Greetings and salutations to each and every one of you. We are well pleased to see so many lights today and to experience your energy, your beauty and your At-Onement with Spirit. We recognize that this is a special gathering of like-minded souls who come together to experience the blessing that is the nature of God. That is what we are going to speak of today, God as Love.

Let us say that love is the language of the Universe, not just the international language of your planet, but the language of the cosmos. Love transcends all other emotions and is the basis of all energy. Love is part of light, frequency, vibration and energy, and is what communicates itself from one to the other of you as you greet each other, as you bless one another and as you go about your day. This is truly our message to you today… to extend your love, not just to those close to you, but to extend love as a blessing to all on your planet.

God as love, what does that mean? That means that the Universal Spirit of Energy is an aspect of your very being. It is a component of your life. It is in fact, you. Many on your planet miss the fact that they are imbued with love. Many are asleep to the fact that their beauty, radiance and energy emanate from them every day as an aspect of love. It is important to see yourself as spiritual energy, as that essence of Spirit that flows through you, to identify with it and to come to terms with your own spirituality, your own inner magnificence, your own inner beauty. We speak of this a great deal in our public appearances and in our teaching sessions and we cannot stress enough that the nature of energy, Spirit and life, in its very minuscule essence, is that of love. Not just the love that you cherish and give to one another, but the love that is universal in nature, the love that, in itself, is beauty.

God is magnificence. God is light. God is energy. But more than that, God is love shining down on you every day. God is the light of your heart that you extend to one another and God is the essence that brings about happiness in your life. Many, many souls separate love into a part of their lives that they only experience at moments when they let their love out. This is what we wish to say to you, let your love out. Let your light shine. Let your spiritual At-Onement and wonderment with God, with the Universe, with the world, come out.

The unfoldment of spiritual energy is to bring about wonderment. On the days when you arise, your eyes are brightly opened and you experience energy and majesty in your day, you are in connection with that love of God, with that spiritual energy that continuously flows through you, you are alive with the light of Spirit. Our message is to always be that way, to recognize that is not just a sometime, once-in-a-while experience, rather, to recognize this as the basic part of you that you are never separated from. You are never separated from Spirit, you are never separated from God’s love and you are never separated from your own spiritual light and goodness.

Be of a light heart, be of good cheer, be of energy. Be light, let your light shine. What does that mean? That means that at the beginning of each day you assume a prayerful attitude that you let light into your life. You take a moment to open your day to God’s love. As you take a moment to open your heart to the beauty that is in store for you on a forthcoming day, you are not focusing on the unhappiness on the day before. Rather, focus on the beauty that is in store for you that day.

Living in the moment is living in love. If you live each moment as a loving being, then the moments of the future will take care of themselves. To experience yourself as spiritual light, energy, and love is to live in the moment. In this way, you are aware of your own potential every day to expand as a loving being; to give that to your planet and to every nation, every planet in the Universe, every star. When you look out on a bright night and you see the stars winking at you, know that the light you see is the light of love. Know that the light you see is an aspect of you. That vastness, that immenseness, that beauty, is part of you that flows through you and manifests itself in your sense of well-being and love that you give to one another. And while you are in the process of giving to others, do not forget to cherish yourself.

Punitive behavior is to step aside from the self. The nature of love is that you view yourself as All-There-Is, as the totality of perfection that you are, and that the self of God is perfection. So you come to terms with the self, yourself, as an aspect of light, of beauty, of energy and of that which can benefit and bless others.

No single life is unimportant. You have a greater effect on others every day than you know. You are familiar with the pebbles cast into the waters and the ripple effect that takes place. So it is with you. The ripples of your energy, the ripples that emanate from you every day, those ripples impact the world. Your thoughts, actions, words and deeds impact the world… not just the world about you, but the world. So your expression of love, energy and caring… to yourself, your neighbors and your planet… is your greatest gift to the world. Each one of you is a contributor on an international and galactic level by your very presence. It is a great honor to be incarnated on the earth plane, for it is, indeed, a schoolhouse of great spirituality and learning.

So, know who you are. Recognize your own beauty and love. Recognize that the essence of God flows through you and that what comes out of that is peace. We are here to speak to many of brotherhood, love and peace, and the importance that plays on the generations to come cannot be over-looked. It is part of your spiritual gifts to the planet to be responsible for the peace in your heart, in order that it emanate onto the world. In that emanation, in that upliftment, in that unfoldment, peace begins to take place and your planet gradually alters its entire vibration.

Each of you has a singular purpose on Earth. That is, to assist in the alteration of the vibration of your planet, to assist in its upliftment, to assist in its unfoldment in spirituality, and to contribute, by your willingness to be a participant in loving yourself, in loving others and of sending a message of perfection and beauty to your planet every day.

When you periodically come into your own spiritual groups you come in a spirit of At-Onement, like-mindedness and great beauty and love. Take that with you. Not only experience yourself as taking it out of the room and moving into the world, but experience it as an aspect of you. It simply is the unfoldment of you. This is you. So, everywhere you go, you only need to remind yourself of who you are.

We teach a specific way to get in touch with your own spirituality in a very short period of time and we will share that with you here, as well. We teach a method known as ‘viewing your personal color.’ That is to say that every soul vibrates to a specific frequency, color and vibration and your spiritual energy can be viewed by you as experiencing your personal color. View it in meditation and let that color remind you of your life, your energy and your At-Onement with Spirit and God.

Viewing your personal color is very simple. The process merely requires that you will take just a few moments each day, but, initially, it may take up to seven days for you to be sure of what your personal color is. The process involves simply sitting back in a restful position for just a few moments and requesting the Universe to present your personal color to you. You will find that, over a period of several days, one specific color will appear and, at that time and place in your life, that is your personal color. You may nourish and refresh yourself by viewing your personal color at any time. You are viewing your own attunement, then, your own spirituality as color and you are feeding yourself a spiritual snack. In other words, you are uplifting your vibration and, as you do that, you uplift every vibrational attunement on the planet.

Never think your meditations are wasted. Never think that the time you spend to bless yourself and others does not impact a large group, because it does. Many souls in many corners of the world are discovering this, also. Great change and great growth is taking place, as you can see by watching the news. Within the framework of that change is a striking opportunity for others to uplift and to acknowledge the blessings they receive from you as you acknowledge the blessings that you are giving to others. Refresh yourselves with personal color. Awaken each day to the acknowledgment of perfection, beauty and living in the moment that each day presents.

Each new day is an opportunity for you to re-experience God’s love, God’s unfolding process for you of inner radiance, of inner spirituality. Your own spirituality unfolds for you every moment of every day as a gem before your eyes and it manifests itself in the love and beauty that you provide to others and yourself. So, live your life as a spiritual blessing. Be aware of your own spiritual unfoldment and process and of its contribution to every phase of the planet, to every nation, to every other soul.

As you come into a gathering of this nature, as you link hands and send out love to the planet, you are altering lives, you are uplifting lives and touching hearts and souls that you have never met. This is a gorgeous process, one that is of the highest ideal and allows you to unfold in your own spirituality, to touch the hearts of others and to know that, at this moment, that is what you are doing. For, as the day takes over and your life process and your duties begin to blind you to your impact on the Universe, it is well to come into a situation like this where you can know that you are shining your light, opening your hearts and altering lives throughout your planet.

So, your responsibility in terms of caring for yourself, to the nourishment of your soul and to the love that flows out of you is no small thing. When you see yourself in the mirror, see the beauty, love and graciousness that flows through you. Grace is an aspect of love. That energy level that flows through you known as grace provides answers through intuition… which is love. Intuition comes to you as a gift of Spirit to enlighten you, to uplift you and to assist you at every turn. Spirit is so loving that you are never left without guidance, and you are never left without the assurance that there is help at every turn. You are uplifted, you are enfolded and you are blessed every moment of every day. More than that, you have the opportunity to individually reciprocate that to your planet and to the Universe by extending your vibrations through personal color, through meditation and through simply being yourself every day.

Do not be afraid to go about your days, letting the love shine from your eyes, letting words of graciousness and upliftment flow from your lips, and letting that spiritual energy of God literally flow out of you. This is truly being ‘in the flow.’ As that spiritual energy, sense of wellness, abundance and upliftment flows through you, don’t hold it in. Let it flow forth. Let it emanate from you, bless you, feed you and feed others. As Christ fed the multitudes, so, too, can you, through the emanation of your very blessing to yourself, to those about you and to your planet.

Love is your greatest gift, for it encompasses peace, forgiveness and good will. That will bring you all that can wish for, for it puts you in alignment, in perspective and keeps you living in the moment so that you do not worry too much about the moments to come. In the meantime, Spirit fulfills all.
So, we say to you, be of a loving nature, be kind to yourself, and let that spiritual energy unfold for you and bring you the great good will, energy, vibration and peace that is Spirit. Let all that be yours and know that it is you, it is you in your most uplifted form. Know your own importance and significance in the Universe as a participator and as a spreader of love and grace.

So, look from one to the other at the close of this meeting. Experience the love from others that you give to them and know that is simply a sample of all the vibrations that are emanating from this room and pouring on other nations and other souls. Take a moment to experience your own At-Onement with every other soul on the planet. That is a large thought is it not? You are At-One with every soul on the planet, even though they may have a difference of opinion, even though they may be another color, even though they may be totally different in culture. However, through love, through grace, through Spirit, you are At-One with every other soul. As At-One with every other soul, you are receiving the love they have to give as you share your love with them.

Look to yourselves with new eyes. See yourself for who and what you are… as the radiant spiritual energy of a loving and merciful God. For what is mercy, but understanding and kindness. Understanding and kindness personifies the nature of love. Know that all of those things belong to you, for they are you.

So, we say then, go about your day with a spiritual view of yourself. Let that view unfold for you, bless you and honor yourself as you would honor the hearts of others. We will take our leave and let you resume your spiritual unfoldment as you leave today. Know that you are greatly loved, unconditionally, by many in other dimensions and that great love and good will flows through you today, not only through this vehicle, but through every avenue and every heart that is open to this message.

Blessings. Blessings. Love one another. Farewell.

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