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A New Look At Personal Power

Let us examine personal power from a different perspective. It is often dealt with as something we must seek. However, personal power can be regarded as that which we assume about ourselves, how we view ourselves and our goals. It relates on the deepest levels to our sense of self-worth and what we think we deserve. As an aspect of understanding we may be led step by step to a greater sense of self. We often describe it as something that be must achieved, or as a goal that is off in the future. At this point we may be assuming that we will feel and be powerful at a later time.

Power is not something we must necessarily assume or take. All of us have it through recognizing ourselves for who we are, through the vision we have concerning our lives and how we wish to experience living.

It takes courage to live powerfully, to pursue life fully every day and to believe in a variety of possibilities. Many of us have forgotten to acknowledge our strength and courage. Living from an inner sense of what is right for us personally means we are willing to express our sense of self in everything we say and do. It is living each day for that day and allowing fulfillment to become established through the appreciation of that day’s living.

The road to self-recognition can be a confusing one, because our inner vision is often clouded by what we see and read. The media often promotes ideals of who and what we should aspire to be. Success for today’s self-realized individual is often defined as perfection in all aspects, a concept that often leaves us feeling inadequate. It is easy to look to others and assume that they have more of what we feel we should have, but if we are seeking perfection as someone else presents it, we may feel lost and disappointed.

However, as we review our accomplishments we may come to see things differently. It is helpful to realize that power is acquired through the achievement of small goals and then larger ones. Success often comes in degrees.

As we expose ourselves through more uplifting concepts and we grow through meditation, reflection and an honest assessment of all that we do daily, it is possible to attain a different self image. We may soon see that we are living courageously and learn to understand that we are more than we let ourselves believe. Through the process of self-realization we have an opportunity to accept our accomplishments and feel proud of them. Gradually, we begin to express more positive feelings and thoughts about ourselves, expanding our sense of power. Every day provides new opportunities to realize our own dynamic possibilities.

Looking back over what has been taught by our parents and teachers often reveals a lot about who we are today. During those earlier years many values were instilled which may be limiting our lives. Sorting out those values we have absorbed through others allows us to be clear about what we want to keep. This allows us to live more freely and it can also be the key to real appreciation of our spirit. For example, we may see that we have succeeded in overcoming personal difficulties, often an unacknowledged triumph.

It may take a period of time to delve into our inner realms and discern what we value most. As we achieve this, we can more clearly begin to build a sense of power into our lives. In relating values to a sense of self worth we may discover small and large successes every day. Creating a strong sense of self-love promotes a realization of success through such things as an honest day’s work, rearing children lovingly or giving love and appreciation to others.

Through this process we can learn to open new avenues for continued growth and expansion. Yes, power can be expanded if we are willing to start now. It is increased every day as we give ourselves permission to pursue our inner path and to relate that path to those values we wish to keep. Life can be enlarged by letting go of old ideas that no longer serve us. Every time we succeed in honoring that which we value, we are living our lives fully.

We are, as individuals, our own greatest asset and, as such, successful in different ways. As we accept our individuality and our own achievements we empower ourselves.

Today is the day to distinguish accomplishments from that which we have been waiting for and to know that we have, indeed, been powerful.

~Rev. Diane Chapin


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