Greetings and blessings to each and every one of you individually and collectively. As always, it is our great pleasure to interact with your lights and with the beauty of your hearts.

We are going to speak on the topic of living from your own holiness and radiance. What we wish to describe when we speak of the words ‘your own holiness,’ is that aspect of divinity that is you.

Your own holiness, what does that mean? Does that mean that you, as your personality and ego, are a holy person? Or does it mean that the essence of you that lives and breathes and is the very breath of God that flows through you, that spreads its vibrations to the world and that allows the upliftment of the planet to take place, is holy? Well, it seems that there is a simple answer.

That essence of you that is the breath of God is you, will always be you and allows the very ground you stand upon to shimmer with holiness. That is what the Masters emanated: Radiance the ground they stood on shimmered with holiness. In other words, the upliftment of their consciousness, the blessings that they emanated to the world, the striking radiance of their inner being, caused a vibration to be in motion about them that was literally visible and the ground before them shimmered with holiness. In many ways, that is what your objective is of living on the earth plane, to learn to look down on the simple ground upon which you stand, to see that ground shimmering with your own beauty and holiness and to recognize, for yourself, that that is not something that is a far-off objective, but is part of your daily contribution to the planet.

As many of you know, our purpose here is to foster world peace, to bring about a total understanding of your blending with other individuals in consciousness, in holiness and in divinity, as well as to bring about a world understanding of the beauty and relevance of God in the life. That begins from the very moment you arise in the morning as you put your feet upon the ground and as you look down to tie your shoes. As you do these simple tasks, begin to see the molecules around you as alive and shimmering with a blessing and holiness from the ground up, so that it encases you throughout the day. In other words, you are bringing in the white light, you are bringing in the vibrational change that speaks of upliftment, you are bringing in a substance into your life that you can literally see, if you will open your eyes to it… that is to say, the living frequency and vibration which permeates everything on the planet, for everything is in motion.

We have been speaking of that in our weekly classes [which have been turned into the books on this web site], of everything as fluid and in motion. We will continue to speak about that, because the concept of things being static and closed is what keeps people from their own holiness, their own radiance and from the change that can take place in their life like the snap of the fingers. If you are feeling stuck, if you are feeling that your life is not moving forward, or if you are just feeling generally lethargic, it is because you are not seeing the fluidity, the motion and the activity of God in your life.

This business of seeing the ground shimmer before you is the activity of God in the life, the activity of Spirit. To act, to perform, to produce. That is the nature of God, producing, manifesting, creating, and creating solutions in your life. But, if you are not able to grasp that concept of motion, if you are not able to grasp that activity in the life, if you are out of touch with your own aspect of holiness, then it is difficult for Spirit to make itself felt in your life.

That is what living radiantly is about, Spirit being felt in your life. It is not something on the “outer plane,” but a living substance that flows through you, comprised of energy, light, frequency and vibration. It is an activity that allows you to draw upon it, to solve your every problem, to raise your vibration and, more than that, to spiritually nourish and feed you. God in the life is a nurturer, not a beneficent being who is only there for crisis intervention, but a nurturer of the soul that lives within you and knows of that need of the self that cries out for spiritual satisfaction. It is why you come to gatherings like this, to feel the spiritual unification with others of like mind and to be fed spiritually.

Well then, to see the ground shimmer before you, to experience your own holiness, to let that white light flow through you, is, indeed, an act of nurturing the self. Those who are nurtured, those who are caring for themselves, those souls of you who take the time to realize the activity and presence of God in the life, are able to give that benefit back to the planet. If you are spiritually hungry or unsatisfied, if your life does not feel spiritually fulfilling and fulfilled, what can you give others spiritually? What can you then give to the planet? Very little, because you are using up what there is in the sense of your own neediness for yourself.

So, it is important to begin your day with a sense of spiritual nourishment, a sense of spiritual fulfillment with the realization of your own spirituality and with the realization that everything around you is in motion, including objects that don’t seem to move. Everything is in motion and so is your life. Each day unfolds as little gifts from God to you. Each day unfolds as a new possibility, and offers you, individually and collectively, an opportunity to nourish the self through the recognition of the activity of God in your life, as well as to emanate those rays, that upliftment, that feeling of spiritual nourishment to others. As you do this, you are engaging in the process of feeding a hungry planet, of letting that spirituality that you have come here to experience, out to the planet.

In your like-minded activities, you can follow through on a daily basis by beginning to recognize the activity of God in your life and allowing that spiritual joy to uplift you enough so that it flows to others. In other words, you are sharing God’s grace as you experience God’s grace with others and the planet becomes unified in the grace of God through the recognition of spiritual activity from one soul to the other.

So, it is no small thing, what you think and do spiritually. It is no small thing how you look upon yourself, and it is certainly no small thing about how you feel about the beginning of each day, as well as the middle of the day. What comes to you in the middle of the day? Very often a feeling of fatigue, a feeling of let-down that the day has not met your expectations. Again, we frequently speak of expectations and we wish to say, at the beginning of the day, drop your expectations. Let the day unfold. If you are filled with ideas as to how a day should go, if you are convinced that certain activities must take place for a given day to satisfy you, then you are cutting off your vision of the little gifts God gives you, because you are so busy fulfilling your objectives, through the self, that the spirituality and unfoldment of your life is immediately circumvented and set aside.

Open your heart to the possibilities of your life to intuition, inspiration and creativity in your life. Drop your expectations. In the middle of the day, when you are filled with ideas about what you think should be, once again, look to the ground, begin to see that activity of shimmering light on the ground and bring that white light up through you. Let that spirituality begin to fill you from the ground up, flowing out of you and literally over-flowing and blessing others on the planet. Again, cleanse yourself and let expectations dissipate.

Now begin to open your eyes, your spiritual eyes, and see what is afforded you during the day, what Spirit brings you, what your highest good sends you. Solutions come to you in ways that you would never have imagined. Ideas and creativity flow through you and life begins to take on a continuity and process of its own, rather than your idea of stuckness, of expectations and of your concept as to how each moment of the day should be.

How should you close your day? Closing the day does not mean that you close down to spiritual activity. Rather, it means that you turn your dream state over to the idea of spiritual growth during sleep, to the concept that God’s activity flows through you, even while you are at rest, and that the Universe is indeed cared for by Spirit when your expectations and your ideas are at rest. So, you close your day in thanks and gratitude to Spirit and with recognition that, even though you are at rest, activity, light and energy continue to flow through you and that, even in a restful state, change is taking place.

The concept of constant change in the life lifts the feeling of ‘stuckness’ and inactivity and it is a recognition that you are always changing. You are always filling with the Spirit of God. You are always overflowing with that energy and activity of God. Indeed, you are always resonating to Spirit. So, you are literally a living aspect of eternity embodied in a human experience on the planet earth. The energy that flows through you is comprised of the wisdom of the ages. The answer to everything is continuously flowing through you and uplifting you.

What does it mean to be uplifted? To be uplifted is the literal raising of your vibrations. And, as you fill yourself with white light, as you see that shimmering on the ground before you and recognize your own mastership in Spirit, you are living in the continuity of the moment, you are living as a Master. You are then living in the spiritual perfection that God has intended for you, in the realization that each moment allows you to understand it’s perfection, and the perfection of the moments to follow. So, the life begins to take on an inner sense of nourishment, completeness, and a sense of meaning that can so often be missing from the human experience.

This is why we have come, to begin to set down new concepts of living from the inner realm so that the world begins to take on a different idea of how to manage the life. The concept of living the life from a fulfilled and nourished center, rather than from a sense of what the world demands, is living the life spiritually. This does not mean that you do not fulfill your duties, as, of course, you must. But it does mean that you begin to fulfill them through the essence and acknowledgement of God in the life each moment. In this way, you begin to fulfill your duties with a sense of joy, a sense of productivity and a sense of integration. As you live your life from a spiritually centered source, personality and ego become integrated into the spirituality of your being and you are functioning from a centered activity (rather than from one of lopsidedness, with ideas and concepts that the world would employ and insist would lead you to fulfillment).

How should you perform your duties with spiritual activity in the life? Always listening… always listening for the spiritual voice that flows through you. Keep your inner eyes and ears open. Living spiritually does not mean that you go around in a state of deadness. It means that your inner eyes are open and your inner ears are alert to the voice of God that flows through you through inspiration, creativity and intuition.

So, you are in touch and mindful of that energy flowing through you that is God. You are mindful of your spirituality. Indeed, you are alert to it. It is a living part of your life, not something that you take out once a week or once a day. It is a living part of your life, and it is the substance that flows through you that is energy, that is God and that is All Things. But you must activate that. You must be alert. You must take the steps each day. You must see your own mastery. YOU must see the activity and movement in your life and then you must begin to see yourself as changed and changing.

If you continue to view yourself as the same every day, then your life often will remain the same because of your concepts of lack of change. Your position in the Universe changes as you change internally. It is most important to recognize that, that life is always changing and so, then, are you. So, when you view yourself in the mirror do not think, “This is the same old face.” Rather, begin to see the spiritual energy that flows through you, begin to see your own inner beauty and the activity of God in your life through the spiritual energy that flows through you. In other words, begin to see yourself as changed and changing, begin to see your life as fluid and active.

Take those steps. This is the business of self-empowerment: You taking charge of your life through the spiritual activity of God that flows through you. Through that activity, taking your own life into a sense of being in charge, through taking your own life into your own hands and listening to the spiritual voice of God that flows through you, you are then conducting your life from a sense of completeness, spirituality and the nourishment of your own soul. Then you are responsible for your own salvation, as it were, the salvation of creating your life as a spiritual monument, that others can look to and emanate and emulate.

This was the purpose of the Masters, that others could look to their lives, emulate it and emulate that energy, emulate deep faith and that love of God, so that the planet, indeed, would be one filled with the beauty and grace of Spirit. So, when you arise each day, take charge of yourself. Do not be dead to your spiritual energy. Begin to listen to that intuition that flows through you. Listen to that still small voice that speaks to you at every moment of the day… to you, you individually… speaking every moment of the day, filling you with the solutions to your problems and filling you with the wisdom of the ages.

So, begin to see yourself as alive with spirituality. Begin to see yourself as nourished from within and as filled with that spiritual activity, that change, that eternal blessing that is God and that is you, because it is.

It is always a pleasure to speak upon the activity and grace of God in the life and we hope that we have given you new ways to see yourself. We hope that we have blessed you this day and that you have been uplifted and fulfilled by what you have learned, that you will begin to see your own mastery, your own holiness and your own radiance. And that, as you do so, you will share that with the planet and, in this way, bring your planet into the balance that we are here to employ and bring about.

As always, we have appreciated the experience of your energy and your light. We offer you our blessings.

Go in peace, live your life in spiritual nourishment and let the Spirit of God bless you each moment of every day.



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