Navigating Deep Inner Changes

Changes always occur because we have requested them. As we experience these events and implement a new life, it is critical to understand what will occur during that time. Otherwise, it is all too easy to fall back into old ways of dealing with our experiences. What we are discussing are ways of recognizing and navigating deep inner changes.

The consciousness of the world is rapidly changing and along with it our lives. Many of us have consciously sought change of a compelling nature. We have requested greater spirituality and we are looking for more freedom of choice, which includes greater creative expression in every avenue.

Dynamic and creative living requires that much of what is familiar to us must fall away. Often this includes relationships and residence. Through our request for creative expression, our career direction may change as well.

It is important to realize that changes may happen one at a time, or in clusters. Much of this depends upon our inner vision ..of what our lives should be like as we learn to live more ..creatively.

In living from our inner source, we begin to reconstruct our lives through a new vision. Our ideals begin to shift and we see the world quite differently. We begin to see the world through our spiritual and creative eyes, rather than through limitation and lack, the yardstick of the world. And there is more. Through the process of shedding the old life and old values we now understand that we are truly supported in whatever we wish to create and always have been. That is the crux of new beginnings.

As our spiritual vision reveals to us the truth of abundance, we see that life is ever increasing. We are always creating more in our lives in conjunction with God through prayer, meditation and visualization. Now we have truly entered into spiritually living from our inner world and our source, which we interpret as God.

The next steps are individual, because each of us has a different spiritual experience as God expressing itself through us. If we expect our lives to be created exactly like someone else’s, we will fall into the pit of expectations and limitations. In an effort to create familiarity out of that which is unfamiliar, we can and will, by lapsing into the familiar, diminish the creative flow into our lives. Resisting the pull of the old familiar ways is the hardest part of creating a new life and requires patience and courage.

As the fundamentals of familiarity give way to living from our inner source and as we allow God to be our source for all things, we will discover that we must also give up the need to control our environment and those in it. This is a massive step forward and is part of living consciously. Letting each individual circumstance express itself fully and for the highest good of all takes determination and faith. It also opens the way to release.

Release is the pathway to harmony with spirit and increase in our lives. If we insist that all our changes must happen in the way we expect them to, insisting that human limitation be expressed, then we deny God the opportunity to provide us with the highest solution and the fullness of increased possibilities in any relationship or circumstance.

Such transitions may be an exhausting process and it is important for us to recognize this for what it is… the body’s adjustment to change and the process of incorporating our new understandings into living experience. We can participate more fully in our lives at this time by allowing ourselves ample opportunity to rest. This is a different concept for most of us in today’s busy world.

However, during this transition, participation can take on a new appearance… that is, to understand and accept the process by allowing ourselves the space to be passive, when necessary, in order that we can move dynamically forward later on. We must care for our bodies and love ourselves during these times of extreme change, knowing that we will experience positive results and far more creativity by allowing the process to unfold rather than attempting to force ourselves through it.

Love and patience are the key factors in living creatively as we begin to expand to our greater potential. Spend some time with yourself in meditation. Send yourself love, along with pink or white light, and be willing to listen to your hearts messages at times when it seems that you feel bogged down or things are not happening fast enough. Be aware that, to the extent that you allow it, you will receive messages of encouragement and support from your heart, as well as personal messages supporting you through your individual experience of living from your inner source.

Lastly, do not be afraid to go forward into the unknown. As we let go and allow new events to work their magic, we find that we are free.

Becoming accustomed to a new philosophy and living creatively is more than worth the effort. The universe really does support us and this is only the beginning… our reward is freedom from the concepts of limitation and lack, and the joy of living from our hearts.

~ Rev. Diane Chapin




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