New Millennium Spiritual Healing

by Diane Chapin

(This article appeared in In Light Times, page three of the September 1994 issue, designated as Year #6, Issue # 3)

Spiritual healing for The New Millennial is taking on new dimensions. Throughout history, every culture has had its spiritual healers, with many of them effectively combining various methods to achieve the desired immediate results, such as using herbs, folklore remedies, or laying on of hands to treat specific maladies. As the consciousness of our planet continues to expand, the necessity for new healing techniques becomes more apparent.

Healing the whole person is an ever-growing popular concept that has been evolving from the New Age movement, and what does that mean on a personal level?

The obvious place to start is to clean up our lifestyle, including diet, habits, and regular hours for sleep. How often have we taken every step possible to alleviate health issues in any given area and we are left with only partial results? As we take personal responsibility for promoting better health, we tend to have more energy and our thinking becomes clearer. Self-responsibility requires that we search out new ways to heal ourselves on all levels.

Our lives should be a source of pleasure and joy to us, and ‘supply’ should be a part of our total health experience in addition to our well-being. If we find our lives less than fulfilling, then we must look for the less obvious solutions to our dilemma.

Spiritual healing is beginning to provide us with some important answers. As psychologists and psychiatrists have known for some decades and the Kahuna tradition for centuries, deeply held perceptions about ourselves and our lives can create inner stress and conflict resulting in a considerably less-than-satisfactory state of mind.

We may experience depression, low self-esteem, confusion, anxiety, and genuine suffering as a result of our buried perceptions and beliefs that no longer serve us. Whether we become aware of it or not, we are creatures of habit and reaction… well over 90% of our daily lives are conducted in this manner! Our inner patterns of relating to our lives can and DO create our outer reality.

As a result, our behavior is induced by how we feel about things. Feelings that are repeated in our thoughts at various times throughout the day rapidly build in intensity even though we may be unaware of this ongoing process. The result is the negative side of the positive events we are striving for. Even if we consciously affirm positive action, if we are intensifying doubt, fear, and anxiety, or thoughts of low-self esteem deep within ourselves, then our outcome is less than wonderful. It is at this point we may find ourselves unhealthy and not thriving in every way and we are responding to life situations in predictable and familiar ways.

Today’s spiritual healer strives to assist his or her client to come to terms with those inner perceptions, beliefs, and attitudes, as patterns, that obscure our optimum ability to be clear about our true desires and goals. Patterns constitute much of the way we habitually respond to situations, circumstances, and events. They are energized thought forms and are generally grouped in clusters. For this reason, it is easy to fool ourselves as we try to find different ways to respond to various situations. Most often, the ‘new way’ is simply another aspect of the same cluster of patterns leading us to the same result, over and over again.

Spiritual healing, which knows no space or time limitations, may be used as a participatory process and not a passive one. As a pattern, or a group of patterns, is released as energy, the process can become quite profound and uncomfortable, often requiring considerable rest after release has taken place. Throughout this process, we are encouraged to participate in our own healing through honest self-awareness to let go of what is familiar to us, that is, how we perceive ourselves …not only on the surface but at a core, cellular level, as well.

Releasing old and limiting energy patterns is an important undertaking and requires a strong commitment to change. However, as our old patterns are released, inner conflicts and stresses begin to diminish and we ultimately find our efforts worthwhile as we function more effectively. It is important to have a realistic grasp as to what spiritual healing can provide us, rather than the desire for ‘ instant healing.’

The outcome may not look or feel like what we fantasize it to be. Healing may well be gradual and progressive, allowing us to expand and grow into new, more positive levels of self-awareness.

Our lives clearly reflect back to us what we deeply believe and feel about ourselves. Loving ourselves enough to realize the simplicity of this spiritual truth will accomplish real change. Spiritual healing in The New Millennium is opening the door to new horizons through understanding energy in different ways.

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