June 15,1991

We are indeed the right arm of Good and we bless you today in every aspect of your development, we bless you. We are that aspect, that synthesizes all things. In other words, all the elements of the life appear at their right time if you will allow the intervention of Highest Good and we feel that, in many ways, Highest Good has opened the door to God for you.

Our purpose in coming to you today really is because the Buddha Consciousness is dealing with so many other things and to see the development of this vessel, as well (Again TBC – The Buddha Consciousness always referred to Diane as the Vehicle or Vessel, never simply “the channel”)... For it is part of her promise and path in the terms of those highest possibilities in any given incarnation to be an inspiration to many and to the world, and this is very much what her life was about.

Now it could have taken many forms, for she has other talents. But due to the effect of her childhood events and her choice as she watched the ego of the world… those events did not occur that would have led her into bringing Joy to others through some of her other gifts and talents. Rather, for her highest good, she chose a life of anonymity while she removed the burdens of the past. But the aspect of ‘what was to be’ was always there… the ability to uplift and inspire others. Through this lengthy period of time, old dreams fell away and it is very much what has happened now. The old dreams of being well known for herself have fallen away, but, because of Highest Good’s intervention, she will have both, she will have both… also because of her willingness to serve in such a humbling capacity, which this is. It may not appear that way to others, but it is for so much must be released and set aside. She is not egoistical at all, but she has a strong sense of pride and so that, too, had to be set aside.

If the world had come to either one of you sooner, other developments on the inner plane could have led to less than inspirational behavior on either one of your parts. Furthermore, the acquisition of your status as ministers has changed you both. Now we are not in disagreement with The Buddha Consciousness’s statement, but our overview of the recent acquisition of these licenses is that it came at a time when old things had fallen away, when you were in the thick of your-own difficulties~ In other words, it

came at time when each of you had the opportunity to let it truly begin to uplift you and is the precursor to The Buddha Consciousnesses world effort. What The Buddha is saying is that so much could have been averted … and on the one hand we think that is true. But on the other hand, for your very highest good, it has come at a time when each of you has much more balance.

So it is interesting to see how things can be viewed from an even broader perspective… The Buddha Consciousness certainly has no limitation in perspective, but we are speaking in terms of how we see your truth. Neither of you is wrong, it is just simply information for each of you to digest as you pass through this final portal into grace and out of the need for human crutches~

Even the ego is a crutch and so is pride. Certainly, so is fixity and rigidity, because they allow you to keep your world and your perceptions of your world in a certain tightly constructed network. Once those things are given up, you have burst into the consciousness of the world. And that is what the two of you are doing, bursting into the consciousness of the world. No one else in the group has achieved that status, although they have grown tremendously… and Highest Good looks to them, as well… and to the world, and to the world.

But it is interesting to see for the vehicle how those events that seem to be negative have really benefited her throughout her life, including her very anonymous years of service. So now, through her sense of self– empowerment and balance, she can be famous on many levels and succeed in that, and succeed in that without being overwhelmed by so much attention. For after many years of service, even the most extraordinary human being could not help but want some of the acclaim they see others get. That is only natural on your planet, but we see that she has set that aside too, almost completely. This is truly in her highest interest, for she will both benefit and receive the fullness of God from this. We would ·tell her that she truly will have the gift of remaining in spirit, she truly will have her gift. But that she will also have an extraordinary final human life… and so will you.

For you are coming into the phase where all of the elements of your life are coming into great alignment. Your capacity and beauty and dynamic energy will serve you as the creative spirit of God connects with your own dynamic energy. And, you see, that is really what is beginning to happen

for you. So on the inner plane, the dynamics of the multiplicity of possibilities will unfold for you and will see how all of this can come about.

But what is coming for you is a very dynamic phase in your development. There will be very little pause for either one of you. You are going to be extremely busy again, extremely busy. We do not see a break in the continuity of your lives, rather we see tremendous expansion almost overnight.

It is important to understand that true greatness lies in the ability to put the well-being of others before you and in many ways that is what both of you have done. You have put the well being of the world before your personal needs to a great extent and, although you have not suffered particularly, in other words you have not done without, you have done without the praise that you were accustomed to and have limited your activities, both of you have.

So, in releasing the past life that you knew before you came here, you are creating something so much better. Do not judge the appearance of your life by what you see. Judge it by what is happening inside you. It is a much better yardstick. We feel it is much better now for you both than a few months ago~

Let us just say one other thing… doors that you think may not be able to be opened could be, and you may find yourself confronted with some surprising things. It is very important now for you to know who you are and what you want and that is why all of this work has been done. There are those that would take this away from you, and they are not unknown to you, so you must be very careful . When you see how much money you have, look through the eyes of God at it that it is no more a penny, no more than a penny and no less.

None of this would come if your heart were not in the right place, it would not be allowed. So we assure you of that, it would not be allowed, this is not an accident.

You are working with the highest forces available, but in truth so is everyone, because God is always available. But you had access to undreamed of information and on a regular basis. If you were not truly a person of extraordinary worth, which Highest Good has led you into an openness of heart and an understanding of this information that has allowed you to be so dedicated, you would not be here. And it is important

for you to understand that, so that any feelings you may have can be put to rest. It is a great deal that is in front of you.

Our comment to you would be truly to release some of your fears as to your own worthiness and your own abilities. It is in your highest interest, as well, that you are a participant in all that is coming about. In many lives you have taught God and loved God so this is really not unfamiliar to you, it is simply an extension in its highest form of what you already are. So there is no one better or worse in The Buddha Consciousness team, it is a matter of the fact that the work has attracted, for everyone’s highest good, the right individuals… all the rest will fall away for various reasons. Are there questions we can answer?

Don: Then there is only the human fears but that is getting easier to put to bed.

Highest Good: There is no question. As you open your eyes to the fact that you truly have it all, you will. As you drop some of your former expectations, life will become much easier…. much easier. Life was never meant to be difficult. Free will was given to mankind that they could begin to uplift themselves beyond cause and effect. But what has happened is that mankind has indulged himself and herself and themselves in gross negativity because of the pleasures the planet provides. This is not a terrible thing. Many, many lives must be lived in those realms before a life such as the one you are experiencing can unfold. There is no shame in any experience, it is only perception, it is only the idea that there is shame. This does not mean that we are condoning violence, but we do see it differently. The body of humankind requires guidelines such as the Ten Commandments and such as organized religion to provide that raw mass of humanity with some idealized concepts, something to strive for. However, the two of you are creating your own lives and are moving beyond so much of the old self and the old life… and this delay has been in your best interest, there is no question. Things will be much easier for both of you now. You only have a little more to do, each of you, and you will find you are free, really freeLet us be clear, indeed, the books are worth a great deal, but we are talking about physical funds for you to start with now.

We look to locations, a much more rural setting will take a great deal of the physical stresses and strains she regularly experiences off her. For she is continually absorbing the collective consciousness of an area which does not suit her and this creates physical aches and pains that we think will diminish greatly. For you, too, this kind of setting is most suitable, for you will begin to fill your lives with those things that are truly wholesome and not with the diversions of the city or of the world. And yet you will live in the world at the very highest level. For the Buddha Consciousness is ready to open many doors, now. Overnight your lives are going to change now, overnight.

Do not be afraid and do not feel you are unworthy. You, too, have spent many years in preparation for this. We want to say one other thing… do not feel as though you are being tantalized by what is being offered, that it, too, is a temptation or a seducer. It is simply what you have earned.

Don: I didn’t think I had that feeling.

Highest Good: It is there. All that is coming to you is for your well being. But protection must be given when so much comes and that’s why we have come and why the Buddha has come to serve you also.

The energy in your home emanates success. This is very good. Interestingly enough, because of the synthesis that we do or create in terms of energy, our time assessment is different than The Buddha’s. We will talk to you more again of how things are really created, but today we think we have said enough.

Don: One question you did say we had a little more work. Is this primarily with expectations?

Highest Good: Self-empowerment… and the two are somewhat related yes, indeed, they are. We know the Buddha is waiting, so we will see you again very soon, very soon. We Let us see what your schedule evolves to. But remember, your lives are going to change overnight. You have set up the vibration, but beyond that, the time has come for your highest good, for your very highest good.

So, we bid you a loving farewell. Blessings to you, blessings.



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