Engineering Your Spirituality

by Don Chapin

256 pages, Category: Self Help

Though a long-time student of both metaphysics and spiritual development, Don has yet to find any other references that cover the range of topics and options presented in his book, Engineering Your Spirituality. Chapin provides personal perspectives of the internal changes and the physiological effects of these spiritual development practices, pro and con. This leaves it up to the reader whether or not he/she will want to proceed with any of these practices. There are definitely temporary negative effects! By describing positive changes in the inner being, as well as changes in lifestyle—while offering no guarantees that exactly the same results can be obtained for everyone—he provides the reader with a real choice.

When Goswami’s book, The Self-Aware Universe, appeared, Don thought he had lost his chance to make a contribution to this field. Goswani wrote exactly what he had wanted to say, but with much greater clarity and technical authority. Therefore, Don wrote a book that provides easier access to this important information.

The intent of Engineering Your Spirituality is to make available to a busy and media-saturated public what amounts to a quick-reference manual that can help everyone increase their connection with the universe…with the spiritual side of themselves.

About Don Chapin

Don Chapin moderated a Healing Earth meditation/low-level shamanic group for three years in Ashland, Oregon. After having an event-filled life that had allowed him to experience far more than he could have imagined possible, he found he was blessed with what he called Far Sight. Far sight is inter-dimensional remote viewing of the Universal Energy processes the group initiated. (Reference “Manifesting Mechanics” at and in Engineering Your Spirituality).

Engineering Your Spirituality  is available in paperback and e-book at a neighborhood bookstore near you and from online booksellers. Read more about the author and find links to online booksellers carrying Don’s book on this page.



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