are classics as is the excerpt below.

From Kryon Book Nine – The New Beginning – Page 299 Personal Questions

Many of you ask Spirit: “What about this? What about that? What am I supposed to do here? What about how I’m feeling?” The answers you expect to come to your ears are in a reality that is yours. What if the answers were slightly out of your reality?

Would you hear them? Are you one of those who have waited and waited for answers but only get silence?

Answer this:

If a sightless Human asked for light, and it was created all around him, would he know it, or would he continue to sit in his own personal darkness? We will try to give you answers that make sense, but they’re often above the reality that you’re used to.

These answers aren’t always easy to comprehend or understand, but that’s the way of the new energy.

~ KRYON through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel (via gary@kryon.us)

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