Highest Good
June 8, 1991

The form we are taking through a living vessel is quite unusual for us, but due to your status and the magnitude of The Buddha Consciousness efforts this consultation has been arranged.

We are indeed Highest Good, and we function above the Buddha Consciousness energies and as the arm of God. It is important to understand that All are One, but the human circumstance enjoys categorization and, for your learning, this information has been supplied to you.

Highest Good has the capability of assessing energies far in advance of the actual onset of events, for usually before events take place there is a magnetism of energy that you on the human plane are not aware is occurring. This magnetism of energy can be for the positive or for the negative. Highest Good’s purpose is to draw the best out of the positive and the negative and to synthesize that as right action in your lives.

As the arm of God, the highest purpose is always spirituality and in every event that opportunity exists, always has and always will, but most entities view things as either positive or negative. So Highest Good, as the Arm of God, draws out of cause and effect its best possibilities.

Highest Good is always active. But in order to have it truly functioning in your life, the need to control must be dissipated and The Buddha Consciousness has discussed that throughout all of his sessions. We would say also to you that we are the feminine energy of the universe, whereas The Buddha Consciousness occupies the masculine energy. WE are the energy of intuition and inspiration whereas The Buddha Consciousness is the energy of objectivity and teaching. All the energies are available to mankind at any time and so is God. But due to the general imbalance on your planet and old ideas as to God, the understanding of true spirituality has been lost for many centuries. As a result, in many lives Highest Good seems to operate in dribs and drabs.

Part of the success of Highest Good is the willingness to persist in positivity through difficulties rather than lapse into old habits, then old cause and effect is re-created, whereas,if you do not, the opportunity for the action of Highest Good is geometrically increased. And this is exactly what is happening for you two now, the geometrical possibilities of Highest Good are being increased. As you have given up filling yourselves up with your human needs and as you persist through this most difficult time, you are increasing the possibilities of all that has been offered, rather than decreasing them.

The appearance of Highest Good in your lives is an interesting one and that is really why we have come to talk to you about the nature of these last two years.

When you two arrived here (in Santa Rosa, CA), you were on the crest of the multiplicity of possibilities, for, indeed, you gave up your old lives. But in the human condition, the vestiges of your old lives came with you, some of your problems and many of your concepts for both of you and perceptions.

As The Buddha Consciousness began to unfold, the appearance was that Highest Good had left the picture. What really happened is that you were all served behind the scenes. For Carol and Wayne (The couple that were to “manage” Diane’s entrance on the “world stage”) to have continued in greed would not have been for their Highest Good. For them to have left you (Don) out of their business dealings (which they advocated) was to their least benefit and yours. Highest Good intervened, the business fell away and their cause and effect that they were building was stopped. They were saved from a tremendous burden.

Highest Good allowed the vehicle to enter into circumstances that allowed her to grow as you moved The Buddha Consciousness into your own home. This benefited everybody tremendously and took a great deal of unnecessary pressure off her. It allowed her to recover from all that had happened and allowed her to begin to deal with her personal rigidity. Highest Good really saved the day.

Highest Good does not necessarily mean that you are rich overnight. It means that the outcome of cause and effect is at its highest level. So, you see, to have been rich overnight would have allowed Carol and Wayne to sink into greed, the two of you to have acquired something you weren’t ready for and the whole effort could have ended in disaster. You have truly been saved.

On an interim basis, as the vehicle recovered and developed her skills behind the scenes, you went to work. And that was well for awhile, but the time came to move your consciousness into a world thought, into an understanding of yourself internationally and in an opportunity for you to open up your own business entrepreneurial skills. So your job ended. Highest Good allowed you to enter the international scene through the back door. In other words, you were allowed a taste.

You see, The Buddha Consciousness and Universal Oneness had every interest that you go to Hong Kong and rise to the occasion. Highest Good viewed that it would tax both of you too much, particularly the vehicle, so you did not go. She is far more ready to go now in so many areas… so many areas. She has developed quite a bit and her personal sense of herself is so much better. Once again, you were saved.

Now, where has Highest Good been all these months? We have not left you. Highest Good looked to the energies that were building on both sides, which intensified your emotions on both sides, releasing the old life.

There was a great intensification in the early part of this year for both of you, the intensification of old ideals filled you up, both of you. In other words, you were both functioning not from your best interests, not at all, for your best interests, again, are that the positive and the negative of your cause and effect be effected. The human side would tell you that the intensity of your old ideals would have been released because you would have moved on to your work. But the truth is that they would have presented themselves again in other ways – lack of success would have been one of them and the possible destruction of your marriage.

Then we entered in the phase most recently where the accumulation of events and your wife’s rigidity forced you into the need to validate yourself differently. Highest Good operated on your behalf through your spouse in allowing these events to unfold in such a way that they did not become dangerous. Highest Good never left what could have been a calamity. Highest good also removed those circumstances that could have caused more intensification of your ego validation. Highest Good has served both of you very well.

Highest Good has allowed your spouse to come through this with a high degree of dignity and to work through her own personal issues of how to address crises in her life. And she has done so and she is aware of this because these are things she is working out. Highest Good is ready to serve you now that neither one of you are so filled with yourselves. You are at last ready to begin God’s work. As you look back over the last two years through this explanation can you see how difficult would have been?

Don: In different ways.

Highest Good: Now let us understand something. Your sincerity and intent were always there, as was the vehicles’. It was never a question of that. Ever. Otherwise we would not be here. Rather, it was a matter of working through human circumstances and conditions. All of this had to come to pass. Highest Good has operated so that you did not create a great deal of negative cause and effect over these last few months••• and you could have.

And now, Highest Good is allowing you to see the truth through The Buddha Consciousness. The outcome of the last two years ·is that both of you are rising above your old selves and that is truly the purpose of Highest Good. And as you rise above your old selves, your own beauty will draw everything you need. This is your true spirituality working for you, as the Arm of God enters your life and you draw to you, from the purity of your inner beings, the success of the work, rather than drawing to you, from your hidden agendas, those things that would decrease your personal happiness overall.

Don: Big sigh.

Highest Good: It was Highest Good that closed that job for the vehicle. She was very well thought of, but that would have brought her back into old ways. It was necessary for you to release idealizations about life and you are doing that. For idealizations with power and money, very often bring about destructive circumstances. Knowing who you are spiritually and what you are about brings in the balance. Highest Good has served you. You have not run out of money and let us say this, it is not our belief that you will. Our purpose now is that you magnetize to you, through the purity of your beings, what is needed for what is to come and that is why the work to cleanse and that is what is happening. As you feel cleaner, you are expressing the purity of your being.

Carol and Wayne •• Highest Good is still operating on their behalf although Wayne is very, very resistant to Highest Good . Carol truly wants the better life, but, because of her physical health, she has ignored her own mental illness. She has fooled herself and that illness pervaded her marriage.

The two of you persisted in positivity through all of this. And that is the secret, persistence in positivity and letting the purity of your beings draw to you what you need.

Now let us speak to you a little bit about visualizationfor that has worked very well, but if there is fixity of the personality (Don) and rigidity (Diane) when you try to will something like this into your life, all you are doing is intensifying will, do you see?

In other words, to use your visualizations to its highest advantage, it is combined with the concept of fluidity and it works very well. So we won’t say that you can’t visualize a lot of dollars into your lives, but we will say that it is very difficult to will it into your lives. We want you to understand the difference, to be free to use visualization as you open your hearts to your ministerial duties, the beauty of your work and the significance of it. Be free to visualize success, for you are both ready for it now. Highest Good has allowed you to come into this place where you both could accept your duties and move forward, filled with the God self instead of filled with self.

You have both survived your temptations. You have both survived your temptations and it is why we came today. Let Highest Good bring you all that you need. We are here to serve you. Open your hearts to the purity of your being and let that draw to you the mystery and magic of God that opens those doors that ‘will’ could never open. That is your next step. The old life has truly fallen away, along with that the old temptations. This has been a great cleansing for both of you and, as we have seen, will bring both of you into continuity and self-esteem in a entirely different way.

Can we serve you further today?
Don: I think you have answered the big question. Highest Good: Do you have other questions?

Don: How to be of Service
Highest Good: Fill yourselves with the purity of your being and God and the service will come if you fill yourselves with God and the purity of your being; the service is implicit then. It is your being, it is your life. And that is how temptations are averted. There are many seducers in the world, so many forms, money, power, beauty, influence, those are the big ones. You both have survived your temptations.

Let us talk to you a little bit about the purity of your being. As you continuously fill yourselves with that, they will not touch you (your temptations) because you will see through them. You see, temptations will always be there yes, but if you see through them as they arise, there is no energy to feed them.

So it is with addictions it is just a temptation, it is just a temptation. And once that is seen, the energy is no longer there. Do you see that energy exchange? You may be able to do some very good work in the future on this on an individual basis. We would not attempt to suggest that you try to change the mindset of the world, but all things can be treated this way. There is always an energy exchange in temptations, always. Even if it is a temptation on the inner realm, you are still exchanging energy with it. It doesn’t have to be in the form of another person. Carol and Wayne were exchanging energy with greed. They could have stopped it like that (a snap of the fingers. ) and efforts were made. all you have to do is listen to what was given them efforts were made. They are better off without each other. This was a good decision, for their interaction had become less than healthy for either one of them. For their growth, this is better. Highest Good has served them.

So you see, Highest Good is often operating through the back door and can only be seen in retrospect.

Don: Yes, The Buddha mentioned that, as well.
Good: The circumstances of your arriving here and why you

are here. Let us discuss that for a moment and why it is time for you to leave. Let us talk about balancing.

As the energy of the greater Los Angeles area has such an emphasis on grounding and materialism, with the diffuseness of the energies that are coming into that area, you needed to come into a place of opposite energy and this is opposite in every way. There is a higher purpose for your move here, other than the obvious. It was to give you both a chance to experience your lives in a totally different way and to balance.

The opportunity for the community was that they could come into greater balance through The Buddha Consciousness. Some of this has been done, but the community’s focus is very introspective at this time, along with a desire to focus on superficial metaphysical aspects. Very few here truly want to grow, they want to pretend to grow. (Interjection by Don – bolding mine… I see this trait among many people at this point.) And next to the average person, that looks pretty good. But it is not true spiritual growth. So they trot out their toys and feel spiritual. Many are

benefiting. Highest Good operates at many levels and many are not ready for true spirituality. But in seeing through this, which you both have, you have come into balance.

It has also forced this vessel (Diane, TBC – The Buddha Consciousness always referred to Diane as the Vehicle or Vessel, never simply “the channel”) to allow another energy, another environment experience, if you will, to influence her. This has been necessary because of her long, long lives and her connection to the glamour of the desert. And, for her it was (glamorous), for she has lived some very prestige lives, and when she arrived here that did not exist for her in any way, so she had to recreate that for herself and come into balance. And she has almost done that, now, so it is time to let her be free. This has been a yoke for her. Let Highest Good open the door to the exit of this area and be patient with us. But we feel that you have served this area in every way that you can and that it has served you and that balance has been achieved.

We feel that to remain longer will simply force you to keep re-aligning, so we are in alignment with your view that it is time to move. Highest Good will more than prevail for you in this new area and, in many ways, will allow the vehicle to have another sense of glamour in her life, rather than her desert connection. This one will be because of who she is. Much better you see, much healthier, than the reconnection to old lives that allowed her to stay in an area that really wasn’t serving her.

For you, the satisfaction of living next to the sea and nature. The satisfaction of walking your own land. The beauty of the sea will nourish you and the possibility of genuine friendships exists for you…. genuine friendships even though they may seem casual. You need that. They may not take place as lengthy discussions, they simply may be exchanged camaraderie. This will serve you in the highest way.

During the time remaining, we will hope to make the way open for you in that new community. We will look for others, but we tend to feel that this will truly let you both have balance, and by that time enough work will have been done on the disease that has existed in this vessel so that there should not be a significant problem.

Highest Good did move her close to appropriate facilities and there are times in the human experience that these things are necessary. It is never a shame to resort to medicine because it is an instrument of God. It was given to serve the planet. When an entrenched process cannot be intervened successfully and a life is threatened, then it is time to take another tack. It is time to realize that Highest Good comes in many forms.

Don: O. K.
Highest Good: We would like to meet with you next Saturday afternoon. We will answer questions but we see we are tiring this vessel. How can we serve you?
Don: Oh! you have, YOU have.
Highest Good: Do you have additional questions, are you feeling better?
Don: Yes, because you have answered the biggest single question I had, and I think we have to keep working and attract our own good.
Highest Good: It is always the answer.
Don: But the human fears come in…what if we don’t.
Highest Good: Then just know that it will be a very temporary circumstance. You must know that, very temporary and we do not mean temporary in the eternal sense from which we speak.
Don: Laughter.
Highest Good: You will not die, but >you will die if you resort to old and ordinary circumstances… do >you see?
Don: Oh! yes.
Highest Good: We must leave. Our energies are increasing and this is not well for the vessel (Again TBC – The Buddha Consciousness always referred to Diane as the Vehicle or Vessel, never simply “the channel”. We will depart and meet with you next week.
Don: And we thank you.
Highest Good: We hope we have served you. Don: Very much.
Highest Good: Blessings.

Notice how, at the very highest levels to God, there’s the desire “to be of service”… and to the very lowest of humans! The very same attribute I sensed while inside a rusted old ”no trespassing” sign and an old barn siding, both of which were soon to be scrapped by humanity. ~ Don (Read about this experience under the heading, “6. Being of Service, 1990” in this post.)



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